July 21, 2024


Outstanding health & fitness

How it helped me lose weight, improved my health

This space normally features conservative political commentary. But something major happened in my life that has nothing to do with politics and I wanted to share it.

On Jan. 16 of this year, I went out to dinner with some friends. And, that night, I found rock bottom under a pile of shrimp and grits, and an enormous slab of carrot cake.

Before dinner, my suit barely fit. After, those buttons deserved a medal. I felt awful — physically, and emotionally. My health was off the rails and I knew it. And I resolved to make a change.

Oh, I had tried to lose weight before. I was a fat kid and a fatter adult, hovering in the 250–275-pound range for years. Once, I drove my weight down to 220 pounds and told people the secret was “run farther, eat less.”