August 8, 2022


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How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dentist Appointment

Every adult understands the importance of dental health. They know that cavities hurt, that clean, white teeth are better than stained, dirty ones, and that the long-term benefits of good dental habits are huge. Kids, on the other hand, don’t know this unless their taught. For many new parents, a trip to the dentist is recommended and scheduled, and the child may not know what to expect. Here are some ways to prepare your little one to visit a pediatric dentist Jacksonville fl.

Talk to Them About Their Teeth

Your kiddo’s first teeth will come in well before they learn how to speak or understand what you’re telling them. It’s typically recommended for children to see a pediatric dentist Jacksonville fl for the first time between the ages of one and two. By that time, the typical child will have some vocabulary, and at least be able to comprehend what they’re being told. Talk to them about how their teeth are coming in, and what it takes to keep them healthy.

Explain What the Dentist Will Do

There are lots of great children’s books available to help prepare kids for dentist’s appointments. You should read one or two of them to them and show the pictures as you do. As with lots of tasks for small children, the trick is to show them that you’re enthusiastic about their appointment with a pediatric dentist Jacksonville fl. This will get them excited and help them feel comfortable.

Have Them Start Brushing Their Teeth

Start building good dental health habits early. Get them used to the feel of the toothbrush, first by just using water, and introducing toothpaste after they start to get the hang of it.

Lots of people of all ages have unfounded fears about dentist’s visits. Training your kids early to not be afraid and practice good oral habits all but ensures they won’t have them!