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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil

CBD from Cannabis Hemp - The most asked question - Dosage for ...

CBD, or cannabidoil, is a derivative of the cannabis plant, without the psychotropic effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Numerous studies and testimonials have shown that it is effective in treating a number of health conditions, including chronic pain, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia. For this reason, many people with mild to severe health issues have resorted to CBD oil as an alternative medication, and swear by the product.

With tons of information available on the internet, it can be confusing to know which sites tell facts and myths about CBD oil. If you’re also considering this wonderful product to treat your existing health condition, this guide will help you learn more about it.

  1. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription but talk to your doctor first.

CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, meaning it is considered neither a drug nor a prescription medication, but only a dietary supplement. The advantage to this is that it is widely available to the public, so you can easily buy one from trusted CBD oil shops in Millcreek, Utah, and many other places.

However, you need to speak with your doctor first before buying one, let alone use it. Some doctors are already using it to treat their patients with autoimmune disorder, chronic pain, and anxiety, while others are still further researching the oil’s therapeutic effects. That said, it is important to know your doctor’s stance about it first.

  1. It may react negatively with other medications.

Another important reason to talk to your doctor is to know how CBD will react when you use it with other medications. The World Health Organization informs that CBD interferes with Cytochrome P450 enzymes, which are found in the liver, and are responsible for processing medications. 

If you’re taking anti-depressants, for example, CBD oil might disrupt the function of your liver that’s primarily in charge for the digestion of most anti-depressant drugs in the market, further risking your health. But CBD oil doesn’t appear to have bad effects in depression symptoms, so if you’re considering it, it is strongly advised to take it without your anti-depressants, or any drug for that matter. Of course, you have to get your doctor’s approval first as well.

  1. The recommended dosage varies per person.

CBD oil doesn’t have a “universal dosage.” The factors that determine the exact dosage you need are as follows:

  • Body weight – Generally, the heavier you are, the higher the dosage you need to maximize its benefits.
  • Level of discomfort – Some individuals who are in severe pain take CBD oil in high dosages, while those with milder symptoms only take it sparingly.
  • Tolerance – Your body may develop a sort of tolerance to CBD oil after prolonged intake, so you may need to increase your dosage to feel its benefits again.
  • Concentration – This determines the power of the CBD oil, measured in milligrams. For example, if you weigh in between 130 – 230 lbs, the recommended dosage for mild effects is 18 mg or less, 19 –
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How Hemp Benefits the Environment and the Economy

The modern consumer cares about sustainability,  causing the standard of accepted business practices to swing in an eco-friendly direction. The fibers and plastics that have long been the foundation of the clothes and products used in society are being replaced by sustainable alternatives. Hemp is one of the most popular materials getting incorporated into corporate supply chains—buying quality hemp products is a great way to be an eco-conscious consumer. 

Hemp Purifies the Air and Sequesters Carbon

One of the least known qualities of the hemp plant are its air purifying capabilities—the plant naturally cleans the air that you breathe. Additionally, hemp sequesters carbon at a much higher rate than trees, making it a great agent of combatting climate change. 

Hemp Provides Soil with Essential Nutrients 

The hemp plant is packed with nutrients. As the plant grows, it sheds its leaves to the ground—these leaves decompose and release their nutrients to the soil. This cycle of hemp maturation creates rich, nutrient-filled soil

Hemp Doesn’t Require Harmful Pesticides 

Cotton—the most commonly used fiber–requires pesticide treatment. Another great environmental benefit of hemp is that it doesn’t require any pesticides to grown. Pesticides and herbicides are known culprits of water contamination and health problems. 

Hemp Doesn’t Require A Lot of Water

Most plants that are used for large-scale commercial purposes require a lot of water. For example, growing almonds for almond milk requires more water than you may think—1 gallon for every 1 almond. Hemp has a miraculous ability to irrigate itself and requires very little water to grow. 

Hemp Helps Prevents Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a huge problem facing the environment. The sediment that results from soil erosion pollutes rivers, streams, and the air. Hemp is a great plant for combatting soil erosion because its roots are strong and can grow deep—up to 9 feet— into the soil. The strong root networks hemp creates can hold the soil together and prevent erosion. 

