Day: December 22, 2016

Lifetime Fitness, Mental Wellness, Work Stress And The Rule of This and That

A strategy of loading workers to the max keeps output high and is great for productivity; the downside is that no matter how hard employees work at juggling multiple assignments, they are always playing catch-up, on the borderline of failure. Maximum output is optimal for profitability but can be dangerous for the mental and physical health of stressed-out workers; they have to play the "guess the new priority game" and get run around like the proverbial headless chicken. In this scenario we need to become our own advocates, work smarter and become more flexible to deal with the overload.

The rule of This and That states: if you do This, you can not be doing That, and if you do That, you can not be doing This. It brings us to a difference in outlook, a fundamental difference in perspective; management wants everything, both this and that, and the employees want this or that. Employees will do this, but are hounded by supervisors because that is not getting done. Experienced employees on the other hand, tend to interpret the irrefutable rule as doing only this or that, as is written in a job description, and not one thing more.

Current economic pressures are forcing businesses to rethink they way they work; managers ask employees to adapt as well. Obviously, a compromise has to be reached between the two perspectives, a win-win solution reached, a balanced perspective where the company gets what it needs to remain viable, and the employees are not worked to exhaustion. Management has to look at the internal cost of profits, and ask whether an employee's effort is sustainable over the long run.

Maintaining this delicate balance is a constant challenge for the mid-level supervisor dancing on the razors edge, the fulcrum point between managements plan and employees willingness to go the extra mile. The trick is to see it as two valid perspectives, a question of managing the two polarities, neither of which is going to ever go away. The challenge for us as individuals is to find what combination of work and play keep our output and morale as high as possible. We want to find the best balance for our situation, develop attitudes and behaviors that work for us, not work to meet the company needs and ignore our own. To do this we have to know ourselves, know the difference between a healthy challenge and a bottomless stress trap.

The next time you find yourself getting frustrated with work overload, if may be because you are trying to do this and that– take a mini-break and do some relaxation exercises. If you can relax and focus on this, that will take care of itself. …

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Dynamics Gp Implementation in Orange County and San Diego, Ca

Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum LLC, [email protected],, 1-866-528-0577 , Great Plains, VAR, Partner and Reseller in Illinois, Georgia, South Carolina, California, Texas. Please visit our info portal Pegas Planet: Local Service in Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Houston. We also have Dexterity Software Development Factory and SB1 Technical Support Call Center, serving USA country side businesses and internationally: Canada, Brazil. San Diego and LA practice: Rancho Bernardo, Oceanside, Poway, Long Beach, Irvine, Mission Viejo, San Marcos, Carlsbad, La Jolla, Escondido, Torrance, Alhambra, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Santa Monica, Rancho Santa Margarita, Anaheim, PasadenaGreat Plains Dynamics GP is popular ERP and MRP platform, oriented toward Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, .Net, Reporting Services, plus it is integrated with Microsoft CRM to extend your Sales automation power. Dynamics GP fits to all the spectrum of businesses by size: from small to upper mid-size and even large organizations; and by industry: Wholesale and Retail (integration with Microsoft RMS), Services, Warehouse management, light manufacturing and assembly, transportation and logistics, shipping, distribution, non-profit, memberships, property management, placement and recruiting, contractors, pharmaceutical, healthcare and hospitals. If you have legacy business management system, coming from your franchisor, for example – you can easily integrate it with GP with eConnect C# or VB.Net programming.

1. San Diego venture capital backed and high tech industries. In San Diego we are especially excited to help innovative businesses, where out-of-shelf accounting applications do not do the job, due to uniqueness of innovative business processes. Here we recommend balanced approach in making customizations in Microsoft Great Plains (Great Plains Dexterity) and training users to create specific procedures and setting: Sharepoint, Business Portal to capitalize on existing GP functionality

2. Port of Los Angeles. In Great Plains you can have custom add-ons to cover such functionality as Bill of Lading, Picking and Packing, Barcoding and uploading scanned info to GP Inventory control, Purchasing and Sales Order Processing modules. GP also is compatible with EDI interfaces

3. Maquiladora. Mexican manufacturing belt connection is especially actual in Southern California and LA area. We are ready to support you in Spanish and have our San Diego based consultant travel down to Mexico, if required

