Day: December 17, 2016

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Keeps Dependants Covered Through Age 30

Most health insurances only allow coverage of a dependent until a certain age. For Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey the age restriction was coverage would terminate at the end of the year in which a dependent turns 23. However this has changed with the implementation of Chapter 375, a new mandate that allows coverage to continue until age 30. There are some limitations and restrictions but for the most part the new mandate is bringing joy to many over age dependents attempting to peruse further schooling or for dependents who are unable to provider health coverage for themselves.

The new mandate does not apply to employers with Administrative Services Only (ASO) contracts however; ASO clients will have the option to offer the continued coverage to their employees. For the most part all other group coverage is included in its implementation. The best part is that a dependent does not even need to be living in New Jersey as long as they are a full time student and meet the other criteria for coverage. Something that varies however from the normal Horizon policy is that the dependent who elects Chapter 375 will only remain covered until their 30th birthday, not until the end of the year in which they turn 30.

According to Horizon's website Q & A on the new Mandate eligibility must include:

-Is The child of a subscriber who is less than age 30;

– Is not married;

– Has no dependents of his / her own;

– Is either a resident of New Jersey or enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited public or private institution of higher education;

– Is not covered under any other group or individual health benefits plan and is not covered under Medicare;

– Must have previously aged-out of their parent's group health plan, which is a fully-insured plan issued in New Jersey and Is the child of a parent who is actively covered under a group health plan, which is a fully-insured plan issued in.

Another great thing is that even if a member is eligible for coverage (with the exception of Medicare) they are not forced into taking it. They would still be eligible for Chapter 375.

The biggest draw back is the cost. Chapter 375 is more costly then even COBRA coverage. I would recommend to anyone who is about to become an over-age dependent elect COBRA coverage first and then once COBRA's limitations run out then at that point elect Chapter 375. The reason for this is that COBRA is generally cheaper than the Chapter 375's cost. This will save you money but gain you the same coverage as you had under your parents contract. …

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Dui Trends: Drunk Driving And The Law

It is never safe to drive a vehicle or operate machinery when the ability of a person is impaired. According to a survey, which was done in US, most people think impaired driving a major social issue, even more so than poverty, hunger, healthcare, education or even racism. Almost 97% of Americans agree that impaired driving is a danger to themselves and their families.

The exact proportion of road accidents caused by alcohol is unknown even today. These alcohol related accidents, which are not only caused by alcohol, for instance, when a person who is drinking and driving is stopped at a red light as well as rear-ended with a sober, but not able to concentrate on driving.

Fatal crashes will give us results that are more correct. In the year 1999, twenty eight percentage of the people who was fatally injured had BAC’s of minimum ten atleast. It is not proved that the alcohol is the main cause for these crashes.

In the year 1999, the “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” showed that thirty percentage of all the traffic deaths happened in which a minimum of one driver or nonoccupant had a BAC of ten or higher as well as some alcohol was shown in thirty eight percent of all the fatal crashes.

This study will show us that the third or more of these all-fatal accidents are because of alcohol as well as the implication, if the drivers, would not have consumed it, none of these crashes would have been occurred. However, according to the Highway Safety’s Insurance Institute they say that “in result is wrong and as alcohol is just one of the various factors, which will contribute to the accidents that involve drink and drive. IN addition, some major injured people in the alcohol related accidents are pedestrians who have positive BAC’s and this fatality would have been occurring even if those drivers were sober.”…

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