Hemp Fights Deforestation

It’s no secret that the rainforest is in trouble—hemp can help. The rainforest is being cut down to provide paper and other goods for the rest of the world. Hemp could easily replace trees as the source for paper. 

Modern consumers are demanding products that serve environmental needs.  Today, industries don’t have to compromise their products to be environmentally friendly. Incorporating hemp into supply chains is a great way to serve customers and environmental needs alike. 


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5 Tips for Finding the Right Employee for Your Business

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, finding the right workers for the job can be a challenge. Luckily, lots of hiring managers have gone down this road before you. Before you post an open position, take a few minutes to learn from their experiences and pick up a few tips to help you find the right person for your company. 

1. Clearly Define the Job

When you know exactly what position you rehiring for, you can find the best-qualified candidate for it. Unfortunately, many hiring managers skip this part of the process. Take time to clearly define responsibilities, tasks and expectations associated with each position in your company. Then share those in the job description that is advertised and given to potential candidates before the interview process. Having a clear job description also gives you a checklist to evaluate each candidate against. 

2. Be Clear About Screening Processes

Job screenings can take many forms. You may employ all or some of these options to help you narrow down the right candidate for your open positions. 

  • Conducting pre-screening interviews online or over the phone
  • Performing a background check and credit review
  • Requesting a 10 panel drug test
  • Verifying a candidate’s employment history 

3. Look Beyond Their Resume

A resume is a great screening tool, but it doesn’t tell a complete story. Look beyond position titles to seek out skills and personality traits that may make them a great fit for your open role. Because you are likely you get hundreds of resumes for every open position, this can be difficult to do with everyone and you may only get to delve deeper with final candidates. 

4. Check for Cultural Compatibility

This should play a central role in most positions, although it becomes increasingly important in management level roles. Company culture can be a larger driver of success than any other factor, and it plays a huge role in morale and productivity. Look for candidates that fit well within your corporate structure and that share company values. 

5. Extend an Offer

Once you have identified your top two or three candidates for the opening, take action. Make an offer to your first choice and give them a specific deadline to give you a decision. Be realistic and reasonable, especially if you know that accepting your offer would require the candidate to leave another position or relocate to a new area. Follow up with them at the end of that period, and be ready to move on to your next choice if they decline. 

Taking time to find the right candidate for a position saves time and money. Use common sense and sound business practices to help you find qualified and compatible employees for every job posting. …

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A Heart for Health: Worthy Healthcare Causes Where You Can Volunteer

Volunteer | TeamSmile

Have you always been keen on knowing how you could help the healthcare industry? According to a study by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies, there are about 140 million healthcare volunteers across 37 countries who feel the same way.

There are lots of avenues for inexperienced yet concerned individuals to volunteer and contribute to a health-related cause. Here are some of the most common ways.


Clinical trials

Perhaps the easiest way is to volunteer for clinical trials. From California to Miami, there are lots of paid clinical trials that need healthy volunteers who can help them hone new techniques and develop medications. These trials are guaranteed safe and accommodate individuals, regardless of age, gender, or health status.


Blood donation

Each year, approximately 4.5 million Americans will need blood. This is more than enough reason to donate blood at the nearest medical facility. Not only does donating blood help the recipient, but it also helps the donor maintain a healthy heart and liver, lower the risk of cancer, and prevent hemochromatosis or excess absorption of iron in the body.


Vaccination drives

Vaccine hesitancy is a hot topic in the world today, but this doesn’t discredit the fact that people, especially children, need it to prevent certain sicknesses. As a volunteer, you can help curb this hesitancy by joining vaccination missions. Participate in information drives and help ease parents and children by providing insightful vaccine facts and records.


Medical missions

Of course, you’re not expected to execute medical roles like taking vital signs or dressing wounds on these trips. But if you’re comfortable with public interactions, you can take a census to gather useful health-related data that can help in developing local health policies, or speak to a crowd about prevention of any rampant illness in their area.


