June 14, 2024


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How To Achieve Your Dream Family

My Dream Family - Her View From Home

Babies are precious, but they may seem like a burden when they come at the wrong time. Planning yourself emotionally, physically, and financially allows you to enjoy your baby’s arrival and give them the best life. The Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley team offers family planning McAllen approaches that enable you to plan and enjoy your dream family.

What does family planning involve?

Family planning allows a couple to plan and anticipate the number of children and spacing they desire. This technique enables you to prepare yourself financially, physically, and emotionally to expand your family in a friendly and comfortable environment. Proper birth spacing is healthy for both the children and the mothers, preventing avoidable complications.

Birth control shows a tremendous ability to help couples plan their family by giving them more time to prepare themselves. Women have numerous birth control approaches from which you can choose a method that works best for you. Before exploring a new birth control technique, inform your provider to determine if the approach is suitable for you. In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancy, specific types of hormonal birth control alleviate your symptoms associated with certain gynecologic conditions.

What are the available birth control options?

Birth control is categorized into barrier birth control and hormonal birth control. Both techniques have their benefits and disadvantages. Your physician helps you n weighing the pros and cons of each approach before recommending the safest and most effective depending on your needs. Barrier control approaches work by forming a hindrance that blocks the sperm from accessing and fertilizing an egg. These approaches include cervical caps, female condoms, diaphragm, birth control sponges, and male condoms.

Employing these methods in conjunction with spermicide further lowers your chances of unwanted pregnancy. Additionally, condoms reduce your risk of getting several sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. On the other hand, hormonal birth control alters your hormonal balance, preventing the thickening of your cervical mucus and ovulation. This approach involves implants, birth control pills, intrauterine devices, and patches. Hormonal birth control has an added advantage in stopping or slowing a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Does birth control require intensive planning and scheduled routines?

If you do not want to adhere to a daily dosage or have a busy life, you can discuss the available long-term birth control approaches with your doctor. Dr. Otero has years of experience in the family planning sector and comes to give an excellent long-term birth control recommendation that does not interfere with your daily routine. These approaches are lasting, reliable, and only require occasional visits. These approaches include NuvaRing, which lasts for three weeks, Nexplanon, which is effective for three years, and Depo-Provera, an injection that prevents pregnancy for three months.

While natural family planning may seem the safest option, its effectiveness is incomparable to birth control options. Dr. Otero and his team conduct a comprehensive medical exam to determine if you are eligible for birth control to ensure a pleasant experience as you plan your family.

Call Dr. Otero or schedule an appointment online to explore the available family planning approaches.