July 13, 2024


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Basic Guidelines For Yoga and Its Related Diet

Basic Guidelines For Yoga and Its Related Diet

Alright, by now, you may have tried the Sun Salutations, gotten good at them.

By now you may even have mastered some or all the poses I have written about, maybe you can even stand on your head now and show off to friends and loved ones (I know I did)!

Great, and I am happy for you and glad to have been of some assistance in that regard.

However, I have some more information for you.

In performing the exercises and eating the customized eating habits I will be recommending, keep the following in mind to ensure success

Guidelines For Yoga Exercises

-Asanas are best done in the morning or for late risers at least time your session so that it is completed by noon.

-Perform the exercises in open, well ventilated and lit rooms (preferably natural light)

-Don’t wear spectacles, socks or excessively tight clothes. Personally, I just use a pair of boxers and in nippy weather a tank top or V-necked T-shirts.

-Breath in counts of 5-5-5 (inhalation, retention and exhalation).

-Do not perform any of the poses to exertion and make sure to do the counter poses.
-If you don’t feel good doing a pose, it’s your body indicating that you are not
ready for it.

-In ancient India, Yogis were known to go to extremes to cleanse the body before commencing with the exercises. Ever heard of Neti (nasal Irrigation) or Kujar Kriya (Salt water vomiting)? Though very effective cleansers and (still not as far as some go) I am aware that unless you are adventurous like me, the majority would squirm at them so as an alternative I will be giving you a recommended diet that I know will be out of your stomach and mostly out of your system by the time you arise in the morning. This way all you may need to do is drink 24 oz of unflavored lemonade (room temperature) first thing upon awakening.

-If after or during the workout you sweat, don’t rinse it off. Allow it to air dry and 15-20 minutes or so after use a warm damp wash cloth to wipe mainly the pubic areas such as the underarms and genitals OR of course you can brush your teeth and take a shower (using a shower filter…I can’t stress that enough)
-Have fun.

Guidelines For The Yoga (Sattvic) Diet:

-Fruits and vegetables (if you must; Brown Rice may be permissible and very little or no flesh!

-Don’t use microwaves…at all! For more information on this refer to this site http://www.herbalhealer.com/microwave.html

-No processed foods or junk foods, friends there are safer and equally great tasting alternatives. Being as though I used to eat those substances and I know how much of a role taste plays in your diet, that aspect is thoroughly catered to!

-YOU MAY AT TIMES HAVE TO USE YOUR WILL POWER HERE! No discipline is made to be without some degree of sacrifice!

In Friendship and To Health,
Foras Aje