Soup kitchens

While soup kitchens and food pantries don’t readily help the healthcare industry, they greatly assist in curbing malnutrition and hunger, which are essential issues for the industry, as well.

If you know how to cook, you can expand this knowledge by learning what kinds of food are nutritious. But if you don’t, you can contribute money or hold a fund drive for the same cause.


Pediatric care

Volunteering in pediatric hospitals can be fun if you love keeping children company. You can assist in organizing fun and interactive programs that help uplift the spirits of children with terminal illnesses. These programs can range from reading storybooks, staging short plays, or playing fun games in groups. You can also donate toys and books.


Peer support

Sometimes, local communities and health organizations find volunteers to train and become mentors in a peer support group. Through engaging activities and supportive communication, you become capable of easing members of the community who are coping with mental health conditions, or who have just survived a natural calamity or experienced a personal crisis.


Hospital duties

The most straightforward assistance you can provide health institutions is to serve as an administrative staff for them. Lending a …

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5 Things You Can Do To Turn Back the Clock on Your Appearance

Don’t panic when every glance in the mirror reminds you that you aren’t as young as you used to be. Take action instead. There are steps you can take to turn back the clock and reclaim a youthful appearance. 

1. Minimize Sun Damage

It is never too late to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Get in the habit of wearing sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat when you are outdoors. And never leave the house without sunscreen. Adding a moisturizing cream with SPF of 25 or better to your daily routine will make it a habit. 

2. Turn to Vitamins

Vitamins A, C and K have powerful age-defying benefits for your skin. Look for products that are rich in these and other nourishing vitamins to combat dull and dry skin that appears with age. Adding antioxidant-rich food to your diet can also help. Berries, dark chocolate and wine are all good choices that are delicious and good for your skin. Just remember that moderation is key to success. 

3. Facial Treatments

Treat yourself to a spa day where you can schedule a facial or other non-invasive skin procedure like microdermabrasion. You will see immediate results that have you looking years younger, plus you’ll have a chance to relax and get pampered in the process. 

4. Get 8 Hours of Sleep

A lack of sleep can sap your energy and add years to your appearance. Most adults need between seven and eight hours of sleep every night. Take steps to make sleep a priority in your life and you will see the years start to fade away. 

5. Stay Hydrated

Water is crucial to cellular repair processes that help you look refreshed and youthful. Experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, but the amount you actually need will depend on a number of factors like age, activity levels and the temperature. 

Maintaining a youthful appearance doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. Using general wellness strategies and taking precautions is a great start. Treating yourself with facial treatments is an added bonus and can give quick results. …

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Why Seek Help From a Sleep Specialist?

Many people struggle with sleep at some point in their life. Estimates are about 1/3 of the general population struggles with some sort of sleep problem. Because sleep is so essential to our overall health, figuring out long-term solutions to sleep issues is critical. Here are three reasons you should seek help from a sleep specialist.

Chronic Snoring

While many people assume snoring is just one of those annoying bodily functions in life. The truth is snoring is not normal and yet it is common. The reason snoring is an issue is that it indicates there is a lack of steady oxygen reaching the brain and is associated with serious medical conditions such as sleep apnea, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and excessive sleepiness in the daytime. The only way to rule sleep apnea in or out is through a sleep study at a sleep study center Houston TX.  


If you frequently find yourself struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, there can be many reasons for it and many habits that can be adjusted to aid in you getting restful sleep each night. By consulting with a sleep specialist who can rule different medical conditions in or out and also help you develop a specific plan to adjust habits, you can increase your quantity and quality of sleep drastically. This, in turn, will reap you many benefits physically, emotionally and mentally.


There are a variety of other conditions that can lead to poor sleep including teeth grinding, sleepwalking, confusional arousals, bedwetting, REM behavior disorders and night terrors. If you or your child or any other person in your family is struggling with sleep issues, there is always helpful information you can receive and potential treatment by a sleep specialist.

Sleep is a critical piece to our overall health and research and statistics show us that the large majority of our society struggles to get healthy, appropriate sleep each night. By consulting with a sleep specialist who is trained to have the most up-to-date research and treatment plans for sleep conditions you are helping your health and wellness for a lifetime.

