June 29, 2022


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Cannabis It Has Many Benefits

Marijuana mass extermination carried out by the Government considered not to be a concrete solution to reduce the circulation around the world.

Taken by the government is not the solution. Due to the destruction of marijuana will not be able to reduce its circulation on the black market. So from that, the solution is to make marijuana as a medicine in the medical world.

cannabis is a plant that has many benefits medically and scientifically proven. One of them is the use of marijuana as a medicine for patients ‘cerebral palsy’ (cerebral palsy). Cannabis is proven to give positive development to patients.

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So now depends on how we manage it. Because it would be a pity if the marijuana end up with scorched or burning back, moreover, the fact that these plants have many benefits for treatment.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Archipelago Foundation Sativa Dhira statement confirming that marijuana is good for treatment. According to him, the presence of medical marijuana is very important, because the price is much cheaper than other drugs.

Its efficacy will also be more effective, such as for the healing of patients ‘Cerebral Palsy’. The use of medical marijuana to be made into capsules, paste and syrup.