May 19, 2022


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6 Popular Yoga Trends In Sweden 2021

Yoga Trends for 2021 -

Sweden is a nation full of fitness enthusiasts that are always searching for new and creative ways to exercise.

It has a history of adopting technologies and ideas, so it is not surprising that it is frequently caught up in healthy lifestyles such as these yoga trends.

  • Anti-gravity yoga

This creative spin on a classic, also known as anti-gravity yoga, tends to take all of your favourite routine yoga positions to a whole different extreme.

This is because all of the poses are done with a hammock or, in some instances, a harness to add a new aspect.

It quickly gained popularity in New York before actually expanding to the rest of the world.

Yoga is very prevalent in Stockholm, with studios all over the town, so several places are offering aerial yoga.

There are many large gym chains in Sweden that offer anti-gravity yoga sessions regularly at their various locations in Stockholm.

Because of its dynamic and interactive nature, while doing yoga, this type of yoga has gained popularity in Sweden.

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  • SUP yoga

There are numerous small swimming zones in the wooded area of western Sweden.

Relatively small lakes throughout the nation attract more visitors, while larger lakes host water sports and activities.

As a result, Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) adds yoga equates to SUP yoga, which is a popular option.

Simply going for a paddleboard ride is a great deal of fun and a solid workout for the hands and feet, shoulders, and core.

Including yoga poses necessitates balance, composition, a sense of humour, and an eagerness to get wet.

Many people are finding peace and a chance to live in harmony with the environment.

Without a doubt, this has gained popularity and has become a trend, particularly in S3. 

  • Goat Yoga.

Goat yoga is becoming more popular as a self-sustaining yoga trend. Lainey Morse, a photojournalist from Albany, Oregon, pioneered the practice.

It’s a yoga class in which attendees enjoy their downward dogs and savasana whilst also goats stroll through the room, occasionally climbing onto or snuggling up with them.

Yoga teachers in Sweden’s capital are using goats to help them reach their greatest yoga positions.

The newest zen trend making headlines in the worldwide fitness community is goat yoga.

It has been characterised as a novel and enjoyable way for animal lovers to exercise.

Goat yoga is gaining popularity in Stockholm, where attendees exercise their poses in parks while the creatures roam around them.

  • Acroyoga.

At a certain stage in one’s yoga journey, the urge to go further into one’s current yoga practice or to take on more hurdles takes over.

AcroYoga elevates yoga with a companion to a whole new level, with one individual performing yoga positions atop the other.

AcroYoga presently is designed to promote play, emotional intimacy, and community.

AcroYoga training and teacher education are popular at yoga festivals in Sweden and around the world.

  • Anusara

Anusara Yoga is a newer style of yoga.

This is among the most divine types of yoga, focusing on your authentic voice, consciousness, and soul.

It can be thought of as a hybrid of Hatha yoga and tantric ethos.

It is divided into three sections: attitude, action, and alignment.

Anusara is a Sanskrit word meaning “flowing with grace” and is founded on the notion that all creatures have inherent goodness.

Anusara Yoga practise increases strength, tones muscles, and offers tranquilly for both the body and mind.

Anusara yoga is suitable for individuals at all levels and abilities, and it appears to be popular in Sweden.

  • Slackline Yoga

Slackline yoga is best suited to people who already are progressing in yoga.

This is primarily because you will have to be prepared to conduct aerial yoga poses in more tough circumstances.

Even straightforward positions can be difficult to maintain because you will be relying on a piece of silk to keep you in place.

As a result, you will be able to reinforce your concentration power and inculcate your ability to balance.

This is a new trend in the Yoga scene that can be seen in Sweden, with training sessions popping up on social media.


Rather than viewing workouts as a burden, Scandinavians have figured out a way to combine them into their regular lifestyle.

These innovative Yoga trends attest to this idea.