May 16, 2022


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Causes and How to Avoid It

Surgery is generally a extremely invasive method that requires a toll on your human body as it functions additional time to endorse therapeutic. Based on the sort of surgery you have, your recovery could be a small or prolonged method.

In some scenarios, you could practical experience some pounds get just after surgery as a consequence of fluid retention, a side effect of treatment, or becoming sedentary for a extensive time. Having said that, this relies upon on the sort of surgery, the anticipated recovery time, and your medical heritage (1, 2).

Excess weight gain in the course of the initial recovery interval is commonly not a final result of gaining fats mass but fairly an accumulation of fluid as element of the healing procedure. In most scenarios, postsurgical weight achieve is momentary and subsides as your body recovers.

On the other hand, prolonged restoration time, bodily inactivity, stress, and variations in your feeding on habits can guide to pounds attain more than time. For that reason, it’s critical to test to resume your typical healthy life-style as shortly as it is harmless to do so.


Although normally non permanent, postsurgery body weight obtain can happen in individuals who have excess fluid buildup and inflammation. Bodily inactivity, strain, and modifications in feeding on behavior can also guide to excess weight gain, based on the duration of your restoration time.

There are numerous prospective leads to of weight get right after surgery.

Fluid retention

The most common induce of body weight obtain right after surgery is fluid retention, also known as postoperative edema.

Edema takes place when more fluid builds up in your system to respond to swelling and advertise healing. It may perhaps also be prompted by intravenous (IV) fluids given all through surgery. Edema can be localized (in one spot) or generalized (in the course of your body) (3, 4).

Prevalent signs and symptoms of edema consist of puffiness, inflammation, lessened mobility at the joints (e.g., fingers, ankles, wrists), reduced urine output, and immediate weight achieve (3, 4).

While it commonly subsides on its own, in some conditions, your surgeon may endorse a prescription diuretic to minimize inflammation or adjust other medicines you are taking that may well boost edema, these kinds of as corticosteroids or calcium-channel blockers (3).

They may also advise sporting compression clothes, partaking in gentle movement, cutting down salt intake, and elevating the afflicted area. If you have concerns about inflammation and edema, it’s ideal to communicate with your surgeon or a different medical qualified (3).

Becoming sedentary

Based on the type of surgery you have, you could require to limit your bodily action for times to weeks afterward.

Though a couple times of rest won’t cause substantial weight attain, extended sitting down paired with bodily inactivity for extended periods of time can direct to a lower in muscle mass and day by day calorie expenditure. As a outcome, your fat mass may improve (5).

Fortunately, rehabilitation is a big ingredient of postsurgical care. It contains observing experts this kind of as physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who can aid you return to your regular functions and lower muscle mass losing (6, 7).

If you experienced a minimal surgery with a limited recovery time, permit on your own to rest right before slowly and gradually reintroducing your usual bodily activities. Right after a big surgery, you may perhaps will need to rest for an prolonged period of time prior to resuming exercise.

When you can securely resume workout, slowly reintroduce light movement, these kinds of as walking or yoga, to see how you really feel and tolerate it. You may perhaps need to little by little reintroduce straining activities, this sort of as lifting weights, or avoid them until you are completely recovered.

Nevertheless it could be tempting to return to your typical fitness plan at the time you begin experience greater, be certain to speak with your doctor and obtain medical clearance 1st.

Ease and comfort food stuff

Recovering from surgery can be distressing, stress filled, and emotionally draining. This may have you achieving for your favorite comfort and ease foods to support you cope.

However, if you go on to count on consolation meals somewhat than return to a much more well balanced eating plan right after you have recovered, you could practical experience excess weight attain over time.

For the duration of your initial recovery, it is critical to emphasis on consuming enough energy and protein to endorse recovery, even if you can tolerate only specified food items, this sort of as ice product, pudding, Jell-O, or scrambled eggs (8, 9).

Based on your surgery and preoperative nutrition standing, you may work carefully with a registered dietitian as section of your postoperative treatment.

They may well recommend a therapeutic eating plan, these kinds of as liquids only, or added dietary supplements, this kind of as protein or vitality shakes, to aid your restoration (8).

However, as you get back your urge for food and capability to try to eat, focus on reintroducing meals higher in protein to assist healing and avert muscle mass reduction. Further, having significant fiber foodstuff will aid encourage bowel regularity and lower constipation, which is widespread just after surgery (8).

If you are hungry involving meals, check out having smaller treats that incorporate protein and fiber — this kind of as peanut butter and apple slices — which will continue to keep you satisfied and complete.

On top of that, check out to adhere with reduced calorie beverages like h2o, espresso, and tea rather of sugary drinks or alcoholic beverages.

It’s Alright to love consolation meals as portion of your recovery. Allow for you the flexibility to eat meals that come to feel great for you in the moment. On the other hand, if you get started to use foods or alcohol as a standard coping mechanism, communicate with a dietitian or medical specialist.


Edema, or fluid accumulation, can guide to bodyweight obtain that will go down as you get better. Inactivity and ease and comfort consuming might also lead to overall body body fat achieve. To lower bodyweight obtain, try out to resume frequent actual physical action and healthy consuming once you have recovered.