Day: June 1, 2019

Post-Operative Instructions for Hypospadias Repair

A Medical Problem That Affects Just Boys At Childbirth And Be Aware And Knowing The Treatment

A Medical Condition That Affects Boys At Childbirth. It is a rather common birth defect. It is caused due to the urethra not fully developed. The canal which carries urine away from the bladder and out of the penis. This canal has another function it acts as an adit for semen. This birth deficiency outcome in the urethra opens beneath the penis. In worse cases, it is impossible for boys to urinate normally. A procedure needs to be performed called hypospadias repair. Hypospadias has in the last 30 years in the United States including Europe has actually become less rare than it used to be. The medical condition is now being seen in one out of every 250 to 300 boys born in the United States. Boy children who require the surgery to repair the problem are normally released from the hospital the same day the procedure is done. It is not uncommon for your son to be discharged with a catheter. A catheter is a flexible plastic tube that helps the constant flow of urine. The catheter is placed into the bladder.

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If His Or Her Son Needs To Be Sent Home With A Catheter There Are Certain Information That Is Essential For The Parent To Know

If he is young enough to wear a diaper, the catheter will leak into his diaper. If he is older, the catheter will drain into a bag that is worn on his leg. There is the chance of urine leaking out of the tube or to squirt through the catheter. There is no reason to worry, it is completely typical, as long as most drains through the tube. If extreme discharge occurs this might imply that the tube is clogged. In some cases, there is a chance that the tube may cause some complications such as bladder spasms. A spasm is a seizure. This can happen while he is sleeping. You can keep an eye on this. A parent may notice him arching his back or bringing his knees as far up as his chest. When this happens some urine might spray through or along the sides of the tube. This is also considered normal and nothing serious. It is not a problem if most of the urine flow through the tube. Spasms will not hurt their son. But yes, it could cause discomfort. Their parent or parents may notice a drop or two of blood but again, it is nothing to be concerned over.

Besides The Care Of The Catheter, There Are Things Such As Diet, Dressing Care, Pain Relief, What Medications To Take, Precautions While Bathing And The Correct Ointments To Apply On The Penis

Hypospadias repair also includes other after surgery care to be performed. At the end of the procedure, a comfortable gauze dressing is carefully applied on the penis. This provides a little support while the area is beginning the …

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