April 21, 2024


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5 Key Reasons to Arrange Regular Visits With Your Gynecologist

7 Reasons Why Visiting the Gynecologist is Important for Your Health -  Womans Health Centers

Even if you are in good health, keeping your health a priority can help you remain that way. For women, one of the best techniques to guarantee you achieve and maintain complete overall wellness is by routinely visiting your OBGYN provider. During your appointment with Las Vegas OB/GYN Dr. Daniel Richards, he will not only focus on checking the health of your reproductive system but also on ensuring that you leave the office with improved general wellness. Besides, your consultations are private and confidential; hence, you should not shy from raising any concerns you might have. Continue reading to discover five major reasons to visit your OBGYN regularly.

1)      Develop A Baseline Assessment of Your General Health

Whether you have an issue or not, talking to your OBGYN allows you to develop a strong patient-doctor relationship, receive expert counsel, and answer questions you might have. This environment allows your doctor to develop a baseline assessment of your overall wellness. As a result, if there are any shifts in your health, your OBGYN will easily and quickly identify them, thus, ensuring you receive prompt care and have your health concerns addressed before they become severe. Additionally, these routine appointments also help you feel more at ease with your doctor straight away, which will come in handy if you have any health difficulties later on.

2)      Access Vital Women’s Health Screenings

During your yearly exam, your OBGYN checks for various women-specific and overall health concerns since numerous medical problems have no visible signs. Based on your age, healthcare requirements, and the date of your last screening, you may be eligible for various screenings at Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, including osteoporosis screening, STD testing, breast exams, pap smears, and gynecologic ultrasounds.

3)      Take Control of Your Reproductive Health

Are you planning to have children sooner or later on in life? Whatever the case, your OBGYN specialist can assist you with managing your fertility. For instance, if you want to avoid pregnancy, your doctor can assist you in selecting the right contraception for your health and lifestyle requirements.

On the other hand, if you would like to have kids soon, your specialist can assist you in readying your body for conception and safe pregnancy. Suppose you are having problems conceiving. In that case, your doctor can help you identify the underlying concerns and provide infertility remedies and counseling.

4)      Access Your Vaccinations

If you want to be proactive about your health, you should consider vaccinations. Keeping up with your vaccines will help you avoid developing health problems down the road. Whether you want an immunization for seasonal flu, specific allergies, or other common concerns, your OBGYN will gladly administer them to you.

5)      Manage Your Menses and Menopause

Your menses occur every month throughout your childbearing years so long as you are not pregnant. During your routine OBGYN consultation, your doctor will ensure that your menses are normal and check for issues like excessive bleeding. If there is an issue with your menses, your provider will recommend appropriate solutions, such as minimally intrusive laparoscopy and contraception.

Similarly, if you have hit menopause, your OBGYN will check your bones to ensure they remain healthy and strong. As for common menopause-related concerns, such as vaginal discomfort or atrophy, your physician will administer appropriate rejuvenation treatments.

While most women dread visiting their OBGYN, it is essential to recognize that regular visits are the best way to uphold optimal reproductive wellness and overall health. Therefore, do not skip a visit, irrespective of whether you have no apparent signs of a health concern. At Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, Dr. Daniel Richards can help you optimize your health through a wide range of conservative and minimally invasive techniques. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your concerns and explore your available care solutions.