Day: December 22, 2015

Nursing Informatics – Combining Technology With Care

Nursing informatics is the blend of clinical nursing skills with some computer processes and high level information management. Nursing informatics is a completely new aspect in the health care industry and functions with the combination of nursing skills and technological expertise. The specialists in this field are required to maintain nursing data. They are also expected to communicate any information that can improvise and pace decision making by patients, nurses and other consumers and health care providers.

The process of nursing involves four different steps. These are planning, execution, observation and assessment. However, since information management is combined with the process of nursing and also with its practice, a few nursing communities have added a new step in the process that is known as documentation. When studied deeply, the documentation and specific patient-centered care have been identified as the main role players in nursing processes. Automated documentation is very essential, and not only for nursing, but for every patient care system. Updated and precise information about the patient at every level of nursing can be the way to secure and better quality patient care.

There are a few things that need to be done in health care and nursing facilities for the successful execution of the information system. Primarily, it is essential to have good, specifically designed systems that can handle the nursing system in an organization. Secondly, but of equal importance, is the acceptance and proper integration of the newly installed information system into the normal workflow. Finally, the organization should also have suitable resources that can maintain the above mentioned two factors. Nurse informatics specialists are the best that a nursing facility or a hospital can get when it comes to control nursing informatics.

What are nursing informatics specialists?

These specialists can be considered as expert clinicians that have an extensive background in clinical practices. Nursing informatics specialists are experienced professionals who have utilized and implemented the nursing process. These nurses possess critical thinking skills as well as high analytical skills. The nurses are also capable to understand the delivery workflow of patient care and thus can find better integration points for the process of automated documentation. Hence, it can be said that nursing informatics specialists are the best project managers since they are the link between the nursing process and project management process.

To gain excellence in the field of nurse informatics, one should know about relational databases and also be skilled in Microsoft Office, more importantly with Excel, Visio and Access.

Reasons why these jobs are essential to healthcare The successful implementation of nursing informatics can bring fruitful results to health care systems as well as to patients. Some instances in which they prove to be valuable are mentioned below:

Manual work cannot be always accurate and there is always a possibility of errors. Nurse informatics can provide automated support to nursing processes by technological means. Since it is automated, it can very effectively provide accurate results and thus minimizes the risks of getting errors.

All …

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