June 25, 2024


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And screening has been trending down a bit. The rolling every day normal basically dropped to 611,382 on August 23 from its peak of close to 822,000 exams on July 29, according to the COVID Monitoring undertaking.

The modify to the CDC tips was immediately denounced by public health authorities, who say additional, not significantly less, tests is wanted.

“As some of you know, the CDC posted on its website tips on quarantine, and on screening, that are frankly not scientifically supportable, and this was accomplished seemingly at the behest of individuals in Washington,” previous CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden said for the duration of a Thursday information briefing.

He known as the adjustments “unsafe.”

Brief agreed that surveillance screening is of utmost relevance, and antigen screening as at the forefront of that work. “It’s totally essential mainly because what it will do is let us recognize these who are carrying the virus — about 20% are asymptomatic, 30, 40, 50 even in some circumstances — so we can get them out of circulation, we can trace their contacts,” he claimed.

But even with Quick’s enthusiasm about antigen testing, he has a person huge caveat: “What is definitely important is that individuals do not use the exam to get complacent, mainly because the tests usually are not going to do anything at all to alter the virus,” he stated. “And so the private protecting routines need to preserve up, in terms of masks and handwashing and distancing and keeping away from crowded indoor sites.”