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How To Have A Better Recovery From Foot Surgery

Foot surgery is often unique from other types of surgery in that the weight and stress of the body is placed directly on the surgical site during recovery, unlike abdominal surgery or back surgery. Even knee and hip procedures are not as directly affected post-operatively by the weight of the body on the ground as the foot. For this reason, recovery after foot surgery is often difficult for some, especially if the surgeon’s instructions are not followed completely or are ignored. This article will discuss ways to help make recovery from foot surgery easier.

First and foremost, it must be mentioned that there are many different procedures that are performed on the foot and, by extension, ankle. Each of these procedures have different requirements for recovery, and some even have very unique instructions that must be followed for a successful recovery. The surgeon’s specific instructions are important and must be followed. The advice in this article is meant to be a general guide to recovery from a typical foot surgical procedure, but may not offer a complete picture of an individual’s specific recovery needs. The last word in one’s specific recovery comes from their surgeon, and not this article. This should be kept in mind as one reads the following information.

Surgery is essentially an intended injury to the body. It is neither natural or healthy for an incision to be made into the skin and deeper tissue cut, moved, or removed. The body treats even the most skillfully performed surgery as an injury, similar to a stabbing wound, sprain, or broken bone. The body has a natural recovery process it initiates immediately upon being injured. This process involves an alphabet soup of chemicals, cells, and reactions that immediately set upon the injured tissue in an attempt to begin the mending process. This initial process is known as inflammation, and consists of swelling, warmth, and perhaps redness. It externally may look similar to an infection, as the body’s response to bacteria is similar. This inflammation can create the majority of pain after foot surgery for several reasons. Firstly, the foot has a limited area that tissue can swell within, and any excessive swelling can push against nerves and other sensitive tissue causing pain. Secondly, since the foot is usually the lowest point of the body, gravity will naturally force fluid into the foot more than any other part of the body. The period of time this initial inflammation lasts is usually four to seven days after the surgery, with a gradually tapering after that time period. Moderate inflammation certainly will persist much longer following this time period, but the lion’s share of the swelling and the various chemical reactions involved in the inflammatory process peaks and declines within the first week following surgery. Because of the potential of this process to cause a great deal of throbbing or stabbing pain following surgery, all instructions on icing, elevation of the foot, and activity restriction, which will all decrease the inflammation, should …

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Scottsdale Boot Camp Personal Trainer Uncovers Top 5 Workout Fitness Tips for the Upcoming Bride

Working with many clients over the years, I have found one of the most important pieces to getting them fantastic results is incorporating a deadline, setting a firm date for which you must have achieved your fitness goals. There is no better example of this than with a new bride to be. Now that the question has been “popped”, the ring is on, the date is set and dress is bought. Things are getting serious and it’s amazing what happens to women when it finally hits them – the most important day of their life is coming. They’re now ready and willing to do whatever it takes to feel strong, look great and fit into their dream wedding dress to inspire the “wow” factor in all those who witness the most important day of their life.

But a bride still needs an effective and most importantly, an efficient exercise blueprint in order to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. We need to sculpt muscle in all of the right places (with a particular emphasis on the upper body, shoulders and arms) and burn fat in all the right places (think hips, thighs, and muffin tops). The following training guidelines will help you do exactly that. Don’t be surprised to see losses of 2+ pounds of ugly, unwanted body fat per week and a reduction in at least 1 clothing size per month. But remember to keep the focus where it should be and that is improving overall health, body composition, and performance, NOT just weight loss!

The Strong and Fit Bride Mentality:

You MUST Train to Elevate Metabolism and Lose Fat (NOT Weight)

Exercise Tip #1 – Get Strong and You Will Get Lean:

– Fact: Strength training strengthens muscle and bone leading to increases in lean body mass that increases RMR (resting metabolic rate), the number of calories your body requires to function on a daily basis regardless of activity. In other words, strength training will crank up your metabolism so that you will be burning more stubborn fat every minute of every day/365. Now that’s efficiency!

– Fact: Most people who strength train will typically perform straight sets of the same exercise with super long rest periods in excess of 2-3 minutes. (Think the outdated protocols of doing “3 sets of 10”). Rather, cut your workout time in half or more AND accelerate fat burning by performing alternating sets of non-competing exercises with short rest periods between sets. For example, perform an upper body exercise, then a lower body exercise, and then a core exercise in a timed interval circuit fashion. This will allow for full recovery for each exercise since you are resting your upper body while performing lower body and core exercises and so on. Furthermore, shorter rest periods allow for both the completion of more total work during every workout and also create perfect hormonal storm for optimal fat loss.

