March 6, 2021


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Hello, everyone! As we continue our adventure into the new year, many of us are hopefully trying to keep up or still trying to begin making choices that are healthier and helpful to our everyday life.

If your body has any type of weakness or imbalance and you are not making the right food, beverage and other lifestyle choices, you might be compromising your immune system. The older you get, the less your body can process many things, especially artificial ingredients. There may be some natural ingredients that your body cannot tolerate as well.

Your body not being able to process things can mess with your metabolism in a huge way. Some individuals may think that healthy eating is too expensive or doesn’t taste as good or can take too much time to prepare. If you give it a little thought, pay attention to what your inner guidance is telling you about planning ahead for a better eating lifestyle.

Suggestions when shopping or preparing for meals



Read the labels. Try to keep as simple as
possible without adding many ingredients.
Omit the additives, dyes, high-saturated
fats and preservatives.
Look for specials on spendy food items.
Compare shop and find recipes that are
easy on the budget. Buying in bulk can be
easier on the pocket with items such as
whole grains, pasta, and oils. Snack items
like chips, crackers, cookies, and various
prepackaged items may be spendy and
filled with processed fats or sugars.
Rearrange your schedule to free up some
time to cook some nutritious meals. Take
one or two days during the week and do
some batch cooking such as soups, hot
dishes, or cut up vegetables for side dishes
that are ready to heat up.

Plan your meals ahead of time with your favorite recipes for easy access. Fresh vegetables are still one of the least expensive ways to add to your nutritious consumption. Going for the simple, non-processed foods and checking out the specials of the week will go much easier on the wallet.

Consuming your food conscientiously

Eating healthy can help you lose weight, have more energy and prevent many diseases. Below, I have shared some ways to help you focus on this important goal.

Besides cutting calories and weight, it is important to the digestive system as well as other bodily organs to monitor your portion of consumption. It is all about size and portion while consuming just about everything. Start by using smaller portions of foods that you just can’t seem to give up or need to give up.

If you are craving and making larger quantities of foods, don’t think you have to eat it all up because you don’t want it to go to waste. And don’t think that you have to get rid of it so you won’t eat again or just don’t want it in the house. You can always freeze it, save it for another week or so, or you could give the food away to someone who would appreciate it.

Gradually wean yourself off of eating unhealthy foods. Our bodies can go into some sort of withdrawal from many substances besides drugs like caffeine and nicotine. You may also crave sugar, for example, and processed high-fat foods or salt.

Besides cutting down on the quantity, you may want to try and gradually start by using healthier alternatives. Take soda pop, for example. What do you get out of it…the sugar or the buzz? Start by not drinking the diet type for one, the artificial sugar ingredient is harder for your body to process and in the long run slows down your metabolism. Also the carbonation bloats your belly. Try other naturally (only fruit-sweetened) carbonated beverages. For energy drinks, try chilled teas and your own sweetener, such as a dab of honey or fresh fruit slices, for a tasty variety.

Chew slowly. If you are really tired, hungry or improperly nourished, the chances of you slamming down any food like there’s no tomorrow are highly likely. So, you know that you need to be rested and properly food balanced. Realistically that doesn’t occur 100 percent of the time or, for many people, on a general basis. So, when you are eating, be sure to pay attention to your pace. Ideally, chewing your food 30 to 40 times is good. Sometimes, when my jaw gets tired, so I take smaller bites along with smaller portions. Savor the taste of your food and put down your fork once in a while and enjoy your eating experience.

Be sure to deal with the stress. This can catch up to you if you are not disposing of it in a positive manner. Your body can function under a great deal of stress, but it can and usually does catch up to you one way or another.

Getting regular physical activity and fresh air definitely can improve making better choices and make room for occasional treats. Paying attention to how you are breathing while eating or doing almost anything for that matter helps for digestion and living. Be thankful that you have food and bless it always!

If you need to, see a health practitioner or nutritionist who can steer you in the right direction.

Julie is a Healthy for Life advocate. If you have any questions or would like to share your inspirations or information, contact her at [email protected] or write to her at Hometown Focus, 401 6th Ave. N. Virginia, MN 55792.