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Bully Max Launches Pro Series Performance Dog Food

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bully Max, the country’s leading performance dog food and dog supplement brand, has launched Bully Max Pro Series dog food. The 100% all-natural meat formula was developed to enhance performance, improve physique, recover energy levels and deliver top of the line nutrition for dogs of all life stages.

The most calorie-dense performance dog food ever created, Bully Max Pro Series boasts 31% protein and 25% fat. The formula is also packed with heart-healthy flaxseed and 19 essential vitamins and minerals that pack a whopping 600 calories per cup. With less food required per serving, the Pro Series provides more protein and vital nutrients while lasting 2x longer than traditional dog food.  

Created with performance and nourishment in mind, Bully Max Pro Series is backed by veterinarians and dog trainers to deliver high-quality fuel that keeps all breeds active and healthy, at all life stages. With Chicken as the #1 ingredient, the new product offers the meaty flavor dogs crave, while increasing healthy weight gain and sustained energy levels. Like all Bully Max products, the new Pro Series never includes cheap filler ingredients or mystery products and is formulated without soy, corn, wheat or artificial flavors aiding in easier digestion.

“Our brand-new Bully Max Pro Series dog food packs a serious performance punch. Filled with only the most wholesome ingredients, more nutrients and 600 calories per cup, this food was created for dogs who live active lifestyles and pups who need support with healthy weight gain and growth,” says Matthew Kinneman, CEO and founder of Bully Max. “At Bully Max we believe in fueling high-quality energy that allows our dogs to live and feel their very best.”

Bully Max Pro Series is available in 4 lb., 8 lb., 16 lb., 32 lb. and 48 lb. bag options, and retails for $29.77 – $197.96. Pro Series is currently available at and will be rolling out to Amazon in September. 

About Bully Max
Made in the USA, Bully Max LLC revolutionized the industry with the first-of-its-kind 30/20 performance dog food that was launched in 2008. Today, Bully Max continues to be a leader in the space with support from professional dog trainers and veterinarians, ensuring the highest quality dog food and most innovative supplements ever created. Bully Max LLC revenue grew by over 300% between 2020 and 2021, making it one of the fastest growing pet food companies in the US. For more information about Bully Max, please visit:

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