April 13, 2021


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Healthy Living – How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Today is a year of wellness industry, many people are very curious about their health....

Today is a year of wellness industry, many people are very curious about their health. For all we know health is wealth. Sickness is very rampant. It does not matter how rich we are if we do not have good health, richness is nothing.

Now a days we are facing a lot of problems such as employment, children and marriage, which lead us to stress. Stress will lead us to sickness and that is not good to our health. Stress is all around us. We should not let the stress over us but rather we should cope up with stress.

If we have problem, most of us do smoking and drinking even forget to eat our meal. This is not healthy. Problems are normal. We should not forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle even though we have problems. If we do, we are facing a big problem.

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, let's quit smoking. Smoking and drinking too much alcohol is dangerous to our health. Let us change our diet wherever we are fat or thin, we need to eat right food to our body. We should drink a lot of water 6 to 8 glasses a day, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits it make us healthy and protect us from diseases. What we eat determines how healthy we are. Let us monitor that our blood pressure and cholesterol level is acceptable.
We should take good care of our teeth because it makes our body healthy. We should take a good rest and sleep well at a right time for it makes us look good. We should do walking as a sort of exercise if we do not like to go to gym, it makes our body in good shape. Once we maintain our healthy life style we will look and feel great.

Taking up vitamins and other supplement s are also advisable. It helps our body to maintain the vitamins and nutrients we need. Do not spend too much money for junk foods, meat and other foods that has high cholesterol content for that is not healthy to our body.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, let us change our bad habits and eat more fruits and vegetables, and do exercise. Instead giving more time in playing PS3 and other computer games, why not try to play outdoor game such as basketball and badminton. It is a sort of exercise and away from that we will meet new friends. We maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship to others.