– Fact: For best results, perform 3 total body strength workouts …

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Sports Medicine – Weighing The Opportunities In The Future?

The factors that form the basics of the field of specialization in the sports medicine are preventive care and the therapeutic medicine. This field being the inter-disciplinary and branch of medicine helps in providing options for curing the players from the non-professional and the professional groups.

Now-a-days the sports field is earning a very competitive tone at a surprising speed. This is an important reason for the sports medicine branch to assume a huge importance these days. The object of this practice is faster to fasten the process of patients’ recovery and to bring about reduction in the loss of efficiency and performance.

The underlying principle in this field of sports medicine lies in the amendments in techniques, venues, rules, equipment whose decisions are based on research.

Scope of Function

This field engulfs a wide range of disabilities and disorders which are caused because of many factors

The specialists? branches that come under the purview of the sports medicine field are as follows:

* Cardiology

* Pulmonology

* Orthopedic surgery

* Exercise physiology

* Biomechanics

* Traumatology

Besides the branches stated above, there are several categories of people who demand special attention from the professionals who are adepts in sports medicine.

Some of them are:

* Female athletes who suffer from menstrual problems, eating disorders and bone density problems.* Athletes who are aging.

* Athletes who suffer from skin and endocrinological diseases

Special Concerns

Besides the above mentioned people, there are specific occasions in which specialists in sports medicine play an important role.

The below listed are some of the crucial ones among other issues.

* Issues that have their source in the international sporting events like

*Usage of pharmacologic supplements,

*travel and acclimatization

* Substance abuse

* Verification of gender.

The Profession

A large numbers of professionals from medical field are now willing to specialize in this field.

Medical professionals who wish to specialize in this field should start up with the residency program in any one of the below mentioned areas:

* Family practice

* Internal medicine

* Emergency medicine

* Pediatrics

* Physical medicine

* Rehabilitation

The above mentioned program is then followed by 1 to 2 years of an additional training which is made possible through acknowledged fellowship programs in this field. Based on the basic eligibility criterion, a few professionals are allowed to take up the subspecialty qualification examination.


A wide range of research and estimations have been performed to fill the future of the sports medicine with increase in its performance and the reduction of ailments.

Most of the analysis head to the single fact that sports medicine would play a vital and a very effective role in preventing sports related injuries.

A detailed study of the body’s neuromuscular adaptations is an important aspect that speaks on the application of sports medicine in the prevention of injuries caused due to sports.

Eventually, further developments in the area of sports medicine will mostly assure physical activity that is very safe and also increase the …

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Healthy Living, Fitness and Nutrition – The Role of Diet in Health and Fitness

Improving the quality of life through health and nutrition involve following a diet pattern and adequate levels of nutrition to prevent diseases and maintain physical fitness. Issues of malnutrition would be related to deficiencies of vitamins or nutrients and intake of supplements form an important part of disease prevention strategy and helps in improving energy levels (Papers4you.com, 2006). The use of supplements in disease conditions such as high cholesterol levels has been studied to understand the positive and negative impact of dietary supplements on the health of individuals. For instance, vitamin A deficiency can be a major public health concern and many countries implement strategies to prevent such deficiency cases (Whiting et al, 2006). Vitamin C or ascorbic acid can be detrimental when deficient or in excess and recommended doses of Vitamin C have been given by various countries. Public health authorities across the world encourage individuals to change their health status by adopting new behaviors such as giving up smoking or changing dietary patterns. Apart from vitamins and minerals, fatty acids play an important role in modulation and prevention of diseases. However, maintaining a strict dietary pattern and fitness regimen could be explained with the help of social control and cultural values. Fitness levels are determined with measures on speed, strength and flexibility of athletes or even ordinary individuals and energy costs are directly related to nutrition, diet, exercise and physiology (Papers4you.com, 2006). In this context the relevance of the gym culture may be studied as the gym going motivation may be similar to the motivation to follow a strict diet pattern and this in turn have an impact on general health and fitness levels (Bull, et al 2006). This is because any kind of rigorous physical exercise brings about thermo regulation that facilitates heat loss and regulates internal body temperature.
One of the important issues in nutrition and health studies would be prevalence of diseases and diet patterns and lifestyle have a direct impact on the health status of individuals. Smoking for instance has been related to lung cancer and heart disease by analyzing data on mortality rates, smoking habits, lung cancer and coronary heart disease and the health benefits of quitting smoking have also been established in several studies (Saijo, 2006).
An important topic of nutrition studies is life expectancy and health and disease in the elderly. The problem of malnutrition is increased during old age as the elderly may have inadequate diet and poor mobility that prevent them from following a recommended diet pattern. In certain cases, poor nutrition can lead to chronic conditions and poor physical mobility and the elderly would thus need specific interventions and effective treatment patterns. General studies on gender variations in life expectancy and illnesses have shown that women tend to live longer than men but also tend to report illnesses more than men (WHO, 2000).


