September 20, 2021


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It truly is 2:17 a.m. and I am sitting in my spouse and children area, wide awake but oh so worn out.

It isn’t really usual for me to be up in the middle of the night, but on Sunday I experienced a steroid shot to help get rid of a pores and skin infection, and it has thrown me into a spin. Flashbacks of 2019 and 2020 are taking place, when I was on prednisone for a yr to help save my eyesight, and I can not consider how promptly my physique is messed up all over again. I am in a funk and am sad and depressing. 

Old me would try to numb the soreness and disregard it. New me is embracing it and pondering about what it all indicates and experience all the feels. New me is pondering this stinks. New me is figuring out how to navigate anger, fear, soreness, and so forth. and procedure it in a healthy way. Life is happening, and with any change I’m selecting if the new way of performing factors is likely to be my new pattern, or will I go back to what utilised to be ordinary? Although I’m struggling tonight, my vote is heading to be for the new way. It is improved for me and anyone all-around me, so here we go.