August 13, 2022


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4 Tips for Caring for Sensitive Skin

If your skin reacts harshly to regular products or you are regularly battling redness, breakouts, rashes, or dry patches, then you might have sensitive skin. While checking with your dermatologist is a great way to learn for sure, it is important you take special care of your skin and be wary of what products you use. To avoid irritation, follow these four tips when caring for sensitive skin.

1. Use the Right Products

Many skin products are full of fragrances and chemicals that can easily cause redness or cracking when used on your skin. You should instead look for organic skin care products for sensitive skin that are made without common allergy-inducing ingredients. It is best to avoid products with alcohol, alpha-hydroxy acids, heavy fragrances, or antibacterial ingredients.

2. Choose Makeup Carefully

In addition to choosing face products like cleansers and moisturizers designed for sensitive skin, you will need to be careful about the makeup you use on your face. When purchasing foundation, blush, or other powders that are applied to the skin, look for products with fewer preservatives and silicone-based foundation. Make sure to throw out cosmetics that become contaminated or are too old.

3. Protect Your Skin

The sun can be damaging to your skin, especially sensitive skin. Makes sure to use sunscreen all year round and avoid tanning. It is also a good idea to wear clothing and hats that provide extra protection. When choosing sunscreen, look for a product that is at least SPF 30 with only zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active ingredients.

4. Battle Dryness

It can be especially difficult to keep your skin nice and moisturized when winter comes around. Avoid taking too many showers and use warm instead of hot water. Always apply a moisturizer right after bathing and try to find a lotion with petrolatum, glycerin, or mineral oils.