Bull, Sheana; Eakin, Elizabeth; Reeves, Marina; Kimberly, Riley (2006), Multi-level support for physical activity and healthy eating, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Volume 54, Number …

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Sports and Water

When preparing your body for sports or exercise never underestimate the power of water. Water is hands down the most important ingredient if you want to have a healthy body. Water helps your body transport nutrients and get rid of waste. Water provides critical lubrication in your joints and tissues. Water helps you digest your food and regulate your temperature. So when you play a sport or exercise, water is critical to your safety, health, and comfort.

The hard part is that determining the right amount of water consumption is unique for each individual. There is no formula that will tell you how much water you should drink before, during, and after an activity. The amount you should drink when playing a sport or exercising depends on how long you are going to be active, how much you sweat, and other individual differences in your body. But no matter who you are, there are a couple of ways to make sure you are getting enough water when you are being active:

1. Pay attention to your urine. If your urine is a light color that means that you are probably drinking enough water. Dark urine is a good indicator that you should be drinking more water.

2. Step on a scale before and after being active. If after you exercise, the scale says you have lost weight, that weight was most likely water. Did you gain weight after exercising? This may mean you are drinking too much.

No matter what, when you are planning on exercising or playing sports, make sure to drink plenty of water before you become active, make sure to stay hydrated during activity, and remember to replenish your body's water supply when you are done. And always pay attention to what your body is telling you. …

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Healthy Diet – Finding the Perfect Health Diet

Going on a perfect health diet will work wonders for you. It will provide you the kind of body you always wanted to acquire. A health diet will also work towards keeping you healthy and stay away from several health related problems such as obesity, bad cholesterol levels and build up of toxic elements.

However, finding out a perfect diet for yourself is a hard nut to crack. It requires a good amount of hard work on the part of individual to find out the perfect diet that suits his or her body type. This has become all the more difficult with hundreds of companies claiming to provide best of health products and thousands of health clubs promising to provide you the best health diet chart. Don’t worry you can find out what suits and works for you with some easy tips.

Here are some great tips to find out a healthy diet that works for you:

a) Research

If you have decided to go on a diet, the first thing you need to do is to research. You should carefully consider all the options available. Visit libraries, websites and read up on almost all kinds of diet options available. Since, there are a hundreds of diet options to opt from. You need to know the differences between all the diets. This will provide you great help for finding out the best diet that suits your specific health requirements.

b) Diet varies

Everyone is different and every person’s diet requirements vary according to a number of factors. Each person has different height, weight, health and level of activity. All these factors play a great role in the type of diet that will suit a person. You need to look for a diet that’s meant for your body type.

c) Consult a professional

This is very important if you want a diet that works for you in possible way. A doctor is the best person to provide you the diet chart according to the health state you are currently in. You may also visit a specialist or a nutritionist prior to going on a diet.

d) Nutritional Diet Plan
Make sure that you don’t go for a crash diet. The health diet you adopt should be nutritional and capable of providing you all the vital ingredients required to keep you healthy. Going on a health diet doesn’t mean that you require to torture your body with hunger pang. Nourish your body with nutritional elements minus the fat.

e) Tasty meal plan

Going on a health diet doesn’t mean that you kill your taste buds. A lot of people think that one needs to eat tasteless food when going on a weight loss program. It is not easy to ask a person to abstain from streets or anything that has been exciting his task buds for a long time. It just means that you require to reduce the amount of calories you take instead of giving up on your favorite food items …

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Garden of Life – Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones – Natural Stress Reduction

Oceans 3 Healthy Hormone is an excellent source of broad-spectrum health and wellness protection for women of all ages. However one of the most powerful and effective qualities of the Oceans 3 blend is its stress relieving and uplifting properties. The ability of Oceans 3 to enhance mood and promote a positive state of mind is one of the crowning features of this already encompassing and effective product.

