April 20, 2021


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5 Tips for Finding the Right Employee for Your Business

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, finding the right workers for the job can be a challenge. Luckily, lots of hiring managers have gone down this road before you. Before you post an open position, take a few minutes to learn from their experiences and pick up a few tips to help you find the right person for your company. 

1. Clearly Define the Job

When you know exactly what position you rehiring for, you can find the best-qualified candidate for it. Unfortunately, many hiring managers skip this part of the process. Take time to clearly define responsibilities, tasks and expectations associated with each position in your company. Then share those in the job description that is advertised and given to potential candidates before the interview process. Having a clear job description also gives you a checklist to evaluate each candidate against. 

2. Be Clear About Screening Processes

Job screenings can take many forms. You may employ all or some of these options to help you narrow down the right candidate for your open positions. 

  • Conducting pre-screening interviews online or over the phone
  • Performing a background check and credit review
  • Requesting a 10 panel drug test
  • Verifying a candidate’s employment history 

3. Look Beyond Their Resume

A resume is a great screening tool, but it doesn’t tell a complete story. Look beyond position titles to seek out skills and personality traits that may make them a great fit for your open role. Because you are likely you get hundreds of resumes for every open position, this can be difficult to do with everyone and you may only get to delve deeper with final candidates. 

4. Check for Cultural Compatibility

This should play a central role in most positions, although it becomes increasingly important in management level roles. Company culture can be a larger driver of success than any other factor, and it plays a huge role in morale and productivity. Look for candidates that fit well within your corporate structure and that share company values. 

5. Extend an Offer

Once you have identified your top two or three candidates for the opening, take action. Make an offer to your first choice and give them a specific deadline to give you a decision. Be realistic and reasonable, especially if you know that accepting your offer would require the candidate to leave another position or relocate to a new area. Follow up with them at the end of that period, and be ready to move on to your next choice if they decline. 

Taking time to find the right candidate for a position saves time and money. Use common sense and sound business practices to help you find qualified and compatible employees for every job posting.