Month: November 2015

Cheap Health Insurance – Get the Right Policy and Don’t Overpay

Cheap health insurance is obtainable. Good health insurance is also obtainable.

The key is to get the right policy and most important do not overpay.

Up front realize that I hate to pay for insurance of any kind. It is one of my biggest monthly expenses. When I do purchase health insurance I make sure I pay as little as possible.

The very best cheap health insurance is to stay healthy. It is not all that difficult to get regular exercise and to eat properly. The more attention you pay to these areas the less you will have to pay for insurance. You will feel better physically and feel better mentally because you know you are taking care of the only body you have.

If you take those two steps you won’t be needing the same type of insurance that a person who does not exercise and eat right.

It is common sense, if you know you are taking care of yourself, you can get by with catastrophic insurance. These are high deductible, you pay for all doctor visits and drugs (hopefully you don’t need any), these policies have the cheapest premiums. Your healthy lifestyle gives you the best cheap health insurance.

By catastrophic we mean an unexpected illness or injury. If you are diagnosed with a serious disease you won’t be wiped out financially.

Having no insurance at all when you could afford a catastrophic policy is just too risky. It is easy to find out how little they cost.

So how do you get the right policy and pay the least money?

Simple …you go online and provide your zip code, gender, smoke or not, and whether or not you are a student. That is it. The thing I like is no phone number is required…in less than a minute you will have a 100 plus quotes, with premium costs. Now that is comparison shopping.

If you zero in on a certain cheap policy you can find out instantly if your current doctor will take this policy. Then and only then do you fill out an application…the other way you give your life story to a salesman who then may come back with an expensive premium. Don’t waste your time.

Interested? It is free, no obligation. Cheap health insurance is easily obtainable.…

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Information Technology In The Mdcm Inc. Company:

Running Head: Information Technology in the MDCM Inc. Company:






Investing in Information technology is one in which a firm will gain competitive advantage, this case study discusses MDCM inc. company that have faced a decline in its market share and profits as a result of failing to adopt appropriate information technology. Ways in which the strategies can be matched with information technology objectives are discussed include value added chain and those related to porters five force strategy.


The medical device contract manufacturing company (MDCM) was founded in 1972, the company specializes in contract manufacturing of medical devices has subsidiaries in over 35 countries,  by working together with consumers the company was able to achieve 42% market share in the US in the year 1974, and by the year 1985 the market share grew to 54%. This growth was attributed to acquisition of smaller companies and also expansion of its operations into other regions in the US. (Harvard Business, 2006)

In the year 1989 to 1990 the company lost 4 of its major consumers and this led to a decline in its profits, profits began to decline as its consumers consolidated and the company lost its pricing power, profits and market share continued to decline until the year 2000 when changes were made to reduce internal costs and also structuring the company to improve efficiency.  (Harvard Business, 2006)

Information technology offer firms an opportunity to lower their costs of operation further, opportunities arise in three different ways and they include internal costs, competitive ness and business portfolio, internal costs refers to improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization therefore reducing costs, competitiveness refers to advantage associated with information technology that result into added competitiveness, and business portfolio refers to an information technology that affect decision made by potential investors.

Business objectives

One of the main objectives is to reduce the production costs associated with the production process of the products, the article highlights internal costs as one of the major problem that result into reduced costs, and some of these problems include:

Networking: – the company lacks a network system that would enable access its subsidiaries

Different legacy systems: – the company has custom legacy system that increase administration costs which include many different custom sales, financial and duty and inspection systems

Operating system: – outdated operating systems for its employees

Email system: – the company lacks a standardized email system

(Harvard Business, 2006)

The other objective is to increase market share, the company was one of the largest medical product manufacturing company and had realized a 53% market share but due to a decline in its competitive advantages the market share declined. For this reason one of the main objectives is to increase market share. (Harvard Business, 2006)

The other objective is to become a market leader in the medical product manufacturing industry, the company should relies through investment in information technology which will add value to its product, increase market share …

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Benefits of Building Muscle – Several Reasons to Get You to Hit the Gym

The benefits of building muscle range from physical to psychological. You might think that spending your free time in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn will be better than slaving away at the treadmill. Well, it definitely is the easier way to spend the time, but it will not produce any benefit except remaining updated on who scored the winning goal; Gerrard or Torres? Exercising not for you? Well, you may yet be convinced by the benefits we’ve enumerated below. Brace yourself and read on.

