May 22, 2022


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How HGH Can Be Helpful For The Childhood Growth

Human Growth Hormones are those which are necessary for the growth of the adults and the children. These are produced by the pituitary glands which are in the base of the brain. The regulation of the hormones is also controlled with the help of the pituitary glands. Sometimes the deficiency of the growth hormones can be during the birth time itself. Injury that is caused in the brain can also cause the deficiency in the growth hormones. We can also notice hormone deficiency in children with physical defects which can be seen on the skull and the face of the children.

Deficiency of the growth hormones can also be caused due to the pituitary surgery or head injury that is occurred for the individual. Deficiency in the growth hormones can also affect the height of the children. The whole body of the human beings are affected by the lack of the growth hormones. Hence it is a crucial thing that should be decided that the growth of children with hormone deficiency is treated in a right manner. We can also check the deficiency of the growth hormone by testing the IGF-I level. People who are suffering from low growth hormones will be having a low level of IGF-1 or the normal level. Treating childhood growth hormone deficiency can be done by the hormone injections. These are usually given one time a day.

If the condition with lack of growth hormones are not properly treated on time then this may lead to the delay in puberty .If the growth hormones are not sufficient then it can result for the slow growth of teeth and the hair. Also the strength of the bones gets reduced with the low rate of HGH in the childhood period. Deficiency of the growth hormones can also cause the lack of other hormones like water balance in the human body, male and female sex hormones etc. Also the production of the cortisols is controlled by the lack of human growth hormones. Even though all the children do not respond to the human growth hormones, in the same way most of the children who undergo the hormone treatment will gain a good result with increase in the height to a normal stage. During this treatment the cholesterol level, glucose level in the blood, bone density should be checked whether to find that the person is in a healthy condition. Those children who take the growth hormones grow around 4 inches a year, after two years their level of growth increases to 3 or more than that. After this the rate of growth decreases. Growth hormone therapy can prevent a patient from serious defects that are caused due to the deficiency in the hormones. Treating childhood growth hormone deficiency can be improved by maintaining a proper diet with nutrition and exercise

Side Effects

We can notice some of the side effects for the human growth hormones like headache, pain in the muscles and the joints, retention of the fluid etc.