April 13, 2021


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Hurom Slow Juicer: The Better Juicer

Hottest New Must-Have Kitchen Appliance

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What person is not looking to shed just a few pounds or more? With the health kick this year one of the hottest and newest must-have appliances for every kitchen is the new and improved slow juicer. However, these new slow juicers are known to come with a larger price tag. But sometimes a higher price tag can pay off in the long run. Once purchased, individuals will be able to see the benefits of paying just a little more and receiving such a higher payoff. Instead of purchasing juices daily from local markets or gas station; now individuals are able to make their own juices easily in the comfort of their own home. Plus when making the juice for themselves people will know exactly what ingredients are in each juice versus having to read all of the difficult or misleading labels. In the end, this process will also save people money because it is homemade instead of having to purchase a juice every morning.

What Is The Difference Between Juicers?

Many individuals are questioning the difference between the standard regular juicer and the new slow juicer. The standard juicers typically use blades in order to grind up the produce forming the delicious liquid. The new slow juicers work differently by using a single gear in order to crush the produce and then press the liquid out. There are a number of juicers that suggest the slow juicer is, in fact, healthier because it does not involve any heat in the process. In the juice world, it has been stated that when heat is involved with the process of juicing it can break down nutrients and therefore not produce the most nutritional juices.

New Slow Juicer Is The Better Juicer

There are many different options when it comes to slow juicers. The new slow juicer Hurom Canada is produced by a company that prides themselves on their cold-pressed juices because they believe it is closest to the motion of hand squeezing the produce. The juicer is very compact in its size making it easy to store in a cabinet or simply leave out on the counter to access it daily. It also is available in a variety of colors to appeal to any personal style. There are a lot of parts to the slow juicer Hurom Canada that will need to be cleaned. The company does include brushes to properly clean all pieces of the juicer. It may be harder to clean than other juicers but the healthier juices will be sure to compensate for the extra cleaning involved.

Overall, the actual process of juicing with the Hurom is simple. The product has a timeless look, is easy-to-use, and is a high-performance machine. The users place the produce choices in the top and then waits for the juice to be produced. Many people believe that the increased cost of slow juicer is still worth the money in the end. The taste is delicious and nutritious and individuals are able to choose a variety of produce to form the perfect tasting juice. People should begin taking pride in their overall health and nutrition and the Hurom slow juicer is just one simple change they can implement into their daily lives.