August 11, 2022


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Florida Coast Pain and Spine Provides the Right Treatment Options

About Us

When it comes to our patients, we will do everything possible to decrease your pain.

Florida Coast Pain and Spine Center uses a combination of traditional and alternative medical techniques to make you more comfortable. You will be carefully evaluated so that the right mix of medicine, behavioral health, and physical therapy. We do extensive diagnostic testing to find the source of your pain. We want you to look at us as the pain clinic near me.

Treatment Options

When it comes to chronic pain, every patient is different. Some will have pain that responds well to physical therapy while the next patient only gets results from other treatment options. Three important treatment options offered by the Pain clinic near me include:

  • Interventional Pain Management. This treatment includes injections, radiofrequency ablation, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and various other invasive interventions, including various surgical procedures like discectomy, vertebroplasty, and implantation of drug delivery systems as required.
  • Regenerative Medicine. This treatment option includes the newer cutting edge treatments such as stem cell infusions. Stem cells are living tissue, and when properly prepared and injected, can regenerate new tissue and repair injured tissue.
  • Medical Marijuana. This alternative health option has proven to be an effective mode of treatment and therefore a viable option for pain relief from migraines and other conditions.

What to Expect

When you begin a pain management program to help relieve or lessen your chronic pain, you may be confused by everything that the doctors want to do before they will treat you. It is important for them to know as much as possible about your conditions and your pain.

Starting with your first appointment, you will be met with a very hands-on approach by our doctors. They will run a number of diagnostic tests to confirm as much as possible. They will then sit down with you and present you with a treatment plan that is customized for your specific conditions.

At your Pain clinic near me, you can expect doctors who care about providing relief for your pain.