April 10, 2021


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Benefits Of surfing

As you may have seen, surfing is when a person stands on a flat board...

As you may have seen, surfing is when a person stands on a flat board and rides the waves, so to say. There are different manoeuvers and ways that have to be learnt. Surfing can be a lot of fun, but precautions need to taken as the sea is not a predictable playground.

Some people may think that surfing is just plain crazy, but most surfers will tell you that it’s more than that. It is the connection you make with nature. Surfing helps you leave all your worries behind. The sheer power and magnanimity of the ocean reinforces the basic thoughts we have of health, happiness and what is truly important in life.

Surfing has benefits for both the mind and body. We already know the effects surfing has on the mind, so let’s find out the benefits it has for the body. As you can imagine, wave riding cannot be easy! You need to be extremely fit. Where else do the terms “wash board abs” and “surfer bodies” come from?  Surfing is a great cardiovascular exercise where you have to work your whole body. The upper body is used to paddle and wade through the water and the lower body to guide the board through the massive waves. It’s not that surfing keeps you fit, but you also have to be in great shape to surf as you have to carry your own body weight.

Surfing strengthens the heart and is also a great energy booster that helps you in every facet of life. It also tones your muscles and helps build your endurance. It is said that surfers live well into their seventies and can defy age very easily! That’s because surfing reduces stress and helps you stay young. It may be great for the body, but the bottom line is that surfing is fun and extremely additive. Once you start, you’ll never want to stop.

The beaches of Hawaii, California, Florida, and Australia are hot spots for surfing. Surfing has its own culture and way of life. One of the biggest perks of surfing is the great bonds and friendships you build along the way. Surfing brings people together and keeps them together.

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