Day: December 19, 2016

Integrative Medicine

You hear the terms integrative and complementary medicine often used interchangeably in the media as well as the scientific literature. Both terms signify a process of bringing parts together, to unify, or to make whole. That is exactly what integrative or complementary medicine does. It brings together different approaches to strengthen, maintain or reestablish optimal health. Complementary medicine incorporates alternative medicine aspects into mainstream medical practice. The movement towards acceptance of complementary medical techniques is accelerating as the supporting scientific evidence of its different beneficial properties mount and become more recognized. The narrow area of ​​integrative medicine that uses specific supplements within mainstream medicine is perhaps the fastest growing area. As a practicing Internist for the last 22 years, I have always strived to run my medical practice based on scientific, proven treatments whenever possible. That same principle guides the use of alternative treatments that I offer my patients. I have always found it important that my medical decisions be supported by a systematic review of the literature that involves well designed clinical trials that support the efficacy, safety, cost effectiveness and outcomes of the treatment options. Most of these are from well respected, peer reviewed journals. While the scientific data and scientific evidence to support the important role of supplements such as vitamins and minerals in medicine have long been established, it has only been recently that we have seen a significant number of physicians starting to incorporate this knowledge into their day to day practice of medicine. Knowingly or not, these physicians are practicing integrative medicine.

In the information age we now live in, patients are better informed, more empowered and more involved in their healthcare decisions than ever before. Since sources on the internet and elsewhere vary from sound, well respected sites to pure marketing and outright confabulation, it is both crucial and wise to discuss any alternative treatment with a doctor who is aware of what has some science behind it, and what doesn ' t. Some patients may no longer see their physician as their primary source of healthcare knowledge and advice, but still view them as a partner in achieving a status of optimal health. A mainstream integrative doctor can provide the best of both worlds with evidence based data to back him / her up.With the huge amount of information out there, it is always wise to seek an objective opinion from a knowledgeable source rather than trust the last infomercial that happened to be on cable television.

I believe that one important aspect of the growth in the interest vitamin and mineral supplements, and in the search for a quality integrative medicine doctor, is due to advances in diagnostic tools to help physicians actually test patients for functional deficiencies of critical vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that the body requires, not only to provide the minimum amount needed to keep the cell from malfunctioning, but to provide the optimal amounts that make your cells stronger and healthier. When your body lacks …

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Healthy Diet – IC

What does a Healthy Diet consist of? In my eyes, I see a health conscious person, who eats fresh, organic if possible, who has switched to olive oil or grape seed oil, who focuses on veggies, who takes their time to eat, and who is willing to feed their soul.

Healthy Diet is about meeting your nutrient needs and your emotional ones. It is about nourishing your whole being. – mind body and spirit.

Healthy Diet is about taking in the amount of calories you expel, remaining the same weight. Fad dieting is not what healthy diet is about. Healthy Diet consists of eating a good healthy breakfast. i.e. cereal with nuts, fruit on a bed of healthful pro biotic yogurt; add milk. This breakfast has all the nutrients one needs to get a good start for the day.

Healthy snacking is good – a dark healthy plum, or nectarine is perfect.

Lunch could consist of a healthy salad, full of greens, avocado, seeds, and perhaps some asiago thinly sliced cheese on top or Greek feta cheese in sprinkles. Perhaps a sparkler or a herbal tea.

Healthy snack for a healthy diet in the afternoon how about an apple?

Dinner does not have to be heavy, so how about Chicken with Tandori Butter which is a recipe that has every healthy nutrient in it.

An evening snack you say? Not too late – but a piece of dark chocolate 80% to 90% chocolate and a half an apple or pear with it.

The goal of a healthy diet is not only to feel good on the outside, but to feel good inside as well.

Drink approximately 8 cups of water extra daily to keep your system cleansed.

Get your 8 hours of sleep uninterrupted nightly.

Above all, get exercise, and meditate. This is my concept of a healthy diet.…

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