July 13, 2024


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Beat Male Menopause – Maximizing Manhood By A Healthy Lifestyle

Beat Male Menopause – Maximizing Manhood By A Healthy Lifestyle

As men get older, he starts to get apprehensive and anxious of what the future may brings. He fears for his health, his life and generally, what will happen to him? He tends to be a little more paranoid over those silly stuffs. Because of these, he busy himself with a lot of things just to preoccupy his mind and refuse to acknowledge the hormonal and emotional changes he is experiencing. Some call it mid-life crisis. But andropause or male menopause is very much closer to the truth.

Most distinguish symptoms of male menopause is decrease of virility level and diminishing vitality. These are all because of the reduction of male hormones. Usually, such condition occurs by the age of 45-55, but prior to andropause, men experience a mid-life crisis. Dr. Malcolm Carruthers authored a book with the title, Maximizing Manhood: Beating Male Menopause. He explained in the book the occurrence and difference of these two things often misinterpreted as the other: andropause and mid-life crisis.

These two psychological and biological conditions are distinct from each other, yet, people find it hard to determine which is which. Although the two is closely related since mid-life crisis comes before andropause, around 35-45 years old. However, this is not always the case. Andropause may come earlier depending on the person and how he reacts to mid-life crisis. Or on the contrary, male menopause may come later if he lives a healthy lifestyle.

Andropause is also indicated in other manners like depression, decrease sex drives, fatigue, and irritable. These may also be considered as normal part of aging, and there are ways to ease the discomfort during this period in a man’s life. Andropause has somewhat become a medical concern rather than a normal stage in life’s cycle. For this reason, medical science has come with solutions to this dilemma.

TRT or testosterone replacement therapy came to exist for this predicament. TRT is available in capsule forms, hormone patch, implant or creams. Some reports attested to pills efficiency in relieving symptoms of andropause, but this varies from man to man. If neither works, pellet implant is an option. The testosterone pellets are surgically implanted beneath the buttocks skin. Determine which method will work best to your advantage depending on how your body will react. Medical advice must be acknowledged for it is for your own good.

The male menopausal stage is inevitable but it can be beaten. How? According to Dr. Carruther’s study, external factors may affect and alter the decrease of testosterone level in men. So by this, it is easy to determine how to prevent such factors, thus, reducing the risk of testosterone declination. Naturally, men with active and healthy lifestyles have lesser risk of early andropause and their testosterone level decreases by only one percent each year by age 40 to 70 years old. The large increase of testosterone levels are recorded commonly on unhealthy lifestyles and poor habits. Stress also triggers the symptoms of male menopause. Physical and psychological stresses as part of cigarettes and alcohol consumptions can very well aggravate symptoms.

To magnify it, it is possible for men to be spared of the effects brought by andropause. For men, this dilemma is devastatingly an insult to their manhood. Staying healthy, keeping a toxin-free active lifestyle from the start will shield you from this afflicting life crisis called male menopause.