July 13, 2024


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How to Make Your Kids Active and Healthy

How to Make Your Kids Active and Healthy

All of us understand how to keep our bodies fit and healthy, but what about the kids? Is feeding them green vegetables and healthy fruits enough to establish and maintain their good health?

Well the answer is No. Health and Fitness is just as important for kids as for adults and should in no way be overlooked or neglected, by simply considering that ‘they are just kids they have stronger resistance and immunity’.

This is a misconception; the health of children should be dealt with just as much care as that of adults. And with the widespread use of gadgets that have left the mobility of our youth at a minimum it is now more important than ever before, to promote physical activities in them.

• Say Yes to Sports

Put the Gameboys and PCP’s in the shelf for a change, and take your kids out in the fresh air and treat them with a good old-fashioned game of cricket, baseball, basketball or whichever sport you guys like playing together.

Besides spending some quality time together it’ll give you a great opportunity to stay healthy together. Inhaling fresh air is known to relieve depression, anxiety and stress for both you and your child. And sports are also a great way to flex those muscles and burn those extra calories!

• Think outside the Box!

Being active does not necessarily require your kids to play sports. All kids are different; having different hobbies and interests. Motivate these interests and incorporate them with healthy living.

If they like dancing, dance a long with them to your favorite tunes, if they’re fond of painting take their supplies out in the park and paint in the open fresh air and allow their imagination to flow, compete in running together or play hopscotch together. Set an example on how to live an active life.

By encouraging their interests and showing them how to incorporate it with healthy living your kids will have a broader and more productive mind-set compared to those kids who spend long hours playing video games and watching T.V.

• Take them on Walks or Jogs Together

Teach your kids to appreciate the simple things in life: walk them to school for a change, or go on a morning jog together. Include them in the small fitness efforts you make for your own health and teach them their benefits.

• Enroll them in a Nursery

Nurseries besides being an academically enlightening institution for young kids are also known to promote physical fitness and health in them. Send your kids to nurseries to avail this complete package of grooming. Your kids will be able to learn new skills and activities, make new friends, learn valuable academic lessons and play plenty of sorts and games; leading to a much more active and healthy lifestyle.

Surely it’s understandable that it’s not always easy to make time for the kids especially after the endless amount of work the day throws at us. But the little the small efforts that one makes are usually the ones that make the most difference. Teaching your child to live a healthy lifestyle today will inevitably determine his well-being in the future.