1) Strength. Building muscles will definitely make you stronger. There are just two possibilities; either you get flabby or you get muscular. If I were you, I’ll go for the latter. No matter how heavy a person is when he steps on the scale, if the weight is more due to fat rather than muscle, then his strength will probably be less than half of how strong he could be if the weight is due to muscle.

2) Health. Muscles are definitely healthier than flabs. You will be farther from heart attack, stroke and other diseases common with non-exercising types. People with diabetes and other types of medical conditions they are born with are even advised by doctors to engage in physical workouts appropriate for their condition. If working out is not good for them, then how come I have never heard of a doctor who tells a diabetic to spend his time sitting on the couch and doing nothing?

3) Looking good. Tight-fitting shirts, shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops and other figure-hugging garments? No problem. No protruding bellies to hide, no flabby arms to cover; only toned butts to highlight and trim waistlines to emphasize. What’s not good about that?

4) Feeling better. You look good, you feel good. You’re healthy, you feel better. You have strength, you feel high, without any need for taking drugs. But these are long-term “feel-better” benefits. You want the immediate feel-better benefits? While exercising, when you feel sweat dripping, you feel good. After working out, you feel energetic. When you’re resting after a workout, you feel relaxed. Need I say more?

5) Sharper mind. Working out and building muscles remove lethargy. You feel alert and your focus is sharper. Wonder why you feel tired after spending 12 hours in bed? That’s your muscles complaining about lack of activity. So get going and build those muscles!

If you think the benefits of building muscle mentioned above are not enough to get you out of bed or off the couch, then we have more. But then, it would require several more pages.…

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Why Companies Need Business Intelligence

By Jose Allan Tan

“We need information but all we have is data!”

This is the message managers often complain about. If there is anything that IT has ever done right it is the ability to collect nearly every single bit of data imaginable — from data that is written or keyed-in to a computing device, to images like signatures and X-rays. We even record voice and video these days.

One manager told me over coffee: “I’ve got data coming out of my ears. I don’t know how to make sense of it!”

Part-time solutions have been around for many years. I say “part-time” because the solutions solve only “part of the problem, part of the time.” Product marketers have labeled these as business intelligence (BI) tools.

Wikipedia defines business intelligence as applications and technologies which are used to gather, provide access to, and analyze data and information about their company operations.

The goal of BI tools is to allow anyone using the information provided to make better business decisions. But there are a few problems with traditional BI tools.

BI is mostly associated with report delivery. Usually there are few people within an organization who actually know how to use BI tools. These users hold on to this ‘control’ because they probably get a kick out of the power they have over others.

More importantly, such specialty creates job security. But the net effect has been dissatisfaction with what was purchased, and concern over making further investments in the future.

BI tools’ failure rests in the business unit’s failure to communicate their needs and IT’s failure to ask the right questions. The result is solutions that fail to deliver expectations.

“Previous perceptions of BI didn’t factor the value provided in managing and making sense of the information assets contained within every enterprise,” says V.R. Srivatsan, vice president of Asia South for Business Objects.

“However, this is changing as both technology and the business will with which to use it are maturing resulting in BI becoming a key business process driver within today’s enterprise,” Srivatsan adds.

BI wish list

Suganthi Shivkumar, managing director for ASEAN & India at Hyperion Solutions, notes that business managers want tools that give them increased insight into the dynamic nature of the global marketplace and allow them to identify areas of profitability.

They expect IT to unlock information that is potentially trapped between silos of applications scattered throughout the enterprise.

“Today’s regulatory institutions and business climate are very unforgiving towards any kind of expectation variances or financial discrepancies that may be construed as malfeasance or misconduct. This forces companies to put a lot of rigor in their planning and reporting processes. To produce reports with confidence is critical in the choice of BI tools,” Shivkumar says.

Having a single version of the truth is also just as important. Finally organizations want to have clear visibility of their operations including accurate demand-revenue-expenses forecasts to better deploy resources and capitalize on opportunities.

Business intelligence has emerged as …

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Building Muscle Without Pills

You Won’t Build Muscle With Pills

According to the “experts” reviewing products in magazines, the latest scam…or” supplement” is “the one” that’s going to perform magic on your body. It’s “the one that is designed especially for guys like you. There’s only one problem. This new supplement designed just for you, has the same ingredients as in it that the last supplement,only in a different bottle. The “experts” are nothing more than pumped up salesmen.

