April 12, 2024


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Bee research? Your life might count on it!

By David E. Dix

Professor Bob Heath demonstrates netting a bee during a small group hike.

Contemplate, please, the bees and other pollinating insects of the earth. Really should they die off and vanish, we individuals would probably starve to death within just a handful of brief a long time.

On the other hand, ought to we human beings die off and disappear, the bees and other pollinating insects would fortunately carry on, the decline of humans amounting to fantastic riddance.

I never considered a great deal about bees, wasps, or other bugs other than to regard them warily simply because they may possibly sting, but after Bob Heath, a retired molecular biologist, explained the purpose they perform in trying to keep lifestyle heading right here on earth, these little creatures now occupy a posture of a lot higher regard for me.

Obtaining his doctorate in biophysics from the University of Southern California followed by publish-doctoral investigation at the California Institute of Technology, Heath spent most of his job training and enterprise exploration in Kent State University’s Department of Biological Sciences. Some retirees grow annoyed in search of new techniques to employ their understanding and abilities. The retired professor is 1 of the lucky ones, a person who has observed a superior way to place his skills to constructive use. He has joined The Ohio Condition University’s huge study of the bee populations of Ohio, the Ohio Bee Survey.