April 11, 2021


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Amanda Hamilton Diet – What You Need To Know

Fad diets are definitely a thing of the past! Now a days if you want...

Fad diets are definitely a thing of the past! Now a days if you want to get into shape, you need to follow a well balance healthy diet. This is where the Amanda Hamilton diet can help. Not only are there different stages, but those who are on the program are also going to experience up to 5 pounds lost in the first week, and up to 14 pounds lost in the first month (on average), for those that stick to the plan. There are many great plan features you will get! For example great menu planners, exercise guides, and other beneficial items.

Detox phase: In the initial detox phase of the Amanda Hamilton diet, you are going to help cleanse the body of any harmful toxins caused by the lack of a balanced diet. You are going to be eating three balanced meals, and two snacks each day, using the many great recipe options on the site. This will help ensure you are eating healthy, rather than just eating to fill yourself up. The plan teaches dieters different meal options and recipes which are going to keep them fuller for longer periods of time. This will naturally mean you will consume less calories on a daily basis.

Re-shape Phase: The next phase in the Amanda Hamilton diet is the re-shape phase. Here dieters are going to get personalised weekly plans. This ensures the plan is personalized for each individual and not just a program which has been designed only for a specific body type. Using the online site and dashboard you can track your progress.

Healthy me phases: The final phase, the Healthy me phase, is once you have reached your goal weight. The meals and plans change in order to tailor to your personal lifestyle change, and to make for a healthier overall quality of life that you can easily maintain.

Exercise: Not only are dieters going to learn how to cook their own meals (rather than buying boxed dinners every night), they are also going to learn how to exercise properly. Not just exercise for hours each week and see no results.  

On the Amanda Hamilton diet, you will get a fully personalised plan from Amanda, meaning the exercise is also going to be tailored to meet your individual needs. This will help you achieve your own personal goals, rather than have to follow the same exercise plan for each and every individual who is on the program.

Personalisation: One of the most beneficial factors to this diet is the fact that it is tailored to each individual. It is not one of the many diets that is designed with a set program in mind. Instead, Amanda works on each individual’s personal goals, bio, and where they currently stand, in order to ensure they are going to attain their personal goals in the fastest time possible.

Additioanlly, as the program is set for each person, not as a program which is designed only for specific body types, all individuals who try it out are going to see the desired results, and are going to keep their shape when they reach the final phase.

Dashboard: The home dashboard is one of the best features on the Amanda Hamilton diet page. This is where you are going to get menu ideas, recipes, and special foods that are tailored for your specific program, rather than the meals which “should” be eaten by all dieters. You can also use the drag and drop menu to create daily meals, input your meals and exercise to track results, and just see how things are going for you.

Since each person is different, the diet they follow has to be different. For this reason, choosing something that is tailored to each individual, rather than a mass produced program, is something to consider.

From the low price, the proven results, to the menu options, those who choose the Amanda Hamilton diet for weight loss, are going to quickly notice the results and fast. The best thing about using this program is that it not only helps you lose the weight it also helps you to keep it of once you’ve reached your goal. This make it without a doubt one of the best diet programs to follow.