April 20, 2024


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Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery

Mr Peter Ammon | Ankle Arthroscopy and Ankle Ligament Reconstruction |  Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic

Foot and ankle injuries can make walking and engaging in everyday activities challenging. Although you can use topical treatments on the feet, you can opt for reconstructive surgery to relieve pain if the injuries don’t improve. Your primary doctor will recommend the foot ankle surgeons to deal with your ankle issues. Foot and ankle reconstruction surgery can restore standard functionality of the foot that has been lost due to an injury or disease. You should find Sports medicine associates of San Antonio who can educate you on the advantages of foot and ankle surgery and how to care for your feet. Any foot reconstruction surgery should ideally improve the aesthetics and function of the patient’s foot to maintain their quality of life. The feet hold the body weight and are prone to overuse; here is why foot and ankle reconstruction surgery is ideal for your condition.

Causes of foot and ankle Reconstructive Surgery

The feet and ankles carry the body weight, and your lifestyle will impact their health; smoking, obesity, and high cholesterol levels might impact your feet’ health. Exercising will reduce the weight on the feet, reducing injuries to the muscles and tendons. Sometimes foot injuries could occur due to bone-anchoring diseases such as herniated disks or spinal tumors. The extent of tissue damage determines the severity of such feet and ankle injuries and whether or not the foot’s bones have been compromised during a traumatic injury.

Types of foot and ankle surgery

·         Ankle arthroscopy for arthritis and ankle injuries

Ankle arthroscopy repairs the tissues inside or around your ankle using a small camera and surgical equipment. An arthroscope is a name for the camera. The treatment allows your doctor to diagnose problems with your ankle and make repairs without making deeper cuts in the skin and tissue. This means you may experience less pain and recover faster than if you had open surgery.

·         Tendon surgery.

Surgery can be taking out diseased tendon tissue or repairing a tear. The surgery can result in the reconstruction or tendon transfer, relieving pain or injury on the tendon.

Feet Conditions Which Might Be Treated With Reconstruction Surgery

·         Ankle fusion to treat arthritis

Ankle fusion impacts the ankle joint, reducing the joint range of movement. The surgeon can remove damaged tissue and permanently join ankle bones with screws and metal plates to relieve fusion.

·         Bunions

Bunions are bony lumps that deform the big toe, making walking uncomfortable. They form over time and can be treated with osteotomy surgery, whose purpose is to straighten the big toe.

·         Hammer toes

Hammer toes permanently twist called the hammer toes making walking difficult. Several reconstruction procedures are performed to remove the deformed joint between your toe bones and fuse them, stabilizing your toe.

Getting foot and ankle reconstructive surgery gives you a much more excellent choice on what to wear as your feet significantly improve and relieve long-lasting pain relief. Reconstructive foot surgery can efficiently deal with issues like bunions, hammer toes, ankle fusion, and arthritis; good luck finding specialized feet who can treat the feet issues.