August 11, 2022


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Coconut Oil Works Amazing for Inflammation and Dozens of Other Issues

Different kinds of drugs can be used for your inflammation. If you ask the doctors, they will probably prescribe something of the like. Those who are more liberal will suggest CBD products, but there’s another solution that you might love.

It is called – coconut oil. In this article, we’re going to dig deeper to find out what this is and why is it good for you? What can it be used for and how great it really is? Follow up if you want to learn more about this subject!

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is made by the fruit called coconut. Obviously, right? It is being used for many different needs including cooking.

There’s a whole cult made around the coconut oil used in cooking needs. People simply love it because it’s full of fats and excellent for particular diets in which people need this kind of food.

What’s inside?

The coconut oil is made of many different chemical components. It is almost half made of lauric acid. There’s 49% of this component inside. Then there’s 18% myristic acid 8% caprylic acid, palmitic acid, capric acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and stearic acid. See more about this on the link.

This oil is almost 90% saturated fat. Because of this, you can see it in a solid form when it is at room temperature. When you heat it, it becomes soften or melts. Unlike most oils used for cooking who are liquid, this one can be used in a different way.

How does it handle inflammation?

Since the most common use is for cooking, some people might ask themselves how it is possible to be used for something else. We mentioned that it is in a solid form, but it’s not impossible to be managed. That’s why it is also being used for hair and skin treatment.

To treat inflammation, you need to consume coconut oil. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You can cook with it or even make chocolate and eat it. The options are endless. Maybe the issue will turn you into a professional chef. Finding out what option is the best is not easy, but with just a little effort, you’ll certainly find the right choice.

According to the experts, using virgin coconut oil is excellent for this use. A group of chemists performed the experiments over mice and they found out that the effect is excellent. Later, the scientific results were published and lots of people started using it daily. The results are obvious. See more about it here:

What else is it good for?

The options that people use are almost endless. It is proven that coconut oil is being used and working for lots of needs and issues. In addition, you can read about some of them.

Reducing pain

Lots of people who suffer from arthritis and can’t find another way to handle their issue claim that they have no other way to lower the pain but use coconut oil.

According to the same research done on mice, this ingredient containing antioxidants called polyphenols are excellent in the battle against the pain in the bones, joints, muscles, and similar. It also reduced swelling in the joints that are the main cause of the pain.

Lowering cholesterol

It may sound strange that something containing 90% saturated fat is excellent for reducing cholesterol, but it’s true. The reason for this is that there are two types of saturated fat. Bad and good. The one that’s good is not as terrible as the other.

At the same time, most people have cholesterol problems because they’ve been consuming the other one mostly. By using coconut oil, obesity will start lowering because the body is going to become rich in the good rather than the bad fat.

Skin protection

Applied on the skin, it has so many benefits. The first, and probably the most important one is that it has a moistening effect. It makes your skin fresh and healthy. When applied, your skin is going to become softer and with it look younger and last longer.

Another important feature is the protection from the sun’s UV rays. These are unhealthy rays and can cause cancer among other things.

Finally, it relieves irritations and eczemas. It is proven that it has a healing effect when these things are involved. We mentioned this at the beginning when we talked about the coconut oil for inflammation part.

Increasing metabolism

As we grow old, our metabolism is slowing down. The system isn’t working as it used to at a young age. However, if we manage to provoke it, the system can do better. This oil helps in the work of metabolism.

Improving brain function

Most of the oxygen we inhale and lots of the fats we take are used directly by our brain. Without them, the brain won’t work properly. That’s why this is recommended for everyone who needs to improve its function.

Great for healing wounds

Since coconut oil is in solid form, it can be easily placed over wounds and injures on the skin. Aside from the fact that it’s excellent in healing the wound itself, it will also help in reducing the inflammation that was caused by the injury.


Aside from the obvious and most used option – cooking, coconut oil can be used for so many other things. The oil can be used for health and wellness. It has many benefits and that is why it is so popular and used all around the world.

Coconuts are not spread equally around the planet, but with today’s industry, everyone has the chance to taste the benefits of this amazing plant. If you have problems with some of the above-mentioned issues, then feel free to use this and enjoy its work.

If you think that you have tried all the other options for some of the issues we mentioned, and nothing worked, then it’s definitely time to try this one.