Day: February 17, 2017

Foods High in Cholesterol – Avoid These Foods to Reduce Heart Diseases

A popular adage goes: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, eating apples does not ascertain us of avoiding a surgeon. The most common killer today is heart disease often caused by foods high in cholesterol.

Many people believe they are eating well but there is a mathematical certainty that in those self-imposed diets, we are unaware of (or even ignore) the fact that some of the food are actually high in cholesterol.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the nation's single leading cause of death for both men and women. At least 58.8 million people in the United States suffer from heart disease and 950,000 per year suffer from cardiovascular diseases (the combination of heart disease and stroke).

On a lighter note, however, there are measures that can be taken to prevent heart disease. Studies show that a healthy diet for the heart is one with relatively unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits and some rice or grains that retain some of their original kernel-structure during slow digestion. Some eggs, liver or fish are probably also vital for most of us. Such foods high in fiber, vitamins and minerals became scarce in the Western daily diet. If you can not recognize part of the original food, the item is processed or refined, which basically means they are foods high in cholesterol.

The bad news though is that common oils from soy, corn, sun and safflower, grape and cottonseed have over 50% of the omega-6 poly-unsaturated-linoleic and may be harmful. Same with all hydrogenated [Trans] oil from 'vegetable' shortening, deep fry oils or ghee, donuts and 90% of margarine.

To summarize, and to include a few, here are the most common foods in the Western diet that are high in cholesterol: 1%, 2% and whole milk; meats with 96% or less fat; red meats; hydrogenated oils such as stick margarine (also foods with this ingredient); food with high butter fat and other animal fats, eg cheese, full fat yogurt and sauces; hot dogs and hamburgers; deep-fried foods like potato fries; table sugar; ice cream; salt (also bad for people with high blood pressure); candies; baked goods and ice cream made with fats; high fat snacks, chips; and pies, pastries, cookies made with fat and sugar.

The worst misconception about heart disease "is that heart disease only happens to the elderly," said Elizabeth Schilling, CRNP with the Center for Preventive Cardiology Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Heart disease and other cardiovascular problems are possible culprits to early death as well, which can only be prevented by not eating foods high in cholesterol.

The simple habit of picking and preparing the right food should prevent, or even postpone nearly 80% of heart and other serious diseases. What could be easier than an oil change to canola or flax (linseed)? Avoid corn, sunflower or unidentified oils, and take a few supplements at the end of your big meal to ease off on the highly refined carbohydrates. …

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Finding Ways To Keep Up With Sales

Prevent and Treat Acne Scar with These Ways Scars can be found on the facial skin, back, arms, and other parts of the body that is caused by acne. Even though several people usually have acne in their teen years, it can still strike in any age from babies to old people. While severe cases of acne may leave scars that is permanent, minor case of acne blemishes do not normally result ins scars that is long lasting. Each and every one of us will experience some degree of acne one time or another in our lives. A person’s hormones change as he or she goes from childhood to adolescence and this circumstance can cause minor cases of acne. However, there are cases of ace that are severe and cannot be able to heal with the treatments available over the counter. Scars can still be seen no matter how minor the acne. Acne scarring can be treated in many ways which help the scarred tissue return to a normal appearance. There are also few methods that can be able to erase the acne scars completely. Factors like the type of scars present, the size of the scarred tissue, examination of how the scars impact the person and their self-esteem, and even budget constraints should be considered when a person is in the midst of choosing what treatment should be done. When dealing with acne scars, your dermatologist can help you make a wise treatment decision. Acne scars are basically the results of damaged skin tissue. They can be also the result of tissue loss. The scars that you may be most familiar with fall into this category and are known as depressed scars, or pock marks. There is no person in this world that wishes to have lifetime scars from acne. Most acne blemishes do not have to become scars with consistently practiced proper treatment and cleansing. Simply take good care of your skin by cleaning it using hypoallergenic products that are recommended for treating acne. Your dermatologist will definitely find another way of treating your acne problem to be able to prevent scars if if the products that are available over the counter did not solve it.
A Quick Overlook of Beauty – Your Cheatsheet
Acne scars can be treated by a method called collagen injection but thing is you have to visit your doctor one every few months in order for you to enjoy its results for life as it is not a one-time treatment. Another acne scar treatment is called autologous fat transfer and this is done by taking fat from the body in an inconspicuous are and injected in the scar left by acne. Laser acne scar treatments are another option. Skin grafts or skin surgery is a treatment and recommended for severe cases of acne scars. There are already a lot of available methods for treating acne scarring today and with the help of the advancing technology.A Simple Plan For Researching Products

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Easy Detox Diet For Weight Loss And Good Health

Diet is usually one of the things to suffer when stress levels increase and lives become busy. Detox diet plans can help you lose weight, and rejuvenate your body.  In a world filled with toxins detox diets are becoming ever more important. Detoxification is the natural process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins in the body. A detox diet reduces the intake of foods known to contain high levels of toxins such as coffee, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, meat and dairy products. A detox diet also promotes weight loss by reducing caloric intake and saturated fats.

According to gastroenterologist, Picco, of the Mayo Clinic, most detoxification programs consist of cutting certain foods thought to contain various “toxins” from your diet. The list of omitted foods often includes red meat, sugar, flour, particular grains, dairy products and caffeinated beverages. Usually, the diets cut these foods gradually from your usual diet over the course of several days until what remains are either only “toxin-free” foods, likely fruits, vegetables, some grains, legumes and/or nuts or juices alone.

Toxins are usually eliminated from the body through the bowel or kidneys, or are neutralized directly by the body. Excess toxins which cannot be naturally eliminated commonly are stored in fat. The body uses the liver, kidneys and intestines for the eliminating process, although the lungs and skin also help the process. Detoxifying the digestive system, liver and bowel helps to release trapped and stored toxins. A body detox diet may also assist in weight loss.

The goal is to improve liver function, which will lead to weight loss. Concentrate on healthy whole foods and drink plenty of water and juice. Foods high in fiber such as raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains are recommended. Abstain from foods high in saturated fats (such as meat and dairy) and refined sugar. Weight loss on this diet will be more gradual than on a liquid diet. This is one of the best natural weight loss.

Most people are quite capable of doing a three day water fast. Be sure to obtain purified water only. During these three days, slow down your daily activities – specially physical activities. Some may even find it is better to take to bed and keep warm if the weather is cold.

Some foods to include while detoxing:

* fruits: green apples, mango, pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, grapes and kiwi fruit
* vegetables: fennel, leeks, carrots, beetroot and leafy green vegetables
* other foods: brown rice, raw unsalted nuts, fish, beans and lentils, buckwheat and tofu

Digestion may also be improved at any time by:

* Chewing food slowly and thoroughly before swallowing.
* Drinking plenty of water.
* Reducing over-eating.
* Not eating late at night (within two hours of retiring).

The most common side effect is a headache during the first few days due to caffeine withdrawal. Excessive diarrhea or constipation from consuming more fiber without increasing water intake may also occur. Other side effects include tiredness, irritability, nausea, acne and hunger. Taking …

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