April 11, 2021


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A Month OF THEMED Gatherings

A series of occasions to display how the secret to health and properly-staying (ours and our planet’s) can be identified in the food items we consume each and every working day.

Sandor Katz, David Quammen and Antonia Trichopoulou will be amongst the industry experts concerned on the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto platform.

A excellent eating plan and an energetic way of life are the most effective way to make certain a extensive, healthy lifestyle. What is much more, picking food items manufactured using strategies that preserve agrobiodiversity and have a small effects on the weather crisis is the most efficient and concrete specific day to day motion we can all get to secure the earth.

Food items and health for Sluggish Food

People are the principles on which Gradual Food stuff has primarily based its operate to realize and present how the top secret to the health and effectively-currently being of men and women, the group and our planet lies in our day-to-day food. Gradual Food believes that the worldwide output system of remarkably processed foodstuff is the result in of lots of public health issues, like being overweight and malnutrition, about the environment. Alternatively, an approach based on a healthy, satisfaction-filled way of eating is not only excellent for us, it also allows safeguard the by now fragile condition of the planet by contributing significantly less to biodiversity reduction and the local weather disaster.

The Sluggish Meals network has lengthy been lively in foods and taste schooling, with initiatives close to the globe like college canteen initiatives, college meals gardens and campaigns. Slow Food items is doing the job challenging to increase buyer recognition about health-linked issues and to alter the food stuff process and food items coverage in get to make certain everybody can obtain fantastic, clean and reasonable food items.

Given that 2019, this work has been organized more formally, supplying any one who is interested all the equipment they need to orient themselves in the topic, offered in various languages and at unique ranges of depth. Content, interviews, tales about Gradual Meals Communities, guidelines for a local climate-friendly diet, in-depth matter explorations, scientific reports, videos, on-line conferences, podcasts: a treasure trove of articles, the consequence of intensive investigate at the Italian and global stage and contributions from the globally network, coordinated by the international motion and produced achievable by the help of Reale Mutua, an Official Supporter of Sluggish Foods Italy. Visit the Food and Health part of the web site to uncover out additional.

A thirty day period of functions on www.terramadresalonedelgusto.com

Starting off on January 30 and continuing for a thirty day period, there will be a unique emphasis on food and health on the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto system. Conferences and meals talks will attribute names like David Quammen talking about the reduction of biodiversity and zoonosis, internationally renowned fermentation expert Sandor Katz and Antonia Trichopoulou on the Mediterranean diet and purely natural meals manufacturing. Study on for a taste of the system:



January 30 at 11:00 CET

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The nutritional benefit of the Mediterranean diet is commonly recognized by scientists and experts. At the base of its meals pyramid are substantial quantities of fruit and greens, bread and pulses, considerably less animal proteins and a lot more vegetable proteins, and day by day consumption of more-virgin oil as a seasoning. But is it ample to talk about “bread” in basic? Are all oils the exact same? What are the most effective alternatives for our health? Are all fruit and veggies as good as every single other, or need to we just take into account the way they are developed? Do hybrid and indigenous breeds have the very same dietary characteristics?

Slow Foods believes we have to go beyond a simplistic conception of the Mediterranean diet and pay extra attention to the high quality of the food items we consume, and their results on our bodies. We ought to assure that our food is pure, which means it need to be cultivated with regard for natural means, and without having the use additives, preservatives, starters, colorants, anti-oxidants, industrial yeasts.

Discussant: Antonia Trichopoulou, MD, PhD, President of the Hellenic Health Foundation and Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine, College of Athens.


  • Angela Saba (Italy), shepherd and producer of the Maremma Uncooked Milk Pecorino Slow Food stuff Presidium
  • Souhad Azennoud (Morocco), trainer in agroecology, oil producer, coordinator of the Rif Tiny Spelt Presidium and Sluggish Food Jballas pour la Biodiversité Local community.
  • Yara El Ghalayini, researcher, Sommelier in olive oil, member of Sluggish Food items Women of Olive Oil Community in Jordan.

