Day: January 7, 2017

A Quick Overlook of Triathlons – Your Cheatsheet

How a Good Triathlon Coach can Help You Without question, a remarkable triathlon coach has an all-embracing racing expertise. This is needed since it lets him or her to make use of this knowledge in order to properly train other people who want to be triathletes. In addition, a history of working with people from different walks of life who have different fitness level and experience is also beneficial. And the racing experience of the person as well as the ability to make use of it and teach the knowledge and skills to others are the important characteristics that a triathlon coach should have. It is vital that the triathlon coach should first know if the person that he or she is dealing with is mindful about the setup of a triathlon. On the whole, the race usually involves swimming, cycling and running. All of these three are performed in succession, one following the other. And also there are variations in the distances of each area from each and every race. And if the person has already signed up for a triathlon event that they have been training for, they must know the course details. And if you know a lot of specifics, then it will be simpler to properly tailor the training. And once this is over, it is vital to measure the fitness level of the trainee. And someone who does not have any backgrounds on any endurance sports will attain a different kind of training in contrast to someone who has already an experience on long races. And training is created so as to bear in mind the aptitude of every person. And the starting pace, the pace of work and the final goal are all found out from case to case basis.
Lessons Learned About Triathlons
And keep in mind that there are also other factors that influence the training. A number of these are the motivation of the person, the energy and time that the person can allot to working out. And it is definite that those people who are working out less will have another kind of schedule compared to those people who tend to work out from time to time. These are the disparities seen in the schedules that don’t have anything to do with the capability of the person, on the other hand, with differences in the lifestyle. And parents who have a full time job surely have lesser energy and time to work out compared to those unemployed or single individuals.
Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Trainers
And these many disparities in factor must be bear in mind before creating a work out schedule. And a long term schedule would be constituted of pool, track base and bike path workouts.…

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UB04 Form – What is a UB04 Form, Where Do I Get One, and How Do I Fill it Out?

Do you need to get a UB04 form completed for an insurance company?  What is a UB04 form?  Where do you find one?  And how do you fill it out?  We run across these questions often in the world of medical billing.  Most medical health insurance claims are filed on CMS 1500 forms (sometimes called HCFA forms).  These are more common to most people.   Many billers don’t know when to use the CMS forms and when to use the UB 04 forms.

The UB04 claim form is used by facilities rather than physicians for their health insurance billing.  Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, etc need to bill their services on the UB04 form in order to get paid.  Physician billing is done on the CMS 1500 claim forms. 

Every once in awhile we get a call from a person who is trying to get an insurance claim paid and they are told by the insurance company that they must file the claim on a UB04 claim form.  These people don’t have a clue what this form is or how to complete it.  They may have had to admit a loved one into a drug and alcohol rehab facility and now find that the facility doesn’t participate with their insurance plan.  These facilities often don’t file UB04 forms and can not help the family get reimbursed by the insurance company.

Many times the family has paid up front for the services of the facility and are now trying to get the insurance company to reimburse them.  The insurance policy may pay out of network but the claim must be filed correctly on a UB04 form.  Often times people are trying to collect many thousands of dollars on the claim.  Required fields on the UBO4 form include rev codes, value codes and type of bill.  What do you put in these fields?   These forms can be very confusing.  Where do you get the correct information to complete the forms?  And which fields are required on the form?  If the facility does not have a UB04 form to fill out, where do you get one? 

Unfortunately the answers are not easy.  The Rev codes represent the procedure codes.  The type of bill is a three digit number that represents the type of facility, the bill classification and the frequency of the bill.  The value codes are required fields only in certain situations.  It is very difficult to complete these forms correctly without previous experience or proper training.  Another catch is that the forms were changed in May 2007 to allow for use of the NPI number.  You must understand NPI numbers completely to determine where you should be entering an individual NPI number or a group NPI number.  And when you try to find UB04 forms for sale, you find they are available in boxes of 2500.

If you find yourself needing to file a claim on a UB04 form and don’t know what you are doing, make sure you look …

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Mona Vie Drink: A Health Drink

A potable called Mona Vie supplies a healthy drink product. The ingredients of this beverage are acai berry pulp powder, puree and fruit concentrates that are blended in it. Bilberries, black chokeberries, wolfberries and acerola cherry and other fruits are used in its preparation. Some fruits that act as antioxidants are also used, thus this drink serves the purpose of antioxidants, and it’s also useful for diabetic patients and works as dietary supplements.

This drink is marketed by the strategies of MLM or multilevel marketing for its distribution or promotion. Lists of family and contacts are promoted for marketing purpose. The packaging of the product is done in attractive color bottles to draw the customer’s attention. Mona Vie also has varieties of beverages that are MonaVie Original, MonaVie Active Blend, MonaVie Kosher Blend and MonaVie Pulse Blend. Gel based product comprises of Mona Vie active gel pack and Mona Vie gel packs.

Acai pulp and powder that are the promoted by the beverage unit are dried in the freezer so as to retain its nutrition. This potable is made up if white grape, apple, acerola, aronia, purple grape, cranberry, wolfberry, pomergranate, lychee, camu camu, pear, banana, bilberry, passion fruit, apricot, prune, kiwifruit, blueberry, citric acid, sodium benzoate, esterfied fatty acids and finally d-glucosamine hydrochloride.

Although this product is marketed strategically by many frauds have been found. The complains of manufacturing are summarized as follows: Acai berries are not fetched from Sambazon where the best berries grow, Acai is not dried by freezing to 100%, a mixture of acai powder and acai puree is used as an ingredient. There have also been complains of marketing and distribution strategy but still the juice has received good reviews from its customers thereby attaining success. The reviews about Mona Vie are all concerned with its sincerity as it’s a unique product. The benefits offered by the product makes it popular among juices. People should include this beverage in their daily diet for good results.

A proper training is given to the low level distributors for effective marketing. One should be careful of Mona Vie online training as they are not that useful and also charge money. Earlier brochures were used as marketing strategy that contained information about the product and different means to get it.  Although the drink has many benefits not all confirmed with this, Brag Hart was one of them. He was a great spokesperson and was quite against by the product being tagged as super drink.

The benefits offered by the drink have not been able to cover the dissatisfaction of the consumers which have been rising for quite some time. The main complain is, the fight against the cost of the bottle and the quantity available against this cost. For good results 2 ounces should be consumed in the day and 1 ounce in the night but the bottle is of 25 ounce thus it gets over within a week. The bottle costs around $30 to $40 and people feel …

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