April 11, 2021


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Five Artistic Ways to Boost Brain Health During the Holidays

The holiday is the season of joy, togetherness, and fun. We get to spend quality...

3 Ways to Boost Your Brain Health and Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer's –  Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

The holiday is the season of joy, togetherness, and fun. We get to spend quality time with our loved ones, share our blessings with others, eat good food, and reminisce nostalgic memories you cherish so deeply. But like all things good and great, it also has its ugly side. It can cause stress, make you skip exercise, indulge in unhealthy food and drinks, and even prompt you to skip your doctor’s appointment. The holidays can also make you feel bored, annoyed, and anxious.

All the negative things holidays can do to us will never be good for our brain’s health. You can end up worrying more, have poor concentration, feel overwhelmed or distracted, and even uninterested in the things you used to enjoy doing. To help you get over your holiday blues, you can turn to these artistic strategies instead.

Play a New Musical Instrument

Playing a musical instrument allows you to boost your creativity and express your emotions through music. You can play different music depending on your mood and release your stress in a healthy way. You get to improve your concentration and long-term memory, boost your mood, increase blood flow in your brain, and strengthen your bond with others.

If you haven’t played an instrument for a while or have no experience using one, you can enroll in guitar lessons or any instrument you want. With the guidance of a professional, you are sure to learn how to play in no time. You can even share your new guitar skills with your loved ones at your next get together.

Take Up Gardening

Gardening may look like an easy pastime. But ask any farmer or anyone who is into gardening and you’ll soon find out that it is both an art and science. It can be an art for you will be arranging your plants in a way that can make your surroundings look cool and inviting and science for plant cultivation is never an easy subject.

Since it is winter, you can settle for garlic, beets, carrots, cabbage, broad beans, and peas. If you have a greenhouse, you can go for lettuce, parsley, spinach, and arugula. The plants you can grow will depend on the time you start planting, so make sure to ask your local seed companies for planting tips.

Practice a New Language

Learning a new language can sometimes be hard, frustrating, and stressful. But it is the challenge that makes it fun and exciting. Challenge your brain over the holidays by learning a new language you always wanted to learn.

Practicing a new language helps boost brain function no matter your age. Did you know that adults who can speak a second language experience less cognitive decline? Younger kids, on the other hand, find it easier to adjust to changes in the environment if they know more than just one language.

Knowing how to speak and understand another language gives you an advantage when visiting other countries. You can even use this in your line of work. These days, bilingualism is another skill that helps you be more competitive and make you stand out in a sea of applicants.

Take Up Photography

If you love taking photos, why not use winter as a way to develop your photography skills? You don’t necessarily need to enroll in a photography class just to be a great photographer. Some of the most successful photographers are self-taught and you too can learn on your own with the help of many photography lessons online.

You only need to start bringing your camera everywhere and study how to operate your camera. Watch many video tutorials and free photography courses online. Don’t simply snap as many photos as you can without studying your subject and your camera settings.

Dare yourself with a limited number of shots, a single subject, and a single lens or focal point, and stick to one color and subject each day. This will challenge you to think about your next move and not waste your shots. Your brain will surely work harder to learn the best way to take great shots when you have limited settings to work on.

Update Your Friendships

Winter is a good way to catch up with old friends whom you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Consider it also as a wellness check. Know that winter blues is very much real and can affect even your happiest friends and loved ones.

Keeping up with old friends will also allow you to reevaluate your friendship and see which ones are worth your time and effort. It is not worth keeping toxic friends as they won’t be good for your mental health. You are better off investing your precious time with friends who will make you happy and can give you the kind of support you need.

There are other ways to keep your brain healthy other than keeping a healthy and active lifestyle. Use artistic strategies and you can have fun while boosting brain health. Don’t let the holidays be your excuse and start your mental workout to keep your brain sharp and healthy this season.

Meta title: Creative Strategies to Make Your Brain Healthy Over the Holidays
meta desc: We often make so many social commitments during the holidays that it is doing more damage than good to your brain. Here’s how you can boost brain function in five creative ways.