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Skincare Nightmare: Why Your Products Don’t Seem to Work

Why your skincare and makeup is pilling (and how to stop it)

After months, even years of trial and error, you’ve finally found the perfect skincare routine. Your skin has never felt softer and more glowy! However, you noticed some changes recently. Your skin has become more sensitive, and your dry patches have gone flaky.

So, now you’re starting to wonder, “Why aren’t my products working for me anymore?” “Why am I no longer seeing results from my skincare regimen that used to do wonders for my skin?” The simple answer is, you might be making some common skincare mistakes, and you’re not even aware of them!

There’s no perfect skincare routine. After all, everyone has different needs, and while other women around you may seem like they’ve got everything figured out, there’s no need to feel all left out. So, don’t fret. You can always talk to a dermatologist here in Sandy.

There are certain ways you can fix your mistakes, get back on track, and finally get the results you’ve always wanted. Read on to learn more.

Your skincare products aren’t getting adequately absorbed by your skin

Not everything that you apply on your skin penetrates it deep enough. No matter how effective or expensive the products you use are, they won’t be able to work their magic on your skin if they’re just sitting on the top layer.

All the makeup residue, grime, dead cells and other types of impurities that the skin accumulates during the day that create a certain barrier when not removed properly. This, in turn, prevents all the active ingredients in your skincare products from getting deep into your skin.

The trick is to get rid of this wall through properly cleansing and exfoliating. No matter how tired you may be, never sleep with makeup on. But don’t just remove your makeup with a facial cleanser and deep cleansing oil. Make sure you remove those dead skin before applying makeup the next day.

Exfoliate at least once or three times a week depending on your skin’s needs. Remember, as we get older, our skin cells no longer rejuvenate as fast as they used to, so it’s important to exfoliate properly to make way for newer, healthier skin.

You’re combining incompatible skincare ingredients together

You may think piling on as many products as possible will do wonders on your skin. But, the more, the merrier isn’t always true, unless you’ve figured out which ingredients actually work well together. For example, using AHAs/BHA with retinoids can actually inactivate the latter.

Also, retinoids shouldn’t be mixed with benzoyl peroxide. As both of these ingredients have very strong effects on the skin, these can cause irritation. But, if your skin needs all these ingredients, try not to combine them altogether.

Apply products on alternate days or you can even use some in the morning and the others in the evening. 

If you have very sensitive skin, this approach may still be a bit too harsh. Consult a dermatologist in Sandy if you see any signs of …

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Unconditional Love From Pets

Why the relationship between owners and pets is always an ...

Everyone wants to have someone to love and to be loved. One of the best beings who could do that is pets. They are undyingly loyal to their owner. If you plan to have one, then you are definitely in for some great moments in your life. Be it a cat or dog or just about any domestic animal, you would find so many exciting things about them, if anything unfortunate happens to your pets, like arthritis, for example, you can give them hemp oil from


They would make you entertained and feel loved all the way. With the right kind of caring, you will be able to develop responsibility and commitment to them. This is also good for kids who would want to learn to be mature in this kind of way. Another thing that you must not have thought about, too, is the physical benefits that you would get. Walking them to the park for an hour or so will get your body on track, likewise playing with them. 


It doesn’t just burn all your fats but also gives you that great feeling of being happy. How do you feel when you get home from a stressful day, and no one is there who would greet you in front of your doorstep? A dog would be so enthusiastic to see you arrive home, thus wearing that thing away. With pets, you can never be lonely. They would nudge you and ask for your attention, or they would just let you smile without having to do anything.


More families have already known the different beautiful things that these pets have given. You would provide them with responsibility. Everything should now be on the right track. It isn’t just you anymore, but you have one additional member of the family that would need more care and attention. Give them the kind of training in your home, and you will find them very helpful—research on how you could do that to your dog, for example.


