May 16, 2022


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8 Questions to Ask a Nurse Staffing Agency in Dallas, TX

Interview Questions for Nurse Staffing Recruiters | PRN Funding

Working with a nurse staffing agency can give better job opportunities for nurses that’s why more and more nurses are joining nurse staffing agencies. Nurse staffing agency in Dallas, TX are offering more and more job opportunities for nurses who want to advance their careers by getting more exposure and experience. Here are 8 questions to ask a nurse staffing agency in Dallas, TX to know more about how to work as a travel nurse and what to expect.

  1. How Long Have You Been in the Business?

Asking your nurse staffing agency how long they are in the business can serve as your guide on how established their business is. Working with agencies that have been doing business for a long time means you can rely on them to give you a job as long as you want to stay with them. Their years in the industry can also reflect their reputation as a nurse staffing agency. 

  1. What is Your Recruiting Process?

Knowing how their recruitment process will let you know how to start and what documents are needed to be prepared. Plus you will know how long each process will take. In that way, you will know how long you have to wait to be able to get on board. The length of the recruitment process will also let you know if the time is ideal for you or you need to find another agency that can process your recruitment faster.  

  1. What are your Requirements?

Knowing the requirements et’s you know if you are qualified or you need more experience of certificates. Most nurse staffing agencies require 1 to 2 years of experience and for the certificates, they require Basic life support (BLS) certificate and other certificates for nurses with specialization. For the licenses, registered nurses with licenses and other licenses such as state licenses since Texas is covered by Nurse compact State. 

  1. How much Do You Pay Your Nurses?

Knowing the rates they offer is important since travel nurses are in demand. Most nurse staffing agencies have competitive rates to attract more nurses to join their agency. Getting familiar with the rates can serve as your guide if the offer is good or not. Take note that hourly rates for specialization are higher compared with nurses who don’t have specialization. So expect higher rates if you have specialization. Do your research to get the average rates from the market.

  1. What Areas Do Your Cover for the Destination of Your Nurses?

Asking their area of coverage will let you know where you can be assigned once you work with them. Ask them if they offer local and international assignments. This way you can prepare yourself to be assigned miles away from home. 

  1. Do You Provide Housing for your Nurses?

Although most nurse staffing agencies offer the house to their nurses. It will be wise to ask to be sure how the housing arrangement is done once you work with them. Having a safe place to stay when working in a new area is important to secure your safety. So better ask your nurse staffing agency this question. 

  1. How’s Your Agency’s Job Availability?

Asking them about job availability can tell you if they can be able to cover most of your schedule in a year. If you are looking forward to getting more assignments then working with nurse staffing agencies who can give you assignments all year round can be good, but if you prefer to have more free time then working with agencies with few offers will just be fine.   

  1. What are the Benefits of Your Nurses?

Apart from your hourly pay most nurse staffing agencies offer more benefits to their nurses. This is also one way of getting more competitive as an agency. Most agencies offer low insurance rates, discounts on the uniform and medical supplies, reimbursements of travel expenses, and license expenses. 

These 8 questions to ask a nurse staffing agency in Dallas, TX can help you determine if the nurse staffing agency can match your expectations and be able to provide you with a job that can help you advance your career as well as get good pay. As a nurse, it is good to take advantage of the situation to practice your profession full blast and still get a break if you wish to.