June 29, 2022


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Dental Care Options to Fit Your Budget

Dental care can be a mystery to some. It’s important to know what your dental care options are when a dentist recommends procedures. This can help you prioritize dental issues that can range from cosmetic to life-altering.

Whitening Your Teeth

Getting teeth whitening Plymouth can help your smile. Drinking coffee or tea stains your teeth, and brushing doesn’t remove it. If you’ve quit smoking, getting teeth whitening services is a great way to mark your turn into a healthier life. Teeth whitening is a process that should be done by professionals, as doing it wrong can cause sensitivity and aggravate your gums.

Straightening Your Teeth

Most of us associate teeth straightening procedures with traditional braces. Sometimes braces are necessary, but there are a number of newer procedures out there that are less expensive and invasive, like Invasalign. Not only can some of these procedures improve the appearance of your smile, but can improve your bite, jaw alignment, and other dental health factors.

More serious procedures may be needed if you have profound bite issues. Jaw surgery is sometimes required to realign your jaws and teeth.

Repairing Your Teeth

Some of the more serious dental procedures relate to aging and fixing issues with our teeth that emerge. We struggle with cavities in our younger years, but as we age older fillings fall out, which sometime necessitate crowns and dental implants. Root canals are typically associated with crowns. As you age, your bone density often declines, which aggravates these issues.

Don’t Forget Your Gums

Much of dental health relates to our gums, not just our teeth. Heredity, level of care in cleaning, and other factors may contribute to gingivitis, which may require periodontal care.

Your dentist will likely recommend several options in dental care beyond simple cleaning and procedures like doing fillings. Staying on top of these issues will enable you to keep your smile for life.