April 21, 2021


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5 Old School Hairstyles for Men that Are Trending Right Now

Times change, but some things still stay the same – the same goes for hairstyles...

Times change, but some things still stay the same – the same goes for hairstyles that men once loved to wear. Moreover, there’s no denying that the styles back had a unique charm that spikes simply don’t have. Old school hairstyles were more than just retro; they made women scream and each of them had a distinct but attractive look. They oozed coolness and sophistication. So, if you’re a man looking to change your look, we advise you to not check the barber appointment app. Instead, how about taking a leap back in time?

Are you ready to ditch some spikes for a classic old western look?

Wise choice. It’s rather smart to know that these classic haircuts for men will never get outdated as they are still look very trendy, timelessly. Even now, there are a lot of celebrities, social media personalities and models who have old school hairstyles and needless to say, it looks absolutely amazing on them – so will they on you! Don’t believe us? Scroll down below to check out incredible hairstyles that are loved by men for centuries. Once you’re done, you’ll get a better idea of how men these days are ting advantage of traditional styles from the old times and combining them with subtle but modern touches. They’re so good that you won’t be able to look away without saying wow!

    1. Retro Quiff Hairstyle:

The Quiff hairstyle presents a smart, but casual choice of tone. Not only will make you look exquisite and stylish but also maintain a humble look. The style also allows more volume and length on the top of your hair, as compared to other modern and old haircuts. You can maintain this look with light/medium hold pomade, wax or cream to enable your hair maximum movement and flow.

    2. Traditional Side Part Haircut:

This timeless haircut offers a gentlemen look as this kind of parted haircuts were very common among the elite and considered sophisticated in the old times. Many businessmen sought after this hairstyle; together with shiny shoes and a dashing suit, this was the to-go look for most men. You can use medium pomade, wax or cream to maintain this stylish look.

    3. Gangster Haircuts:

Gangster haircuts were the trendiest styles of the 20th century and many Hollywood celebrities sought after it. Not only that, but just as the name specifies, many old school gangsters chose a classy look just like this one to blend in with the local crowd. They preferred to look professional and you can too by getting a clean cut with classy short sides.

    4. Classic Old Western Cowboy Hairstyle:

The Classic Old Western Cowboy haircut represents short sides with thick brushed hair on the top and full handlebar mustache. Back in the days, cowboys were considered as the alpha males, which is the reason why many men still prefer this hairstyle.

    5. Smartly Wild:

This sexy, but messy old school haircut had all the ladies swooning since the 20th century. Smartly wild is one of those hairstyles that will never go out of time. It works best for thin hair.

So before considering to try the barber booking app, make sure you scroll through these trendy hairstyles and allow yourself to stand out from the crowd.