May 16, 2022


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Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

The road can be a dangerous place for bikers. Florida is no exception, by any means. In fact, Florida exemplifies the numerous dangers that face motorcyclists on the road. Along with the rapid growth and development of many parts of Florida, especially along the Pacific Coast and the Bay Area, come more motorists. Any experienced biker knows that it doesn’t matter how skilled you are on your bike, you can’t control the incautious motorists in their cars that just don’t seem to pay attention to bikers.

Everyone hopes to avoid a major accident, but the knowledge is always there that sometimes things just happen. Most bikers take every precaution with safety gear and making sure that they are keenly aware of other motorists on the road. However, when the worst happens, a motorcyclists needs to be protected with adequate Florida motorcycle insurance.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in Florida?

Florida is one of only two states that currently does not require that bikers carry motorcycle insurance. However, the “PIP Law” is applicable to bikers. This means that if you drive a moped, motorcycle or a motorcycle with a sidecar then you are subject to Florida’s No-Fault financial responsibility law. So, while you are not legally required to carry insurance, it is highly advisable.

Why is it so important to carry Florida motorcycle insurance even though the law doesn’t require it? Because if you are in an accident, arrested for DUI or pulled over for any other offence that falls under the circumstance outlined in Florida’s Financial Responsibility Law, chapter 324, then you could be subject to heavy penalties.

What If I Don’t Have Florida Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcyclists that fail to carry Florida motorcycle insurance with coverage for property damage and for bodily injury liability can lose their license, tags and registration. They can also be held liable to make financial restitution for damages and injuries. Those who receive such penalties may also find that they then are required to demonstrate proof of SR22 high risk liability insurance coverage for a period of 3 years in order to even keep their license, regardless of whether they continue to retain ownership of their bike or even a car.

This means that choosing to not carry Florida motorcycle insurance leaves you at risk of losing your ability to ride or can force you into getting much more expensive insurance than if you simply chose to get basic property damage and bodily injury liability coverage voluntarily. So, the freedom to not carry Florida motorcycle insurance is really a catch-22 for Florida bikers. It’s like wearing a helmet – just because you don’t have to, doesn’t mean it’s smart to not do it. Failing to carry basic insurance is a really foolish risk.

Other Consequences

You can lose a lot more than your license and your ability to carry low-risk/low-cost insurance, too. If you damage someone’s property or injure someone with your motorcycle and aren’t carrying Florida motorcycle insurance then you are liable for 100% of the cost of paying for damages, legal expenses and medical expenses for the other party. Court fees, replacing lost property and medical bills can pile up very quickly. Without Florida motorcycle insurance to absorb the bulk of the cost, you’re unfortunate motorcycle wipe-out can turn into a complete financial wipe-out too.