Of course, all of them are different. You would need to find what their personality is. Some may want more attention, whereas others are just glad to get a little attention from you. Most of the time, a walk with them is a simple and great thing for both of you. Devotion is the right word for such a relationship. No matter how we are, mad, grumpy, happy, or sad, they would still love us. They don’t care whether we use designer clothes or just from thrift stores, they won’t care if we don’t have positions in the office and they won’t care if we are living like a slob too!


The right nurturing and caring will make everything work out for both parties. Feed them with the proper kind of food and give them the attention that they deserve. You will find yourself overwhelmed with unconditional love. You can visit the best CBD oil for your pets websites to find more …

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The 4 Solid Foundations of a Healthy Marriage

10 Signs You Have A Solid Foundation For A Marriage | HuffPost Life

Your wedding day might be one of the most memorable events of your life. You will be flying high in happiness because you will spend the rest of your life with your partner. However, you will soon notice that maintaining a happy marriage will take a lot of work. You will need to make an effort and a commitment to make sure that your relationship will last a lifetime, as you promised during your wedding vows. For that to happen, you need to work on the solid foundations that will help your marriage.


Remember that your spouse will be your lifelong partner. When you decide to marry your beloved, you must be ready to give them all of your attention, care, and support you can provide. Even if you start to have kids or flourish in your respective careers, you must never let your partner feel that you are not fulfilling your wedding vows. Consider setting aside one day every week to eat at your favorite restaurant. You will also find that creating new experiences will be beneficial in a marriage. If you have kids, you can spend time with them in your living room. You should never let your partner feel like he or she is alone. Bonding moments will strengthen your relationship with your husband or wife, which will be beneficial for your family.


A lifelong commitment will not be a joke. You will have to remember that you are also responsible for another person’s life, not just your own. If you decide to wing everything you have to do, you will end up in an unhappy marriage. You will need to make plans for everything, from a vacation trip to raising a child. Your parents will be your most trusted advisors since they already have experience in how to maintain a marriage. Start paying for insurance or education coverage for your kids. You will then have to make adjustments with your taxes by making the transition from single to married. Planning prevents you from getting into debt or encountering unexpected expenses. You will find yourself in an unhappy marriage if you and your partner are in debt.


You will inevitably encounter problems during your relationship. There will be sleepless nights filled with heated arguments over things that you will likely forget in the morning. Fortunately, airing out your opinions and your feelings will be beneficial for your relationship. Being able to talk about your issues will allow you to get comfortable with your partner, especially when you start suggesting solutions. If you notice that your problems are getting worse without any point of resolution, you should consider seeking couples therapy in Draper.


You are already aware that not everything about marriage is happy. You will encounter problems that might seem difficult to get past through. You might feel like you are on the verge of giving up, but it is the moment when you need to hang on more than ever. Patience …

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3 Tips on Aging Well

It is a fact of life that everyone starts aging the minute they are born. Everyone ages, but not everyone ages well. No matter your age, there are key practical steps you can take now to ensure that your quality of life as a senior will not diminish as you age. Here are three. 

Bone health

Seniors often face deteriorating bone health as they age, which is why osteoporosis care lady lake fl is so important. People, especially women after menopause, lose bone mass or density with age as bones lose calcium and other minerals. 

Regular intake of calcium, vitamin D and sunlight is crucial to maintaining bone health. That means foods like kale, spinach, collards, certain fish, cheese and egg yolks.

Regular activity 

Regular physical activity such as swimming helps you maintain your overall health. Weight-bearing exercises such as walking also help preserve bone strength.

Smooth, controlled movements like yoga and pilates also help keep your muscles limber, which helps protect them from injury or strain. In the same token, you want to make sure you warm up before any physical activity and also cool down after to bring your heart rate up and down safely. Be sure to consult a health care professional before starting any new activities.

Overall well-being

It can be easy to overlook your mental health and emotional well-being in light of pressing physical concerns as you age. However, your mental and emotional health matter just as much. Practice a daily spirit of thanksgiving and keep in regular contact with your loved ones to make sure you are fulfilling your mental and emotional needs.

Also as you have more time in retirement, it can be the perfect time to learn a new skill or a new language to further expand your mental prowess.

These are just a few tips to help you age well so your retirement is as fulfilling as any other period in your life.

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