October 2, 2022


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Exercise and determination changed the life of this ‘couch potato’ retiree

David Van Lear is a retired Clemson University professor.

David Van Lear is a retired Clemson University professor.

The entire world information currently is definitely frightening and depressing, and we have just accomplished two many years of residing under the shadow of COVID-19. Nevertheless, I want to share a minimal encouragement, specially for more mature folks, from my have life.

It is a story of how I progressed from a deeply depressed and inactive outdated guy to a happy and healthy previous codger via physical exercise. I absolutely am not attempting to equate an workout software with substantial globe difficulties, but maybe, even with the unhappy condition of the planet, we can make own modifications that increase our lives and will stimulate some others to do the identical.

In 2005, the very same year I retired as a professor at Clemson College, I realized I experienced diabetic issues. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of my health’s downward spiral. In 2012, I began possessing pains in my reduced stomach. I’d had kidney stones in advance of, , but this time the sharp pains felt distinct, and an ultrasound indicated a little something even worse.

My physician referred me to a surgeon, who verified her suspicions and operated the future week to take away my cancerous left kidney. I have experienced no recurrence of that most cancers, but my health seemed to be on a continual decrease. I started to have back pain, and as it acquired worse, I begun to have occasional falls and near-falls that made me scared to walk without a cane. This inevitably led me to acquire a motorized scooter to get all around the retirement local community where by I reside.

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The stumbling and slipping obtained so negative that I was referred to a further surgeon, who identified typical strain hydrocephalus — excessive h2o or spinal fluid on the mind. A shunt in my mind relieved tension and drained surplus fluid.

The process assisted for a though, but before long the back soreness returned, Fewer than two several years soon after brain surgery, I was back again in the operating area to have a spur eradicated from my backbone. Then infected arthritis and a slipped disc led physicians to suggest yet another surgery. I needed to alleviate the pain, but 3 important surgical procedures in about six a long time appeared to be way too considerably. The believed of offering up crossed my mind.

But I did not. I consulted my brain surgeon, who despatched me to a discomfort-administration clinic. There I gained Injections in my back that relieved the soreness and authorized me to stand upright within just times.

But I had been via so considerably that I had turn into a “couch potato.” I required to transform matters all over, or I would never ever be ready to do the matters I beloved.

I began, as they say, with baby methods. I started off walking short distances, concentrating intently on my stability and wherever I was heading. I practiced this seemingly uncomplicated activity in the hallway of my condominium making wherever there were being handrails until eventually I felt confident in going for walks farther and farther, with out a cane.

In a several weeks I could walk above to in which my wife obtained treatment. That built me so satisfied that I wished to continue on my development.

I started off going to the daily training system listed here in my retirement group. We do seated aerobics, excess weight schooling and adaptability exercises to increaseendurance, power and mobility. I also joined a compact group that walks 5 times a 7 days for 30-45 minutes all around the campus, with occasional visits to the Clemson University Experimental Forest and the South Carolina Botanical Garden.

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Many thanks to physical exercise and walking, alongside with the rewards of modern-day medicine, I have created amazing progress. Some people notify me I am a walking miracle, but I would relatively connect with it a alter of angle, from “I can’t” to “I imagine I can,” and a perseverance to get up and get likely. As Jim Valvano famously mentioned, “Don’t at any time give up do not at any time give up.”

I now stroll quite a few miles a day with minimal concern of slipping. My thoughts is also a great deal clearer — I even released an Ebook on Amazon referred to as “Turning Factors in the Existence of a Fisherman.” My muscle tone is better, and as a facet reward, I have dropped 20 pounds and about 2 inches off my midsection! And I can even go trout fishing all over again!

Physical exercise and strolling have modified my life. I have absent from getting a depressed semi-invalid to a healthy and delighted 81-calendar year-outdated male.

Some people really feel that soon after a specific age, there is absolutely nothing to be finished to strengthen their outlook. But I hope my uncomplicated tale will encourage, even inspire, some others in our 50-and- older population to get included in workout and strolling.

If you do, these things to do can adjust your life for the much better, which can also boost your outlook on everyday living!

David Van Lear is a retired Clemson College professor.

This report originally appeared on Greenville News: View: How ‘healthy, joyful old codger’ remodeled his life

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