April 22, 2021


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How to Get 3 Hours of Sleep in 20 Minutes

As an Entrepreneur I'm always lacking time. It's important to have enough sleep, but I...

As an Entrepreneur I'm always lacking time. It's important to have enough sleep, but I just do not want to sleep more than 6 hours a day.

Here's how I stay fit.

Next to the most important things: Drinking a lot of Water, Eating Healthy, A Daily Walk and Working Out in the Gym I have a daily Power Nap.

Here's how you should do it.

Do it somewhere in the morning of right after lunch. At that time you have the biggest chance to not get into a deep sleep.

Do not drink to much caffeine during the day. Caffeine makes it harder to fall sleep. You could drink a cup of coffee right before you do you power nap. Then the caffeine starts to work right after your nap and gives you a kick start! Experiment with this and look if it works for you.

The best place is to sleep in your own bed. Close all the curtains, maybe use earplugs, and a sleeping mask, get undressed, etc. If you wear a PJ at night, then wear a PJ during your nap as well.

Put your alarm 20 minutes after you are actually going to sleep. Not later! Do not watch the clock at all to see how much time you have left.

Sleep well!
Do not strive to fall sleep. Just relax and think of something you like. I like to think of my girlfriend or a nice holiday that I had. I you normally turn over a couple of times before you go sleep then do that now as well. Enjoy it!

Jump out of bed!
It's really important to get out of bed immediately when you hear your alarm. Do not stay in bed, even when you feel really tired or when you did not sleep at all! If you stay longer in bed it's probably gonna make you more tired. I like to use my telephone as my alarm. When I put it on the right time I throw it on my couch so that I REALLY have to get out of bed to switch it off.

If you do not feel wake yet just wash your face with cold water.

Get dressed and enjoy the energy!