Day: October 2, 2015

Department Store Slip And Fall Case Question – Expert Advice

The following is an expert answer given by Florida Premises Liability Lawyer, Joseph M. Maus, and taken from, a free Q & A service on the internet

Subject: Slip and fall case

Question: I entered a Wal-Mart at North entrance, chose a shopping cart and started pushing cart to the automotive dept. I started searching the aisles for hand cleaner. I searched several aisles for hand cleaner and could not find any. I eventually gave up my search and started walking and pushing the cart in front of me down the aisle between the automotive batteries (which are stocked on a very tall metal shelve/rack) and the automotive tires. After walking just past the batteries shelve/rack on my left and tires on my right, I slipped and fell hitting the floor. I had slipped in a water puddle located just south of (right after) the automotive battery rack. The water puddle was formed by water leaking through a hole in the roof. I did not notice the water leaking down through the roof and ceiling due to the battery rack on my left being so tall and I did not see the water on the floor because it was clear with no coloring. I also did not hear the water hitting the floor from the leak in the roof/ceiling because all I could hear was a heavy rain outside hitting the roof above me. I laid on the floor for approximately five minutes until a Wal-Mart employee came to my aid. I asked if they could call an ambulance and they did. While laying on the floor, I learned from the Wal-Mart employees, that I had slipped in a large puddle of water created by a leak in the roof. At the time of my slip and fall it was raining very hard outside.

When I slipped and fell, my head was whipped backward. I landed on my right shoulder, my back, right hip, with my right leg and foot twisted up under me and I also landed on my right hand and wrist trying to break my fall. CMI sent me a letter the next day and the case manger gave me a claim number by voice mail, also listed on claim letter. I have been seen by three doctors. I suffered contusions, I now have constant headaches from whiplash and my back, shoulder and hip are in constant pain (I had back surgery three years ago and just recently I became disabled). I immediately started seeing a pain doctor and received six shots to neck, shoulder and back. I lost my private insurance last year. My doctor informed me if CMI doesn’t won’t pay the doctor bills, he can’t see me again. CMI says they are not responsible, the roof contractor is responsible for my bills. I need help! I talked to two lawyers and they would not take my case. Please help, what should I do? I am so stressed and confused and in a lot …

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