Ask yourself this question: Did the last product you were sold deliver what it promised? I already know the answer. You’re here, aren’t you? The truth is, every major fitness magazine is owned and operated by a supplement company. The bulk of their income doesn’t come from magazine subscriptions or newsstand sales, but from the pills and powders they use to pump cash out of your pocket.

Here’s some shocking information for you!! Iron Man is owned by Muscle Linc…Muscle Media was formerly owned by EAS…Musclar Development is owned by TwinLab…Status is owned by Magnum Nutraceuticals…And the big daddy of them all…Weider Enterprises owns pretty much everything else out there, like Muscle And Fitness, Muscle And Fitness Hers, Flex, And More…

So basically…the guys who give the reviews, work for the companies who make the product they are pushing in their magazine that they sell on the newstand! Amazing, isn’t it?

Now we both know that the bodybuilding industry will NEVER tell you the muscle building secrets. They’re too busy selling you lies in the form of pills, powders and liquids. And they’re laughing all the way to the bank!

But if I told you you could get your hands on a system that possess the no-holds-barred truth that will tell you how to gain that muscle mass you’ve always desired…would you act on it? Don’t worry, you still have time to make up your mind.…

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A Food Server Learned This Secret to Creating a Short Cut to Success and Wealth

Have you ever been a food server at a restaurant?

(“Food Server” is now the politically correct term for “waitress” or “waiter”.)

Every food server knows the expression “I’m in the weeds” which means your section suddenly fills up and you have so much to do that you can’t keep up – and you’re stressing!

I was a ‘food server’ in my early twenties before starting my own business.  It is very hard work!  When the restaurant was slammed and we were all running around like chickens with our heads cut off, I always noticed that my fellow food server (and friend) Tracy would remain calm.  She was never “in the weeds”.  Eventually, I realized her secret.

When her section began to get busy, she would politely enroll and delegate to the bus boys, another food server or even the manager.  Quite simply, she asked for help.  The result was her section ran smoothly, her customers were happy and she wasn’t a stressed out maniac… like me.

Even though I was an excellent food server, I found it difficult to ask for help.  I eventually realized that I viewed ‘asking for help’ as a sign of weakness – a demonstration that I wasn’t able to handle my job.  But by NOT asking, my section sometimes overwhelmed me which resulted in unhappy customers.  My personal feelings were getting in the way of achieving the goal of the restaurant – to have satisfied customers!

Now I can recognize when I need help – and so I ask for it!  I no longer view ‘needing help’ as a weakness.  There is no point in ‘going it alone’!  You can boost your career, your finances, your relationships or your health simply by asking for help.  Look for help wherever you can find it.  Your friends, bosses and associates may be very willing to give you time and advice. 

And don’t forget about books!  You can learn from great authors who are sharing their knowledge and experience to help you succeed.  There are also seminars and other learning events where you can ask direct questions to experts in their fields.  And don’t hesitate to ask if someone will mentor you.  Most people like to help.

Ask for support from your loved ones.  Let them know what you’re working toward and enroll them as your cheerleaders to reach your goals.

Ask to be held accountable by your best friend, your spouse or by hiring a personal trainer or life coach.

Ask for what you need emotionally in your relationships.  (Let’s face it, men cannot read your mind!) 

When in crisis, enroll your family to help.  In some circumstances, it’s best to ask for professional help.  Don’t hesitate.  Move forward!

It’s been written throughout all religions “Ask and it shall be given”.  So start asking for what you need and want TODAY.  It’s the secret ‘short-cut’ to attaining your dreams and goals. …

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Globalisation- Opportunities and Challenges


(with impact on Indian Economy)


Indian economy had experienced major policy changes in early 1990s. The new economic reform, popularly known as, Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG model) aimed at making the Indian economy as fastest growing economy and globally competitive. The series of reforms undertaken with respect to industrial sector, trade as well as financial sector aimed at making the economy more efficient.

Globalization has many meanings depending on the context. In context to India, this implies opening up the economy to foreign direct investment by providing facilities to foreign companies to invest in different fields of economic activity in India, removing constraints and obstacles to the entry of MNCs in India, allowing Indian companies to enter into foreign collaborations and also encouraging them to set up joint ventures abroad; carrying out massive import liberalization programs by switching over from quantitative restrictions to tariffs and import duties, therefore globalization has been identified with the policy reforms of 1991 in India.