The active stress reliever in Oceans 3 is the potent ingredient, Ashwagandha. Added specifically to address stress relief and management, this powerful ingredient gives an overall soothing feeling and helps to generate an encompassing relaxed feeling.

In addition to stress relief, the highly effective blend has been proven to enhance overall mood. Uplifting the mood and promoting a positive presence of mind is a key element to overall health and wellness and the powerful Ashwagandha is a safe and efficient method. Your mental state directly impacts how your body functions in almost every way, which makes Oceans 3 a great choice when it comes to supplementing your hormone health.

Insomnia is a common and sometimes debilitating problem for many adults in the United States. Though tossing and turning the night away is not simply a fact of life, there are plenty of ways to seek a wholesome night of restful sleep. Oceans 3 Hormone Health with Ashwagandha is clinically proven to promote restful and wholesome sleep and assist in maintaining a more consistent sleep cycle.

Extending beyond simply a good night’s sleep, the benefits of Ashwagandha include boosting daily energy and reducing overall bodily fatigue. When taken regularly it can enhance energy levels and ensure that you feel tired less and are more productive during the day.

The ingredients of Oceans 3 can even help curb stress related appetite and carb-craving, which can lead to more efficient weight loss and weight management. As stress fades and the body comes into a more stable and balanced state of being the ability to manage weight becomes easier and under control, which gives you an extreme edge in the battle for the perfect waistline.

Stress is a devastating and never-ending product of our daily lives. It’s important to take time to rejuvenate your body and mind with relaxation and rest. Adding Oceans 3 with Ashwagandha into your daily routine can help facilitate this kind of restorative cycle.…

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Fruit Flush Three Day Detox Diet

The fruit flush three day detox diet can be particularly used for cleansing after festive season. Jay Robb’s methodology of helping the body get rid of all the impurities body would accumulate by piling up the body system by over stuffing oneself with all sorts of food and drink during the holiday season is quite a craze.

The objective of this diet plan is allowing the body to loose all those additional kilos gained by having the delicious meals and drinks during an extended party, a vacation or during festivals. Regaining the figure and vitality is the mantra of this diet. Due to over indulgence in food besides putting on weight, the system also gets clogged up and requires cleansing. The option to look for is the all fruit diet.

As the name suggests, the fruit flush is a 3-day diet consisting of just fruits. Fruits help in dissolving stored toxins, the water and fiber in the fruits help to flush out wastes aiding in weight reduction. It also strengthens the body and helps in improving the metabolism of liver which plays a vital role in discarding the toxins.

1st day: the pre-flush

On the first day of this diet plan between 8 am and 4 pm one has to drink protein mix (11/4 cup protein powder and 1 quart water), this has to be consumed every two hours. Make it a point to eat 3 to 6 cups of raw vegetable salad and 3 to 6 ounces of lean chicken, beef, fish or turkey at 6 pm. This food should have a topping of 1 to 2 ounces of olive oil or flax seed oil, or half avocado and half a lemon juice. After taking each protein milk or drink, one hour later drink water around 8-12-ounces.

2nd and 3rd day: fruit flush three day detox diet

On the second and third day between 8 am and 4 pm help yourself with fresh fruit serving, at an interval of two hours. At 6 pm, like the first day eat a single serving of raw vegetable salad. Along with this also drink one protein drink comprising of 12 ounces of water and 5 tablespoons of protein powder.

Unlike the 30-day detox diet or fasting, the fruit flush three day detox diet can be followed for a period of up to 12 weeks, by following the diet plan for 3 days and taking 4 days off alternately. The diet is based on natural fruits and vegetables and followed uninterrupted, definitely aids in considerable weight loss without any negative effects on the system and functions. The program has had very good reviews. The dieters say the diet is rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants and low in potassium and sodium. Hence this kind of diet apart from aiding in detoxifying the body and reducing body weight also improves energy level, ensures regular bowel movements and cleansing the system and improves skin tone.

The fruit flush diet program does not advocate use of …

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The Slim Person You Seek Is Inside You

Aurorasa Sima is an Emotional Intelligence Trainer, business and executive coach who conducts sales training sessions, workshops, webinars and other events. In a recent blog, Do You Want to Search or Find (see link to her blog below), she mentioned how oftentimes after a training session someone will come up to her and say, “I knew all of that” and her response always is, “So, are you using that knowledge?”

