April 11, 2021


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Things You Should Know About Prescription Stimulants We have to start by saying that prescription...

Things You Should Know About Prescription Stimulants

We have to start by saying that prescription stimulants are drugs that people use so that they can handle issues such as narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Their main goal is to increase energy, attention and alertness.

You can consider numerous reasons why you should consume stimulants such as Modafinil. For instance, you may experience issues we have mentioned above, such as ADHD and narcolepsy, or you may want to artificially improve your mental performance.

That is why most students and teens decide to buy them on the black market with an idea to get better in school and to reach better grades than before.

On the other hand, you can also treat various health conditions, which is why you should see this site: http://www.wheretobuymodafinil.co for more info.

Even though it treats various conditions, the long-term use of stimulants may also lead to severe health effects such as psychosis, heart problems, and addiction among other things.

Why Should You Avoid Misusing Prescription Stimulants?

You probably know that most of them come in the form of a capsule or tablet, which means that you should take them by mouth. We are talking about getting to doctor in where you will get a comprehensive evaluation that will help you determine the type of stimulant as well as dosage.

Therefore, you have to take it strictly by the following instruction and avoid using more than prescribed. At the same time, avoid taking it if you do not have any issue or worst for recreational purposes.

The idea of misusing stimulants means that you can swallow it by using its standard form, but there are also other ways of consumption such as intravenous as well as powder that you can snort.

How Do They Act In Your Body?

We have mentioned above that stimulant can increase the activity of brain’s chemicals such as norepinephrine as well as dopamine. Norepinephrine affects heart rate, blood pressure, vessels, breathing, and blood sugar.

The easiest way to understand how norepinephrine acts in your body is by checking here.

On the other hand, dopamine is responsible for rewarding and reinforcing behaviors, which means that you will be able to increase overall concentration. As soon as you consume them, during the first few moments, you will feel a euphoric rush as well as other symptoms such as:

  • Increased blood sugar
  • Decreased blood flow
  • Increased breathing
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Wide air and breathing passages

When you start consuming them at high doses, they can lead to seizures, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, and high body temperature.

If you decide to misuse them during a short period, it may cause paranoia, anger, and psychosis to people that are prone to mental illnesses. In case you decide to inject it, you will reach the point of impaired judgment, and that may lead to other issues as well such as hepatitis and HIV.

Most people that consume them or want to purchase them for children to use due to ADHD think that long-term usage can lead to severe issues such as addiction followed by withdrawal symptoms that you have to deal with so that you can stop using them altogether.,

Another problem lies in idea that you can overdose on them, but then again, you can overdose on any medication, which is not something that should be a deal-breaker for you.

An overdose may happen when you use enough dosage that will cause severe reaction in your body.

Overdosing causes various symptoms such as tremors, restlessness, rapid breathing, overactive reflexes, aggression, confusion, panic states, hallucinations, as well as weakness and muscle pain.

In case that you have heart issues, you may experience problems such as irregular heartbeats and that may reach the point of getting stroke or heart attack due to misuse.

Since when you overuse the stimulants, you may experience severe issues, it is vital to call an emergency as soon as you can so that you or person next to you can get immediate medical attention.

We have mentioned above that prescription stimulants can lead to substance abuse, which is an addiction that you have to deal with when you stop with consumption.

Therefore, long term usage; even if you are doing it by following, doctor’s instruction can cause you to develop tolerance. That will urge you to increase the overall dosage so that you can get effects you wanted in the first place.

Have in mind that you can develop it in case you continue with misusing and it may lead to social issues as well, such as inability to handle responsibilities at home, school, or home.

The withdrawal effects can be problematic for people that are using them for a long time, especially if you are doing it without supervision. Therefore, when you stop with consumption, you will experience these issues:

  • Sleep problems
  • Severe depression
  • Fatigue

Things You Should Remember About Stimulants

The most important thing to remember and always know that stimulants are drugs used for treating various issues such as narcolepsy and ADHD, among others. At the same time, they come in multiple forms so that you can consume them based on your preferences.

They can quickly increase energy, attention, and alertness, while misuse can lead to mental issues, overdose, as well as physical problems such as heart and stomach side effects. These issues can lead to seizures or heart attack in worst-case scenarios.

If you wish to stop using them and you cannot do it yourself, you have to talk with a doctor to get you contingency management and behavioral therapy that will increase your energy levels in general.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as motivational incentives, is effective ways to treat people after stimulant abuse and addiction. With it, you will be able to improve the expectations as well as behavior and manage stress and triggers that you may experience afterward.

You should read this report: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2897895/ on cognitive-behavioral therapy which will allow you to reduce the hassle during the process of healing.

It is something that you should avoid by following instructions your doctor prescribed, which will allow you to avoid severe issues by decreasing the amount you are consuming based on your current progress when it comes to health.