April 13, 2021


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Simplest Self-Defense Tactics to Know as A Woman With the growing number of assailants, it...

Simplest Self-Defense Tactics to Know as A Woman

With the growing number of assailants, it is prudent that you have some few techniques as a woman on how to protect yourself when under attack. You should not shy away from joining a martial art school for protection classes. If you have not had a chance to enroll for the classes; the following are simple tools that you can use to defend yourself.

Pepper sprays are some of the simplest tools that can help you out when walking or running in less secure places. The spray has chemicals that ensure that the attacker will go blind for some few minutes. The spray should always be in your bag, and they are easily found in different stores. You should learn few tricks or two on how you can effectively spray the pepper in the eyes of the attacker. Carrying pocket knives and certified stunt guns are also some ways that you can use to improve your security.

You need to learn some few lessons on the hand strike. It is one of the easiest ways of self-defense approach to train. When you realize that you are in danger, you should aim at the eyes or face of the assailant for maximum results. Move your arm together with the hip to increase the force of impact.

You can also destabilize your assailant through kicking their groins. The groin areas are considered to be very vulnerable, and it will offer you an opportunity to run. You should ensure that you are very accurate when aiming at the groins. Your legs should penetrate between the highs of the assailant and use your toes to kick the area.

When you are being blocked from moving, you should use a knee kick to weaken your assailant. The knee kick should only be applied when the person is close to you, and you should aim at the sensitive areas such as the groins or the rib area. You should not leave your assailant at that point, and you can use the bear spray to make them motionless.

When the assailants hold you by your neck to chock, you should hit the vulnerable areas. You should not use much effort trying to remove the hand, so the assailants form your neck but repeatedly hit at the vulnerable areas. You should try and only remove the thumbs and continue hitting the vulnerable areas.

With several self-defense options, you should ensure that you learn some few lessons for your safety. Attending the classes will make you more combative. You should be aware of the security of the different places and avoid the isolated areas.