4. Great Plains Dexterity Software Development Factory and Nationwide Support Call Center. Having Great Plains Project Managers in San Diego area, we are supporting nationwide and international clients from our Great Plains customization factory…

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Alkaline Water Austin Seeks to Educate Individuals on Healing Their Bodies

According to Cancer Research UK, around half of all individuals in the world will receive some form of cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Although survival rates are at an all-time high, with 50% of individuals beating cancer and living at least ten years beyond their diagnosis, cancer continues to be a blight on society. Other diseases, like diabetes, are also on the rise. The Centers For Disease Control estimates around 29.1 million individuals have the disease and around 8.1 million are undiagnosed. With these staggering numbers, Alkaline Water Austin is attempting to educate the public on a simple way they can help curb and prevent disease in their body.

Rex Anderson, spokesperson for Alkaline Water Austin recently announced his company was committed to helping everyone overcome disease. “With diabetes and cancer rising at an alarming rate, we wanted to be able to offer our customers an inexpensive way to help eliminate these diseases. We are now offering a free alkaline water pitcher to everyone who fills out our online form at There is absolutely no catch, all we ask is that the customer purchases the filter.”

One of the most common reasons the body becomes diseased is because of pH balance. The vast majority of individuals are now consuming more sugary drinks and processed foods than ever before which causes the body to become acidic. Disease can wreak havoc on the body because it thrives in an acidic environment. Rex Anderson says, “We hear stories every day of friends and family members being plagued with disease. When we put an alkaline pitcher in their hands, they are skeptical at first but soon come back to us to tell us how they are cured.”

The company owner has shared his own story of how he overcame a Type II Diabetes diagnosis by drinking alkaline water, changing his diet, and exercising. He was able to stop taking medication and has never felt better. Once he discovered alkaline water changed his health, he decided he had to somehow get it into the hands of as many individuals as possible. This is why the company is not charging for their alkaline pitchers.

Rex Anderson invites everyone in the Austin, Texas area to visit their site at They hope to supply the entire area with alkaline pitchers this coming year. The company expects their offer will encourage individuals to kick the cola habit and replace this highly acidic beverage with natural water that has been alkalinized with a pH of ten. Visiting the site will allow individuals to learn more about this offer and the foods they should avoid so they can keep their bodies in an alkaline state.

About Alkaline Water Austin:

Alkaline Water Austin is proudly serving the Austin, Texas area by providing them with alkaline water systems so they can change the way they drink. Their systems offer individuals the opportunity to take control of their health and avoid the high cost of medical treatment. They offer a variety of alkaline water …

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Study: My Understanding of Resources

The Best Fitness Tips to Consider

There are things which you have to consider when getting yourself into the right shape. People who go through the same thing will want suggestions from their peers concerning the matter. What you need to look forward to is the pros exceeding the cons in all the ways that matter. Think about what you need and what fits you best at the same time.

The gym is a good place to start as so many people have found out over the years. There are various programs which one can try out to make himself look better in the future. Make your muscles toned and looking great as well. There are professionals who can get you at this point so never lose hope with this option. When there is a trainer guiding you, progress would be a lot faster and so much more efficient. Heading to the gym is actually worth the price you’d have to pay for it. You can just go to the gym and work out instead of just staying at home and doing nothing.

Go running and see what this can do for your fitness. When you do it right, there would be no need to trouble yourself with injuries and the like. Wearing the right gear would improve your performance in so many ways. When using the ideal kicks, running becomes a lot easier and so much more efficient as well. Boost your running venture in all the ways that matter and make use of the right shoes that would help you achieve exactly that. Also, think about the distance that you’d be running as well since this would also matter. Eventually, you would be able to run faster and maintain that speed at the same time. The speed should be just right so that you won’t get injured in the least. The speed would also depend on the distance you are running at the same time. If the distance is too far but manageable, you need to maintain a slightly slower pace. You may even rest every once in a while. Make sure to go for a cycle that would fit you in all the ways that matter. This is how you can have more fun on your fitness journey at the same time.

Swimming is an excellent fitness activity for a lot of people. All of the muscles in your body would get a thorough workout session. Swimming basically allows you to execute all kinds of techniques when going about this awesome venture. This kind of activity gives your upper and lower body the kind of work out that nothing else would be able to.…

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