Day: August 16, 2017

Clinical Ladder Success for Nurses

Does your hospital have a clinical ladder? Should you get involved? Hospitals usually have them so they can reward their staff for excellence in nursing. Starting and keeping up your clinical ladder means increasing your knowledge, professionalism, teamwork, and getting financially rewarded for it. Nurses can advance their career from RN Category 1 up to Category 4. They can do this by demonstrating clinical expertise and completing continuing education courses, advancing their professional certifications, and conducting research. RN program participants are reviewed and approved by their peers.

All you need to do to get started is to get the information packet that explains your hospital’s program. Then look at those requirements and see what is an obtainable goal that you feel you can realistically achieve.

The clinical ladder is different in every institution. Some hospitals will not let you drop down to a lower category if you do not complete the higher category that you signed-up for. For example, if you sign-up to complete Category 2, and do not finish it within the time allocated, the hospital might not allow you to drop you down to Category 1. The nursing managers, or nursing education department, will typically be the ones to help you with setting-up your program and guiding you through all the rules.

Reasons a Hospital Has a Clinical Ladder:

  1. To promote excellence in practice to assure quality patient care;
  2. To recognize nurses who show leadership within their unit;
  3. Maintain expert nurses at the bedside;
  4. Encourage ongoing personal and professional development;
  5. Facilitate career advancement;
  6. Support recognition and retention of the nursing staff;
  7. To foster self-growth in leadership;
  8. To promote exceptional customer service and team collaboration;
  9. To provide a clear delineation of nursing competence levels;
  10. Promote participation in volunteer community and health nursing service;
  11. Many institutions need to prepare for Magnet designation.

Popular Clinical Ladder Choices:

  1. Certification in your nursing field;
  2. A higher college degree such as BSN, or MSN;
  3. CEU’s or contact hours that can be obtained at a live conference;
  4. On-line or web-cast learning programs offer convenient way to get contact hours;
  5. ACLS, PALS, NRP certifications may be part of the clinical ladder options;
  6. College credits (healthcare related) are a great way to get clinical ladder credits;
  7. Volunteer at a community health fair;
  8. Precept or mentor a new nurse;
  9. Be the charge nurse;
  10. Be active in hospital committees (this usually has a minimum of hours required);
  11. Offer a journal club, or semi-formal in-service to your peers on a patient-care topic.
  12. Be a champion (wound care, pain, magnet, pathway to excellence, P.I., etc.)
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The Beginners Guide To Health (Chapter 1)

How Eating Too Much Sugar Can Rise Your Risk of Getting Cancer

Cancer is definitely one of the most highly dangerous diseases all over the planet, due to the fact that cancer cells can potentially spread all over your body most especially if you just let it grow and you do not deal with it sooner. The worst factor about getting cancer is that it is actually potent in regards to growing in your body without any prior knowledge and it would also be terribly hard to detect as well. Moreover, the most critical aspect about cancer is that almost any single thing or element in the world can cause you cancer, whether it started due to your food choice or way of living, there is basically no one who is safe from getting cancer. But the thing is that you can easily lower the risk of you getting cancer for a significant amount as well, and one of the best ways to lower that risk is by not eating too much sugary products.

Everyone of us in this present modern day love eating sugar products and would definitely have a very hard time to give up eating sugar products as well, since sugar is like the nectar of life that can give us endorphins to our brains due to its sweet and amazing taste that we just simply do not want to miss. But the fact about sugary goods is that after its innocent and sweet addicting flavor, what is hiding behind its mask is that it carries a lot of potential health risk at the same time. Sugar is definitely the main root of dangerous diseases such as obesity and diabetes and the worst thing about this is that there are studies that has popped up which signifies sugar as also the main root of cancer as well. This is due to the scientific fact undergone by experts that they have discovered the link between sugar and cancer cells, because whenever we consume sugar it would start to attach its sugar molecules to protein cells in our body which is basically how cancer starts as well.

