Day: November 12, 2016

First Week Fitness Plan

The idea of this simple little program is to assist you in developing a consistent, sensible approach to your fitness for weight loss program. The main objective of this program is to help your body burn excess fat not to gain muscle or bulk up, inevitably there will be toning going on as well but primarily this is to help you burn fat. The assumption is that you are currently inactive and overweight, if this is not the case for you then you may need to make adjustments to the program to suit your own circumstances.

WARNING. The program first requires your focus and dedication, so therefore you need to be prepared in both mind and – of course – body. It is highly advised that you first visit your doctor for a check-up before embarking on any weight loss or fitness program.

Before starting with this plan, a word on positivity. You should be dedicated and positive about your program and be prepared to be in for the long haul, it is very easy to become impatient but the long term effects of increasing your fitness levels are well worth working for. This program is specifically designed to burn fat and not to turn you into a superstar athlete or gym bunny. Another problem is over doing it, because of the slow build up required for a long term fitness for weight loss program people can get carried away, this will kill your fitness dreams quicker than any other single thing, please exercise patience and caution when embarking on a program like this, its a long term goal and it won’t happen over night.

Stretching, please stretch and warm up before attempting any exercises, pay particular attention to the areas you will be working that day but good overall stretching is very important for injury prevention.

Day One:

Walk. that’s it pure and simple what i would like you to do today is set aside an hour of your day at a convenient time and go for a walk, the walk should be brisk enough that you are going to be slightly out of breath and it should last for 20 minutes, got a dog, take it but don’t get distracted you need a 20 minute brisk walk. The reason for the hour is that before your walk you should stretch and after your walk you should stretch your whole body. it may have taken a little time but you have just taken the first steps to a weight loss program that will help you be fit and healthy for life

Day Two:

A good whole body stretching routine should be followed by an upper body workout. This can be done in a gym, on a home gym, with simple upper body exercises or maybe you can swim and have the time to go to your local pool. If you do something like swimming please take the opportunity to push yourself. I recommend swimming gently for 5/10 minutes by …

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Detoxification With The 3-day Detox Diet

Today is it hard to avoid having toxins and chemicals in our system because of our lifestyles and the environment. However, our bodies are quite remarkable and have been built in such a way as to protect itself from these harmful intruders. Although our kidneys, liver, skin, and even the lungs often need to work a little harder to separate, neutralize, and dispose of these toxins. When toxins accumulate in our body it causes a release of some form of chemical. This can gradually mutate into cancers or other degenerative diseases of the body.

We need to be selective as to what we put into our bodies because we can never take it back. Sometimes changing your lifestyle is the only way you can improve the proper functioning of your body processes. A detox program can be very helpful in getting rid of body impurities. As with any detoxification program, they are designed to flush out free radicals, increase cell renewal, and strengthen your body’s immune system. Ridding your body of toxins will make you feel so much better. Even the 3-day detoxification diet can help in eliminating damaging toxins.

There are many detox diets our there. One must realize that not all detox diet programs are suitable for everyone. A 3-day detox diet just might be wise to start with to test the diet program and it is also a milder way of detoxifying your body. If you are interested in a longer detox program you may want to consult your doctor first before you begin. This is especially important if you are underweight, malnourished or have a chronic disease such as cancer, kidney and liver disease, ulcerative colitis, iron-deficiency, anemia, as well as others. This is always a good idea when considering any type of diet program.

As mentioned above, there are various detox diets, however, the 3-day detox diet is a good quick start program toward detoxification. Each morning for the three days drink a cup of warm water and ½ lemon squeezed in it when you get up. This is to stimulate your gastric juices. Drink the lemon water instead of your usual cup of coffee or tea. When planning your meals for the day you should include one cup of whole grains like brown rice, buckwheat, amaranth, and at least three servings each of fruits and vegetables. One of the servings of vegetables, at least, should be raw vegetables such as carrots, celery, or cauliflower. Choose the vegetables you enjoy. You could also fix yourself a salad made of fruits and vegetables. However, for dressing your salad, use vinegar or any of the natural virgin oils. Natural oils can include olive, coconut virgin oils, or fish oil.

In addition to the changes in your meals you will also need to take two doses of a kidney and liver tonic over the 3-day detox diet period. Not two doses a day. Just two doses over the three days you’re trying to detoxify your body. You can …

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