That resonated with me as relates to my interactions with weight loss clients.

Often, either during a brief initial ‘info call’ conversation with someone or during an in-person consultation, when I am talking about a range of issues as relates to obesity and health (and, in particular, their own medical issues, if any), a person will say, “Yeah, I know all that.” My response always is, “So, how is knowing it all working out for you?” Obviously, it isn’t.

Aurorasa writes, “Most people perceive only things that are new to them as interesting. The danger is that they never dig deep into a topic.”

In my world, that also rings very true because too many overweight and obese people:

  1. Don’t stick with any fad diet too long because, well… you know… they can’t (it doesn’t work, they get bored, their friends stopped doing it, they don’t feel well, etc), and they move on to something new-the next quick-fix, the next scam, the next easy-out, the next what-can-I-do-without-any-effort-always searching and hoping to find the new ‘magic’ pill or potion that’ll work this time; and
  2. They almost never want to dig in and deal with the topic of why they became overweight/obese in the first place and why they choose to keep on moving from one easy quick-fix to the next, knowing full well the only thing they’re going to lose is time and money… and more time and more money.

If you’re constantly searching for something that you know doesn’t exist (a way to lose weight that is cheap, fast, healthy and lasts a lifetime), what that really means is you just don’t want to dig in and deal with the real topic: You. What are you searching for?

If you already have the knowledge required to achieve something you want or need, but choose not to apply it productively and, instead, keep on looking for something else, that really means you don’t want to achieve the objective or fix the problem because:

  1. You’re hiding from something (there’s comfort in that cocoon of fat);
  2. You are afraid to fail… again; or
  3. You don’t want to give it the time, concentration and commitment it requires.

It is much easier, as Aurorosa writes in her blog, to behave like a butterfly who flutters from one flower to the next, resting here and there for a while, never committing for too long, searching for the perfect place to land, no flower or leaf is good enough. This is like a man or a woman who is always searching for that perfect mate, or …

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Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City!

Ho Chi Minh City was named after Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese statesman, who served as prime minister and president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam). Ho Chi Minh led the North Vietnamese in the Vietnam American War until it ended in 1975. Ho Chi Minh passed away on the 2nd September 1969. Vietnamese unification followed and the former capital of South Vietnam, Saigon, was renamed Ho Chi Minh City in his honor.

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. The city center is situated on the banks of the Saigon River, 37 miles (60 kilometers) from the South China Sea and 1,094 miles (1,760 kilometers) south of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

Over the past decade, Vietnam has been improving its legal infrastructure, banking systems and overall economic and social environment. On January 11, 2007, the country became the 150th member of the World Trade Organization. Today, the local business community is as enthusiastic about the country’s growth and future potential as foreign investors are. In fact, foreign direct investment in Vietnam is expected to reach US $15 billion in 2008, which is more than double from the same period in 2007.

Ho Chi Minh City is the financial hub of Vietnam with over 300,000 businesses in industries such as technology, electronics and construction. It is a fast-paced city that is growing rapidly both in terms of its industry and its population. The city’s vibrant culture and historical ambiance–combined with an optimistic workforce (many of which have no direct memories of the war with America that ended in 1975) –have catapulted the city into one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

The metropolitan area, which consists of the city center and surrounding towns, is home to more than 9 million people, making it the largest metropolitan area in Vietnam and Indochina. Walking through the streets of Ho Chi Minh, one gets a sense of the modern mixed with traditional Asian ambiance.

The local language is Vietnamese but English is spoken almost everywhere. All foreign restaurants have English-speaking staff and most taxi drivers speak a little English. The street and store signs are in Vietnamese. Learning at least a little Vietnamese will make life easier and efforts to do so will be appreciated by the locals.

All foreign visitors are required to get a Visa. A foreigner who comes to live and work in Vietnam usually obtains a visa through his or her sponsoring organization. For a three- or six-month work visa, a passport and an invitation or assignment letter will need to be produced. The passport with a relevant visa is the most important document for a foreigner in Vietnam. It is recommended that all visitors register with their local Consulate or Embassy upon arrival in Ho Chi Minh City.

The local currency is Vietnam dong (VND). The dong comes in notes and coins, which range from 200 to 500,000 VND. It is advisable to take US dollars into Vietnam and exchange it …

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