Although this may be the case, it is still true that our body would highly require sugar in its system so that it can be able to manage doing every vital tasks and functions as well. Therefore it is definitely a very good choice for people to stop eating too much sugar product in a daily basis and start controlling how much sugar they eat as well. The best benefit about eating less sugar is that you will lose weight, which would net you with the advantage of lowering your risk of getting cancer or any heart diseases as well. It is essential for you to also learn more about sugars that are hidden in specific products that you can find on your local market as well, which would probably make you exceed your sugar consumption limit if you are not too …

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The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Health

Food That are Healthy in Fast Food Joints

Our health is something that we should be able to take care of at all times that is why we should avoid doing things that are bad for our health. Having a lot of weight is not good for our health as it would cause a lot of illnesses that may cause a serious condition to our health, it is important that we should be able to have a proper diet to make sure that we are able to control our weight. A lot of people would know that if you would want to have a proper diet that you should stay away from fast food joints as the food that are served there would surely cause some increase in your weight. But there are times where going to a fast food joint would be unavoidable as you may be on the road and there would not be other places where you are able to get some food. We should know that there are also some healthy alternatives that we can get from a fast joint as long as we would know how to pick the food that we are going to order. There are a lot of different kinds of food that we can choose from when we go to a fast food chain and we should know that we may find a healthy option if we could just do some research.

Make sure that you are able to avoid ordering food that are deep fried when going to a fast food chain as it is something that would surely add to your fat. If you would want to lose a lot of weight, you should also avoid ordering food that would come with some rice or cheeses as they would contain lots of carbohydrates. Yes, you can eat some burgers as long as you would limit the ingredients that they would have like their mayo or special sauces as they would be filled with a lot of calories. One of the best options that you can choose from would be meals that would have a lot of vegetables in them as they would surely be able to fulfill your appetite. It would be great if you could order a burger without its bun as the bun would be filled with carbohydrates. Getting some pizza would surely be great and you should know that there are those that are for vegetarian and ones that would be good for your diet. Fast food joints would surely have a lot of healthy choices if we would just know how to look for them.…

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The Art of Mastering Products

3 Important Keys to Consider When Finding the Best Garlic Supplement – How to Do It

We know that garlic supplements have been around for many years, centuries perhaps. These supplement products are an easy way to get the many health benefits that garlic can provide. These supplements are easy to digest and most of all it will help you avoid the most common lifestyle diseases of today as we know. How to find the best garlic supplement is the main question now. This question will surely be answered in this article.

Importance of Quality. Identifying quality is what it means when choosing the best garlic supplement out there. The need to pay attention to nutrients that you will get out of the garlic supplement becomes significant. Identifying which one is better than the other and which one is good for your body are two principles important when looking for the best quality of the supplements. You don’t need to ask yourself how to find the best garlic supplement if you know what you want to get. To know which one fits best for your needs and fitness and to know how much will be your budget, are both important things to consider. The best supplement for you is not always the one that is the highest-priced supplement. The best product must be easily absorbed and must be potent for when used. By knowing the importance of quality when choosing the best supplement makes answering the question how to find the best garlic supplement easy.

Understanding Benefits and Varieties. By looking first for the benefits that you will get from each variety of garlic supplements you will find out there you will be able to answer the question on how to find the best garlic supplement. Even per state, if you will check online, you will see that there are different varieties being sold per country. To look varieties that are in capsule or liquid forms is the most important key here. According to some experts, this is highly effective for older individuals suffering from heart problems or aging. Allium sativum can reverse the heart condition of a patient and has the capability to break down the plaques formed within the blood vessels. To boost your immune system and slow down the process of aging, are two known proven effects of garlic supplements. Due to its reversing abilities for those who suffered from heart attacks or stroke, most individuals who are taking in garlic supplements are convinced that this can be considered a miracle drug.

Smell and Expiration Concerns. This question, how to find the best garlic supplement can be answered directly by checking two important things, the smell of the supplement and the expiration date of the packaging. It should be printed somewhere on the label. The smell of the supplement is usually pungent, but you can also try the odorless ones.

When looking for the best garlic supplement online are these 3 things.…

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