April 21, 2024


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Alternative Ways of Dealing with Chronic Pain

Alternative Ways To Manage Chronic Pain | Bomberg Chiropractic Blog

Chronic pain can significantly affect the quality of your life, making even simple tasks impossible. It is worse when you manage the pain through painkillers without success. Chronic pain specialists like Jay M. Shah MD understands how pain can affect your life and are dedicated to providing relief through all means possible. You can manage chronic pain in several ways, including medications, physical therapy, staying active, and relieving stress. Moreover, several alternatives have proven effective in providing pain relief. The six standard pain-relieving options are outlined herein. have a look.

Chiropractic Care

When your pain is due to musculoskeletal issues, you might gain from chiropractic care. The treatment options work with your musculoskeletal structure alignment to promote healing and pain relief. If you are experiencing pain in your joints, muscles, cartilage, bones, tendons, and ligaments, chiropractic care is generally an excellent choice. However, many healthcare professionals use the alternative for neck, leg, and back pain.


This is one of the common alternatives for chronic pain, especially for migraines and arthritic pain. However, this is a practice that professionals should only do with extensive training and experience, and it would be better to research adequately before seeking the treatment option. You can consult your friends, primary doctor, or pain management team for recommendations on a chiropractor or an acupuncturist.


Massage can be beneficial for tension or stress caused chronic pain. The alternative can help relieve the stress and pressure on your painful area and promote relief when done by qualified professionals. Fortunately, massage is suitable for almost all types of chronic pains, especially neck and back pain. But you have to ensure you find a therapist who specializes in chronic pain. Understand that regular massage can be painful for some types of pain, and you must ensure you find a therapist who can apply gentle techniques based on the nature of your pain.


This is one of the newest technologies in managing chronic pain. Your provider will put sensors in your body to track your body functions. It will help you learn how your body responds to specific functions to help you regulate them and some impulses. Also, there are newer patches and devices you can wear for pain relief. Examples are headbands for migraines, electrostimulation devices for lower pain, joint pain, and patches for muscular pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Research is still ongoing about how an inflammation diet is linked to chronic pain, but some evidence has indicated that certain foods can trigger or worsen your chronic pain. Research has found that foods with anti-inflammatory properties minimize chronic pain. A diet that emphasizes fruits and vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, and fish rich in omega 3 provides some pain relief. It is also essential to avoid foods like sugars, trans fats, saturated fats, casein, refined carbohydrates, and alcohol when suffering chronic pain.

Medical Marijuana

Depending on your state, medical marijuana can help you with chronic pain. It has been found effective in many patients and is considered a safe approach to managing chronic pain. Talk with your pain management team to understand if you can gain from the treatment based on the legal policies in your area.

If you are enduring chronic pain, reach out to the pain specialists at SamWell Institute for Pain Management for help. Your provider will assess your symptoms and recommend the right pain management approach. Make a call or book your appointment online.