Impact of Globalization of Indian Economy

At the present, we can say about the tale of two Indias: We have the best of times; we have the worst of times. There is sparkling prosperity, there is stinking poverty. We have dazzling five star hotels side by side with darkened ill-starred hovels. We have everything by globalization, we have nothing by globalization.

Though some economic reforms were introduced by the Rajiv Gandhi government (1985-89), it was the Narasimha Rao Government that gave a definite shape and start to the new economic reforms of globalization in India. Presenting the 1991-92 Budget, Finance Minister Manmohan Singh said: After four decades of planning for industrialization, we have now reached a stage where we should welcome, rather fear, foreign investment. Direct foreign investment would provide access to capital, technology and market.

In the Memorandum of Economic Policies dated August 27, 1991 to the IMF, the Finance Minister submitted in the concluding paragraph: The Government of India believes that the policies set forth in the Memorandum are adequate to achieve the objectives of the program, but will take any additional measures appropriate for this purpose. In addition, the Government will consult with the Fund on the adoption of any measures that may be appropriate in accordance with the policies of the Fund on such consultations.

The Government of India affirmed to implement the economic reforms in consultation with the international bank and in accordance of its policies. Successive coalition governments from 1996 to 2004, led by the Janata Dal and BJP, adopted faithfully the economic policy of liberalization. With Manmohan Singh returned to power as the Prime Minister in 2004, the economic policy initiated by him has become the lodestar of the fiscal outlook of the government.

The Bright Side of Globalization

The rate of growth of the Gross Domestic Product of India has been on the increase from 5.6 per cent during 1980-90 to seven per cent in the 1993-2001 period. In the last four years, the annual growth

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Disability Insurance Vs. Life Insurance – Which Is Better?

I think that most people would agree that the we live in a state of insurance overload in this country. You need insurance to drive a car, you need it to buy a house (at least you do if you want to get a mortgage from a bank!), you need health insurance to cover medical costs… it seems like everywhere you turn there’s more insurance to buy!

It can become overwhelming for most people, but there’s one area of insurance that you don’t want to overlook and it’s an area that most people do overlook. I’m talking about disability and life insurance.

First of all, what are these two things?

Life insurance is simply insurance that pays your family a set amount of money in the case of your early death. If you get hit by a train or fall out of an airplane or laugh too hard during a funny movie and choke on a pretzel and suddenly die, life insurance makes sure that your family is provided for financially and that their standard of living does not decrease just because you’re not around to pay the bills anymore.

Disability insurance is very similar. The only real difference is that it isn’t focused on your death but merely on your disability. This is particularly important if you have a manual labor type job. So if you break your leg and can’t work for six months, that loss of income won’t affect you because your policy will pay out instead.  

Your employer may already have disability insurance as part of your pay package but chances are they don’t. You’re going to need to find out for yourself whether they offer it or not and if they don’t you’ll need to go out and purchase it on your own.

In a perfect world you should have both of these types of insurance to cover your family in case you die or in case you get hurt and can’t work anymore. Of course, we don’t always live in a perfect world and many people choose one or the other… so which one is best?

That’s a question I can’t answer for you, everybody has to answer that themselves. But for myself I would choose disability insurance as the most important if I had a manual labor job that my family relied on for their sole source of income.

If I die, that’s really bad but my wife can either start working herself to make up for lost income, or marry somebody else as crass as that may seem. The point is, they have options.

If on the other hand I lose my eyesight or break a vertebrae in my spine that keeps me from working anymore, then we don’t have that many options. My wife may not be able work because she might have to take care of me full-time and alternatively she wouldn’t be able to marry somebody else because I’d still be around, barring divorce of course. The point is, …

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Harrison Ford Indiana Jones Workout

Harrison Fords Indiana Jones workout is about as tough of a movie star workout as it gets. For Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford is performing an intense workout and nutrition regime since the movie requires him to be in top physical shape since he needs to sprint, jump, role, crawl and just about anything else that someone combing through long lost ruins would need to do. His girlfriend recently took a moment to talk about the nutrition that is fueling his tough workout.

He is on a strict high protein diet. He is eating lots of fish and vegetables said girlfriend Calista Flockhart.

