Day: April 17, 2017

Medical Acupuncture – Does it Work Or Not? The Facts

Today, people are quite concentrated on their health. Therefore, they try all kinds of activities for staying fit and getting rid of disorders. One of such activities is that use of acupuncture. It involves inserting needles inside the body. The body gets rid of the ailment when heat stimulation is, provided along with insertion of needles. Acupuncture is kind of a natural healing method and it can enhance the functioning of the body.

Therefore, acupuncture is one of the most effective techniques in the world. Today, acupuncture, is used, to treat pain. It can ensure that the needling involved in this process activates the nervous system so that chemicals are, released innocently inside the muscles and brain. Acupuncture is widely used as an imbalance restoration technique. It can make sure that you do not suffer from any problems in digestion and production of energy. It can ensure that the body is able to carry out all the activities normally.

The technique of acupuncture functions on the energy channels known as meridians, which are rivers that move through the body. Any hindrance in the flow of these rivers causes problems with other meridians. Since acupuncture improves the biochemical balance inside the body, the healing powers of the body are, raised. This makes sure that a person is both physically and emotionally well. The internal regulating system of the body improves tremendously through the generation of proper hormones and chemicals inside the body, which occurs through acupuncture. Today, so many people have started trusting this system as a way to remove ailments like pain in the joints.

Acupuncture is not only, related with pain control, it can have serious implications once a trained practitioner does it. In many surgical disorders, this treatment method can provide the required support. It can be, used to rectify digestive disorders like spastic colon, gastritis constipation, and hyperacidity. Even respiratory disorders can, be cured like bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma and sore throat. Even females can use this technique to cure any kind of menstrual, urinary and reproductive disorders.

Therefore, acupuncture can make sure that you get your periods on time and do not suffer from any unnecessary pain in the periods. It's also the right kind of treatment method for problems like tennis elbow, low back pain and frozen shoulder. If the victim of these disorders is, given medications, then they do not work that effectively on reducing the pain. World health organization has identified the use of acupuncture as an effective treatment method for various illnesses. Most of the people also fear the use of needles in this technique.

No pain is, caused once these needles are, inserted inside the body. When insertion is happening, some pain might, be felt. However, still the pain caused is not as much when a person is, injected. In injections, a hollow needle is used but in acupuncture, the tip of the needle is soft, due to which no chances of irritation on skin and bruising exist. Therefore, use acupuncture and …

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Changes in the 2010 Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan

State employee health insurance open enrollment will be held from Oct. 12-25 this year, so today seemed like a good time to go over any changes that active employees can expect from the Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan for 2010.

First, let us look at what will not change for the 2010 KEHP plan year. None of the current health plans has been discontinued, meaning Commonwealth Maximum Choice, Optimum PPO, Capitol Choice and the Standard PPO plans currently offered to employees can be selected for 2010.  Also, like last year, all active employees must enroll for the upcoming plan year either online or by paper application to receive health benefits next year, preferably by enrolling online (you should have received or will receive your enrollment ID and password in the mail in separate envelopes) while all retirees except KCTCS retirees should get their insurance applications and rates from the state retirement systems. Also, active employees in the state health insurance group can still expect to pay premiums well below the national benchmark, since premiums have only increased around 7 percent annually since January 2006.

The lowest cost non-smoker plan will still be the Standard PPO, which requires no premium contribution from single employees and has the lowest monthly premiums for the Parent Plus, Couple, Family and Family cross reference options. The next least expensive non-smoker plan is Maximum Choice, followed by Capitol Choice. The most expensive non-smoker plan is Optimum PPO, with monthly premiums of $27.50 for singles, $176.52 Parent Plus, $469.52 Couple, $561.16 Family and $28.34 for Family cross referencing plans.

Another benefit that will still be offered are Flexible Spending Accounts–tax-free accounts that are used to pay for certain health or dependent care expenses through payroll deduction. State employees and school board employees as well as certain local health department or quasi-governmental agency employees are eligible to participate in an FSA, which allows employees to pay less income and Social Security taxes. Eligible, active employees choosing to waive health insurance with the state will still receive $175 per month (up to $2,100 a year) from their employer in a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) for reimbursement of qualified medical expenses. Funds remaining in the HRA account at year’s end will roll over to the next year for employees who continue to waive health insurance coverage or continue to select the health plan for which an HRA is offered.

Now, let us look at what will change. While basic coverage won’t change, some costs have been reduced while other costs will rise. First, employee premiums for Parent Plus, Couple and Family coverage under the Standard PPO plan have been reduced, with significant reductions from $64.72 a month to $8.28 a month for Parent Plus and $376.72 to $288.44 for Family coverage. This is excellent news for our families, especially in this economy.

Second, the copay for Optimum PPO emergency room visits in cases where the patient is not admitted will increase $25 to $75. This will only apply to cases where …

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