Moderator: Nina Wolff, Performing Chairwoman of Gradual Food Deutschland

Event languages: IT, EN, FR


February 5 at 18:00 CET

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A One Difficulty HAS CAPTURED THE WORLD’S Interest LIKE Several Others Before: THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

The outcomes are currently being felt in each and every state about the earth, in which it has place a strain on human health as properly as our financial and social very well-staying. The outbreak of the pandemic and its devastating penalties have reaffirmed the great importance of radically shifting our existence and food items possibilities, as they have a enormous effects on our health and that of the planet. Scientists, together with the Globe Health Business, see the decline of biodiversity as a single of the main leads to for the spread of new contagious illnesses. The struggle to shield biodiversity is crucial: it is the only way to make certain the survival of the human race and in fact the numerous other species on that simply call this planet residence.

Can we deal with malnutrition by defending and advertising biodiversity? Will biodiversity assist us protect the health of ecosystems? What job can plan play in promoting sustainable meals methods and healthy eating plans?

Sluggish Food stuff will launch and focus on its situation paper on meals and health during the conference.

The conference and the position paper are arranged with the assist of Reale Mutua.

Party languages: IT, EN


  • Dr Kathy Sykes, Senior Advisor, Getting older Initiative at US Environmental Defense Company (EPA), experienced in general public coverage, environmental health, aging and sustainable communities.
  • Dr Lindy Sharpe, Postdoctoral Investigation Fellow at Food Exploration Collaboration (FRC), based mostly at the Centre for Foods Plan at Town, University of London.
  • Prof. Dr. Heribert Hirt, Inst. of Plant Sciences, INRA Paris, France Heart for Desert Agriculture, KAUST, Saudi Arabia and Max Perutz Laboratories, Univ. of Vienna, Austria.

The dialogue will be moderated by Andrea Pezzana, MD, PsyD, Sluggish Foods scientific advisor and get hold of individual for Food items and Health. The meeting will open up with a Foods Speak of David Quammen, concentrating on the relationship in between the decline of biodiversity and the outbreak of zoonoses.


(All Food stuff Talks are obtainable in their first language, with subtitles where by necessary).

  • February 4
    Vivien How, professor at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia.
    The function of chemistry in agriculture
    A local and world wide point of view on this situation, on the lookout at the shorter- and prolonged-expression effects and the modifications necessary in agriculture to profit the health of the earth and people.
  • February 18
    Natalia Bajsa, biochemist with a Masters in Environmental Science and a PhD in Microbiology from the College of Montevideo, Uruguay.
    GMOs and their effects on health

Jessica Fanzo‘s Foodstuff Discuss, “The Well-Staying of the Planet and Individuals,” is also section of the Food and Health application within just Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, and can be viewed listed here.


Is it correct that eggs are lousy for you, and if you cease consuming them you are going to minimize your cholesterol? Is salmon really the best addition to a very low-calorie

food plan and a very good supply of omega-3s? Are there equally delightful alternatives that are far better for the environment and our health? These and quite a few other issues will be answered in an animated series manufactured by Gradual Foods to expose some of the phony information close to food and health.

Popular beliefs about eggs, salmon, dairy products, meat and “light” meals will be explored employing basic language and illustrated by animated drawings and subtitles, detailing how with a small little bit of treatment, we can make more mindful decisions that are greater for our health, the natural environment and even our wallets!

WEIGH YOUR Selections! A Tutorial TO HEALTHY Eating

What is the best expenditure in fast satisfaction that ensures future health? Easy! The mystery to a good, cleanse and reasonable diet lies in balancing a vary of top quality food items in our weekly eating plan and dedicating a small far more time and care to food buying and what we do in the kitchen area. It’s less complicated to do than you imagine! Sluggish Food’s booklet, “What Need to We Consume? Weigh Your Alternatives!” is a excellent area to commence.

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