I think it is pretty simple. I mean we can look at him and tell he is not using drugs, which is often the reason that most people give for celebs getting in great shape. Plus we over complicate fat loss, it is alot easier than we think.

Now I am not working with Harrison but I imagine his workout looks something like this.

3 to 4 days of full body workouts with multi joint movements

3 to 4 sets of 8 to 15 reps per set

Short rest, around 30 to 45 seconds between sets

Aerobic training 3 to 4 days per week for 30 to 45 minutes

What is so interesting about his workout is that it is not your typical bodybuilding one set then rest workout. Harrison Ford knows that he can not be filming a scene then all of a sudden have to rest because he is out of shape. That is not what you would want to see out of a global trotting, treasure finding archaeologist.

Instead, he is training with multiple exercises that increase his ability to burn fat. Aside from the advantage of working out while he is still trying to recover from the previous exercise he is also helping his body burn fat for 24-48 hours after he is done working out. This is known as EPOC or Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption, which basically means that your body is trying to replace the oxygen that you lost during your workout so it is burning fat to do so.

Not so bad. He also has to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. I have been on movie sets and know that the days are long and tiring, even for the lead actors. So I highly doubt that he wants to go to the gym around 9 or 10 at night when they are done shooting and do a hour or so workout followed by long and boring cardio. Instead he gets all of the benefits of a cardio session during his workout.

I do not think he is taking a lot of supplements either. He is probably not even taking protein powder but just getting his nutrients from whole food.

Here is what I would have him do to build muscle and lose fat for the new Indiana Jones workout.

Everything would be timed …

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The 15 Largest Health Spas in the USA

Health spas are places for relaxation and rejuvenation. Some of the largest health spas in the USA are discussed here.

The 15 largest health spas in the USA are:
1. Dolce Salon and Spa is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a luxurious spa with 28 styling stations, 21 full service spa rooms, 10 manicure and 10 pedicure thrones, a tanning room, a make up full service center and retail boutique. It covers an area of 13,083 square feet with two stories structure. It features body treatments, facials and massage therapy.

2. 24 Hour Fitness is located in San Fernando Valley. Mark Mastrov started it in 1983 with the name “24 Hour Nautilus in San Leandro, California. Today it has 338 clubs in 16 US states. This fitness club provides full service fitness centers, saunas, and group exercise classes.

3. Inn and Spa Berkeley Spring is located in Berkeley Spring, West Virginia. It features 62 guest rooms, 5 suites and famous for their secluded guest cottages. It provides classic and excellent service for client relaxation needs.

4. Today the fourth largest health club chain is Wellbridge. It features over 45 clubs in 16 markets of fitness and wellness spa for working professionals and fitness enthusiasts. It is a concept of fitness, wellness, sports, and fun.

5. Nirvana Spa is located in Miami Beach, Florida. It features unique spas, 4 exotic steam rooms, massage, and yoga and workout facilities.

6. California Health & Longevity Institute has a total area of 40,000 square foot spa, which offers combination of Asia and Western rituals and strategies in the world of holistic treatments and therapy. This institute provides lifestyle transformation thru life advisor therapy to clients. It also houses a medical clinic, which provides medical assessments to complete the personalized life planning experience.

7. Evergreen spa offers treatments of combined touch approaches and organic products, which believe in holistic, approach spa.

8. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa is a complete resort spa. It includes 5 pools and a two-storey health spa with fitness center covering 22 oceanfront acres. This place allows clients to experience canoe riding, underwater tours, and club activities. It also contains a library, bars, and restaurants.

9. Evensong Spa is located in the wooded acres of Green Lake, Wisconsin. It is a complete picture of woods, wetland, trails, and paths. It provides relaxation and healing services thru the combination of natural and modern products. The best feature this place can offer is their famous indoor labyrinth. This winding path allows customers to improve their brain activities.

10. The Spa at the Balboa Bay Club features nine treatment rooms, hot whirlpool, eucalyptus steam room, lounge with fireplace, and beauty amenities. It is located in Newport Beach, California. Customers get ultimate relaxation while bay viewing.

11. Spa Solage is a geothermal spa located at Solage Calistoga Resort in Calistoga, California. It has an area of 20,000 square feet, wide enough to allow customers to experience full transformation and relaxation with 14 …

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